Top 5 Best 4S LiPo Battery in 2023 – A List from The Expert

LiPo batteries for your quad copter have a lot of areas of thought than merely how long it’ll keep your craft within the air. Voltage and capability are units which are foremost necessary things to contemplate. Weight and discharge rate are units virtually as necessary too.

For anybody who doesn’t know what a LiPo battery is, LiPo battery is the battery which uses lithium ion and polymer electrolyte to produce energy. These types of batteries are rechargeable. And the term “4S” means, the battery has 4 cells i.e. 14.8V at full charge.

This guide is to help you know what those areas comprise of, and to assist you choose the Best 4S LiPo battery for your individual kind of flying, and your drone.

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GOLDBAT 4S LiPo Battery | 1500mAh | 100C | 2 Packs
GOLDBAT 4S LiPo Battery | 1500mAh | 100C | 2 Packs

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Youme Power 4S Lipo Battery | 14.8V | 6500mAh | 60C | 2 Packs
Youme Power 4S Lipo Battery | 14.8V | 6500mAh | 60C | 2 Packs

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Zeee 4S LiPo Battery | 7200mAh | 80C | With EC5 Connector | 1 Pack
Zeee 4S LiPo Battery | 7200mAh | 80C | With EC5 Connector | 1 Pack

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HRB 4S LiPo Battery | 3300mAh | 60C | With XT60 Plug | 1 Pack
HRB 4S LiPo Battery | 3300mAh | 60C | With XT60 Plug | 1 Pack

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HOOVO 4S LiPo Battery | 7000mAh | With Metal Plates for X-Maxx
HOOVO 4S LiPo Battery | 7000mAh | With Metal Plates for X-Maxx

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Best 4S LiPo Battery Reviews

Here, we are describing all the details of the 4S LiPo batteries that we have handpicked for you. As a result, you will be cleared which one should be your ideal choice. Let’s get into it!

1. GOLDBAT 4S LiPo Battery | 1500mAh | 100C | 2 Packs

GOLDBAT is a top-tier battery company that conducts extensive research and manufactures LiPo batteries with the help of technicians with over 20 years of experience in the field.

This may be the lipo battery 4s with lowest capacity. But that surely means one thing, which is, the battery is light in weight.

Not all quad copters are made to carry extra weight, and for this situation, this battery is the ideal choice. 16 ounce is all it weights!

GOLDBAT 4S LiPo Batteries provide the punch and on-demand power for hitting the peak speed, acceleration, and power for your RC hobbies, thanks to a safe and steady raw material recipe, smooth and steady discharge curve, and robust scientific quality control method.

This battery is made by the finest of raw materials collected from Japan and Korea. It has auto stacking tech for better performance. Matching improvement is rather strict, and there is a lot of continuity.

This battery has a long cycle life, and it’s durable enough to last for a long time. It also has a strong electricity supply and quick high voltage discharge rate. Again, it has a long cycle life, and has an energy density of up to 200Wh/kg.

This battery is suitable for Nemesis 240 Mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS, HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270), ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H, QAV250, QAV180/210, Danaus, Vortex 285, FLIP FPV FRAME, MOJO 280, drones and FPV quadcopters, among others.

Key Features

  • High voltage discharge rate
  • Up to 200 Wh/hg energy density
  • Super build quality
  • Built-in safety system for safe charging and use

2. Youme Power 4S Lipo Battery | 14.8V | 6500mAh | 60C | 2 Packs

In the 2nd review, we have the third most powerful battery of our list, which is Youme Power’s LiPo battery with a big 6500 milliampere hour capacity. This lipo battery 4s is from China which is a good choice for people who have a need for higher punch in a low weight.

This battery nominally discharges 60C of charge, and a voltage of 14.8 volts. It also contains a Traxxas plug to charge RC monster trucks made by Traxxas. When you would be cruising your RC truck and quadcopter, you would get the maximum punch you want from this battery.

This LiPo battery has a steady discharge curve, high discharge rate, and the most stability and power for your RC hobbies, thanks to the most advanced manufacturing technologies and strict QC teams.

Their customer service is also satisfactory. If you have any questions about their product, just contact them and they will respond within 24 hours.

This battery is the best 4s battery for traxxas maxx and also suitable with a big variety of RC car and truck such as aeroplanes like the Hangar 9 1/4-Scale and Phoenix Model 1/7 and boats.

This battery has built-in safety system for ensuring safe charging and use. It helps to lessen the risk of bursting during charging and using the battery.

