Best 2 Way Radios for Construction – Recommendations for 2023

A two way radio is still the number one choice for communicating on construction sites. Many modern technologies have taken place in the last few decades but the necessity and demand for 2 way radio has never ended.

The best 2 way radios for construction provides the workers the ability to immediately communicate with each other which helps to save time and increase work productivity. Also, the radios are able to cover a large portion of the area.

That type of communication tool at the workplace also improves safety. Therefore, here we are recommending some models that have met all the requirements for durability and are resistant to dust and water.

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Midland 2 Way Radios for Construction |  36 Miles
Midland 2 Way Radios for Construction |  36 Miles

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Arcshell 2 Way Radios for Construction | Lightweight
Arcshell 2 Way Radios for Construction | Lightweight

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Komvox 2 Way Radios for Construction | Affordable
Komvox 2 Way Radios for Construction | Affordable

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Retevis 2 Way Radios for Construction | Flash Light
Retevis 2 Way Radios for Construction | Flash Light

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DEWALT 2 Way Radios for Construction | Shock Resistant
DEWALT 2 Way Radios for Construction | Shock Resistant

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Best 2 Way Radios for Construction Reviews

In the following section, we will be discussing the top five radios that are safe for any kind of work condition, durable, cover a big work area, and let the workers communicate without any interruption.

1. Midland 2 Way Radios for Construction |  36 Miles

Do the workers have to work in the rain or in the water on a regular basis? Then you need a fully waterproof radio that can provide the highest protection even in heavy rain and water. Midland JIS4 will protect the radio from any harmful effects of water.

For covering a longer ranger Midland would be the best 2 way radios for business. It is able to cover 36 miles of area with near to zero obstruction. The voice and sound activation are amazing with the 9 sensitivity level.

Sometimes workers face problems and cannot focus properly when different voices start to come at the same time.

That is why to solve the problem, Midland has included a technology that will let the user block other unnecessary voices.

Not all the 2 way radios for construction include a weather scanning system. But Midland can scan the weather automatically with its 10 available weather band channels and then locks into the most powerful weather channel.

Besides, the radio also provides an alert when the weather in the area is severe. With the box of the 2 way radio, there will be rechargeable battery packs, belt clips, boom mic handset, 20V dual desktop charger, Ac DC adapter, and other things.

Key Features

  • 9 sensitivity level
  • Waterproof
  • Weather alert
  • Block unnecessary voices

2. Arcshell 2 Way Radios for Construction | Lightweight

The next product on our list is one of the finest 2 way radios for construction that has a long range and very high quality. The device is small in size, easy to carry, lightweight and has all the updated features that one needs to stay connected.

Arcshell 2 way radios for construction are just 4.53 inches tall and the weight is only 6.3 punches.

Hence the radio is small enough to fit in the pocket, in hand, or can be easily attached with the belt and you won’t feel the weight of the radio.

Don’t underestimate the quality of the product because it is small in size. The radio is made of extremely durable materials and these are water-resistant. So you can work peacefully knowing that you are carrying a radio that can stand up in wear and tear.

The radio offers plenty of power through its frequency range of 400-470MHz. They are also capable of handling many channels and are pre-programmed with 16 channels. And the interesting part is all the channels have the exact frequency.

If we talk about the microphone and speakers, they provide clear and crisp communication. And it has a single two way radio earpiece and headset for the highest convenience.

Key Features

  • A frequency range of 400-470MHz
  • Clear and crisp communication
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Water-resistant

3. Komvox 2 Way Radios for Construction | Affordable

The model of 2 way radio makes us remember childhood memories. The days when we used to play with Walkie Talkie. Komvox brought a  Walkie Talkie for the adults which is cheap in price and suitable for doing regular indoor or outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a gift item for a teenager who likes adventures, getting his radio would make him happier.

And the price is very affordable which makes it more suitable for a gift. Besides, the quality is very high and lasts for years.

Komvox is the best 2 way radios for construction that can cover up to 10 miles. There are no obstructions while communicating. and the distance may differ in different environments. Overall the radio is going to give an amazing experience.

Long range communication is possible with the  Walkie Talkie. So if you are going for a trip or exploring a new area, this can be a good companion. At the sea, it is able to cover 10 miles, in woods 5 miles, and in town 2 miles.

The main advantage of the radio is that it is able to cover a wide range of channels. This has a Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System that provides up to 2,662 channel options which help to block other conversations.

Key Features

  • Ideal for gifts
  • 10 miles range
  • Hand free operation
  • Travel friendly

4. Retevis 2 Way Radios for Construction | Flash Light

Do you want to stay in touch with a large group of people? If yes, then Retevis would be a great option. The two way radio comes in 10 walkie talkies set, so a large group of friends will be easily connected to each other in a remote location.