Key Features

  • 8 Volts with voltage of per cell ranging from 3.7 Volts to 4.2 Volts
  • 6500 mAh of capacity for long time service
  • Provides smooth performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of RC toys

3. Zeee 4S LiPo Battery | 7200mAh | 80C | With EC5 Connector | 1 Pack

Number 3 of our list brings us to the most powerful battery in our whole list. This is our ultimate choice for the most power hungry RC car racers, truckers and drone videographers.

Zeee Power Co. Ltd is a Chinese battery manufacturer that specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of Li-Po batteries and accessories. They have high quality RC batteries thanks to their strict QC teams.

This lithium polymer battery has a bonkers amount of capacity, a whopping seven thousand two hundred mili ampere hours!!

With this huge battery capacity, the battery can make your remote controlled quad copter or dune buggy run for hours easily.

Not only does it have a continuous discharge rate of 80C, it also has a burst discharge rate of 160C. The higher the discharge rate, the motor more precisely. The cell voltage ranges between 3.2V to 4.2V. There is a EC5 Connector as a discharge plug.

High power, long cycle life of at least 150 times, and energy density of up to 235Wh/kg. More time spent in running equals more time spent in having fun. More run time means more fun time!

Though this battery packs the highest punch in terms of capacity, but it is lighter than many batteries with the same tier of capacity. Also, there is no memory effect left by this battery.

Key Features

  • Extremely big capacity of 7200 mAh
  • Provides maximum on-demand punch
  • Works with RC cars and trucks from Emaxx, Losi, Duratrax, Redcat Racing etc
  • Lightweight and long cycle life

4. HRB 4S LiPo Battery | 3300mAh | 60C | With XT60 Plug | 1 Pack

Number 4 in our pick brings us to the only American product in here, the HRB Power Professional 4S Lithium Polymer battery.

For your RC models, the HRB 3300mAh 60C 14.8V LiPo battery provides a lot of power and a long run time. The burst rate of 120C provides enough power for acceleration. It improves your driving experience, regardless of the sort of driving you do.

These battery packs are constructed from high-quality Lithium Polymer raw materials.

The advanced stacking technology allows a single cell to have a capacity of up to 33 kilobytes. They are surely the ideal choice for the FPV Racing.

This battery has a quick recharge time, and a long cycle life of at least 150 times. It also has a high energy density of up to 200Wh/kg. It is also a compact light weight unit, weighting at only 318 gram.

This battery is especially designed for application in famous RC trucks and buggies from Traxxas such as Slash 4×4, E-Maxx, Bandit, Rustler Edition, Stampede etc. Application list also includes HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR electric buggy, Kyosho GP 4WD racing truck etc.

If you are wondering why this application list doesn’t include any boat or quad copters? Fear not, as HRB assures you that this battery can be used in drones, RC helicopters, FPV and boats. In fact, they claim their batteries to be the best 4S LiPo battery for whatever from the upper list you have.

Key Features

  • Ideal battery for all types of RC machines
  • Got 425th ranking in Amazon’s best-selling hobby items
  • Perfect for use with aforementioned machines
  • Durable build quality

5. HOOVO 4S LiPo Battery | 7000mAh | With Metal Plates for X-Maxx

The last battery in our list is holding the 2nd place in our list in terms of battery capacity. This battery is from Hoovo Battery Company Ltd.

Unboxing the product, you get 2 units of LiPo batteries and metal plates for your Traxxas X-Maxx RC truck to protect your miniature beast’s internals. These two batteries are enough to serve your RC at least for a long lasting year!

This battery has a whopping seven thousand mili-ampere hour of battery capacity, which is enough to give juice to the biggest and most powerful of the RC cars and trucks and quad copters for hours.

If anyone wants a big battery for shooting purpose with drone, this is a good battery to choose.

As this battery has a nominal discharge rate of 100C, it can even deliver a burst discharge rate of 200C. And we all know that, more the discharge rate more smoothly the motor will perform. Simply saying, discharge rate is like the GHz in a computer processor.

This battery is very light in weight for the energy capacity it has, and is compact in size too. It also has a long cycle life of at least 150 times, and has a big energy density of 235 Wh/kg.

Key Features

  • Huge battery capacity of 7200mAh
  • High discharge rate
  • Can be attached with the metal plates given
  • Compatible with almost all RC cars and drones

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for Cutting Boards

Best 4S LiPo Battery

Before purchasing a 4S LiPo battery, there are a few things to remember. That is why we have compiled a list of key points that will protect you from post-purchase abuse. Let’s take a look at them and see which one is the 4S LiPo battery.


This is normally the largest or most visible rating on the LiPo pack, measured in mAh (Milliamp/hour) or Ah (Amp/hour). The capability is a critical consideration. Consider power (mAh) to be the volume of gas in your car’s tank. A larger tank would enable you to drive for longer periods of time.

The maximum safe current a motor can draw from this battery is 55 amps. 2200mAh stands for 2200 milliamp hours, or 2.2 amp hours. For one hour, this battery can provide 2.2 amps of current. Alternatively, 4.4 amps for half an hour or 8.8 amps for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to check the batteries for xbox one controller reviews.


For those who are choosing the LiPo battery for running RC cars and drones, you should go for a versatile one. It will ensure the battery’s use in more than one of your RC toy. There are batteries in our aforementioned list, which are best 4s battery for traxxas maxx as well as Kyosho. You may also like some of the PS4 controller mods from our list.

Weight and Size

Weight should be one of the factors you consider when purchasing a battery. The power-to-weight ratio of a plane is greatly influenced by the batteris. Two extra ounces can make a significant difference in the efficiency of your aircraft.

Depending on the brand and model number, a 25C 2000mAh LiPo battery will weigh anywhere from 170 to 270 grams. Any 1600mAh batteries are the same weight as 2200mAh batteries.

Size is also a big factor. Not every battery is the same size. While most manufacturers strive for consistency in sizing, the dimensions can vary significantly. A 2mm difference in size will often prevent the battery from fitting in your model.

Discharge (C)

The amount of power that the battery can provide your power system is referred to as discharge. The ability is multiplied by the ‘C’ rank. A 20C battery, for example, will discharge at 20 x 2,000mAh, or 40,000mAh or 40Amps. This is a crucial figure to remember.

It’s always a good idea to use a wattmeter to check your system’s demand. The maximum continuous discharge amperage the battery can withstand is equal to the millamp hours divided by 1000 and multiplied by the C rating.

Charge Rate

For charging, some batteries have a ‘C’ rating. Most batteries have a charge rate of 1C. If you have a 2200mAh LiPo battery with a charge level of 2C, you can’t charge it faster than 4.4 amps. The lower the amperage to charge the battery, the longer it will take for it to charge.

A slower charge, on the other hand, is often better for your battery’s health. If you have the time, go slowly. If you can’t find a charge rating on your battery, charge it at 1C to be safe.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long do LiPo batteries serve?

Most LiPo batteries will lose a lot of performance after 300 or so charge cycles, and it will be time to retire them. You will see a loss of performance when they start to expire, and even see them swelling as their inside components start turning to gas.

However, how long they last and how many cycles you get out of them is largely determined by how well you treated them, such as not overcharging or undercharging them, holding them at storage voltage, and not allowing them to overheat.

2. What should be avoid to keep my LiPo battery safe?

LiPo batteries are vulnerable to both heat and cold. Allowing LiPo batteries to become too hot, either during use or during charging, may cause them to fail. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, will reduce the efficiency of a lipo battery.

Also, never leave your LiPo batteries to charge when you are not present. If a battery begins to puff up, smoke, or catch fire, you must be able to handle the situation quickly. Even if you just leave for 5 minutes, it can be disastrous.

3. What are the criteria for charging my LiPo battery?

When charging your LiPo battery, use a good LiPo battery balance charger. It’s important for all cells in a battery to retain the same voltage at all times. The battery can become unstable and dangerous if the voltages across the cells differ too much.

Never overcharge the battery. A full charge is usually 4.2V per cell. Never trickle charge the battery. Also, don’t discharge below 3.0V per cell. To keep a healthy battery, you should never go below 3.2V per cell. Lower than 2.9V per cell causes permanent damage.

4. How can I choose the best 4S LiPo battery for RC car?

That’s easy!

You need to measure some factors to choose the best battery for your RC car. First, check the motor’s power, and then see the load it can take, the motor’s resistance, etc. After thoroughly knowing about the motor of your RC car, proceed to buy the best battery.

Final Words

The longevity of beloved RC or your quad-copter greatly depends on the quality of the battery you will use. So, never compromise the quality of the battery while buying!

If you keep the factors we mentioned in your mind while buying the battery, that means you are about to have the best 4s lipo battery.

Have a Great Time with your RC!