The quality of all 10 radios is the same, they provide the same frequency level and are connected to the same channel. And all of these make it easy to communicate with each other without any interruptions and obstacles.

Retevis 2 way radios for construction has a voice prompt function, that makes the radios easy to use.

Includes very few functions so there are no complications to use this. Besides, all the walkie talkies include a built in flashlight.

Therefore you will be safe when the sun is gone and in the low light. Charging the device is very easy as well. There is a USB charging station that helps to charge all of them all together.

The two way radio is connected to 16 channels and has 60 privacy codes. So there will be a lot of scope to continue a private conversation. According to the reviews, all of the customers that have used the radio are satisfied with them.

Key Features

  • 10 set of walkie talkie
  • 60 private code
  • Built in flashlight
  • Easy to charge

5. DEWALT 2 Way Radios for Construction | Shock Resistant

For getting the most latest version of radios DEWALT 2 watt dual band radio would be a great choice. This is the upgraded model with V-85 High Gain Antenna and provides twice the output and has better durability.

Are you one of these bosses who gives productivity the first priority? If so, then DEWALT would help to increase the productivity twice with its output power of UV 5R. Besides the shell is very hard so the radio can stand up even in the wear and tear.

Plus, the battery is larger than any ordinary radios, so it will be powered up for a long time.

With the high gain antenna, you will be able to connect over a greater distance without any interruption and the voice will be very clear.

There will be three power settings with the device, low (1 watt), medium (4 watts), and high (8 watts). So this power system increases the power of the output. Then comes the frequency range which is 65 – 108 MHz and on VHF the range is between 136 – 174 MHz.

Therefore, choose the range from broad to narrow according to your need. The radio also includes a built-in flashlight, so if you are working in a dark area, it would be helpful by proving the light source.

Key Features

  • Three power setting
  • Anti-slip design
  • Includes flashlight
  • Large battery

Things to Consider Before Buying 2 Way Radios for Construction

Best 2 Way Radios for Construction

2 Way Radios for Construction are very helpful for businesses, they help to communicate in remote places where you may face trouble with mobile phones. And in case of emergency a 2 way radio can help to contact others faster than a cell phone. The device can be used by many people like hikers, hunters or on work sites. But it comes more handy in construction related work.

As the main purpose of using this is ensuring safety and having good communication, it is necessary to buy the right one. By following some guidelines you would be able to get the best 2 way radios for business. You may also be interested in some of the baofeng radio from our list.


The privacy of the 2 way radio depends on the channel set up. More channels mean the radio is safer for one to one or private conversation. Not all the radios are able to handle many channels.

How many channels it includes is indicated in the package? So if you are concerned about privacy and want a safer radio look for more channel options. Moreover, these help to communicate without disruptions. Our guide to the swr meter for ham radio is also useful products for you.


Some of the radios are able to cover up to 30 miles whereas some radios have ranges of less than 10 miles. How much distance you want to cover solely depends on you. If the business area is large and it requires the employee to go to different dangerous places, high area coverage radios are suitable.

And if the radios are for simply hiking or hunting purposes, low area coverage radios are suitable. They also cost less and are durable. So you can buy any of them that matches the needs most.

Flash Light

Not all the radios include flash lights. But it is an important feature for two way radios for construction. When employees are visiting sites and the sun goes down or the particular area is simply dark, the flashlight would be very helpful.

There are many advantages to having a built-in light with the radio. You don’t need to carry any extra weight for the light. So before buying a radio look if that includes a light in it or not.


Most of the people prefer a lightweight radio because those are easy to carry and can be set with the belt without feeling any extra weight. For getting a lightweight radio you can look for small ones. But they may miss complex features and might be a bit simple.

If the work requires more complex communication, it is better to have a heavy weight radio. Heavy one is more durable as well.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How many channels does the radio have?

It depends on the brand you are purchasing. Some of the radio includes 16 channels and some of them have up to 60 channels.

2. Would the radio allow me to communicate privately?

Yes, it will. If you choose one from the Best 2 way radios for business, they are safe and will let you communicate privately.

3. Are those rechargeable?

Yes, most of the 2 Way Radios for Construction are rechargeable and the charge remains all day once it is fully charged.

4. Are the radios travel-friendly?

Yes, these are. The radios are made in a way so that those can be carried easily.

5. Can I use it in the rain?

If the radio is water resistant then of course you can. For getting a waterproof radio check the features before buying.

Final Words

For communicating quickly and clearly in a construction area, there can be no better option than a 2 way radio. There are some complex features that confuse the buyer. That is why we have presented the best 2 Way Radios for Construction.

Those will help to communicate safely with the team members and also will maintain privacy. So no outsider will be able to hear the voice.