Top 5 Best Adding Machine – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Printing might get old for many people and many companies want a paperless office. But for an accounting firm, the situation is different. Because they cannot have an entirely paperless office.

Whenever you need to confirm business expenses or have to crunch a number, an adding machine or printing calculator comes in very handy. But buying the best adding machine is as stressful as buying any other machine or calculator.

That is why we have gone through a journey of adding machines and can finally come up with the list of top products that are available in the market. Also, we have brainstormed some answers to the questions that you might have.

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Sharp EL Adding Machine | Blue Display
Sharp EL Adding Machine | Blue Display

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Helect Adding Machine | Affordable
Helect Adding Machine | Affordable

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Casio Adding Machine | Affordable
Casio Adding Machine | Affordable

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Ubidda Adding Machine | ABS Plastic
Ubidda Adding Machine | ABS Plastic

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Catiga Adding Calculator | 2.03 Lines/ Sec
Catiga Adding Calculator | 2.03 Lines/ Sec

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Best Adding Machine Reviews

The following shows the top adding machines with every detail. So go through the whole article for having the one that matches your needs.

1. Sharp EL Adding Machine | Blue Display

How much workload does your office have? If there is too much workload and need to do everything at the fastest speed possible, then the best adding machine for accountants by Sharp EL can cope up with the workload.

Having both general calculation and advanced financial work the calculator became more user-friendly and makes the work easier.

If you believe simplification is the key to increasing productivity, then invest in this calculator. By simplifying the process, it makes sure to put every single entry accurately.

Besides, the date and time will be also printed. So it is easy to keep track of the date. This will let you know when the transaction has been made.

The display shows up to 12 digits on the screen and the 14mm number never gets missed. Hence, there is very little chance of misread. The screen is blue, which makes it easy to read the numbers accurately in both day and night.

Key Features

  • Blue display
  • 12 digits on the screen
  • Shows date and time
  • Simple process

2. Helect Adding Machine | Affordable

Having everything in a small and simple machine is amazing. The Helect adding machine is simple yet effective. For day-to-day use, no one can beat that Calculator. The simplicity makes the calculator convenient for people of all ages.

The charging system is amazing because it has two-way power features. The calculator gets charged by battery or solar. So you will never run out of charge.

Decimal point adjustment and round functionality add extra to the calculator.

Do you face trouble when you need to convert the numbers to currency?  Well, Helect has a tax and currency conversion system. The off and on button is very accessible. So when you are done with working you can just turn off the calculator.

Compared to all the features and options the calculator offers, the price is very low. Therefore it is a good companion for office and daily use.

Key Features

  • Easy to calculate
  • Low price
  • Last for a long time
  • Convert tax and currency

3. Casio Adding Machine | Affordable

If you want to have a little computer calculator for your personal use for office use, the Casio HT 200 would be the right pick. The calculator comes in a small size that can fit in a small speech on the desktop.

As we all know Casio is a very renowned company and their products give an amazing performance. Like other products of Casio, this adding calculator is very durable and able to do the job accordingly.

Casio adding machine is a two-color printing calculator that helps to enter all the numbers accurately. The display of the machine shows 12 digits and gives an error-free read.

The calculator is able to print at a high speed. This will allow you to print two lines per second and the paper size is 2.5 inches. So for saving valuable time can increase productivity, the calculator is the right one.

The price is very reasonable. Casio will give the highest performance within a low budget. Also, this includes simple features which make it more suitable for day-to-day use.

Key Features

  • Simple options and functions
  • Very affordable
  • Small in size
  • Suitable for daily use

4. Ubidda Adding Machine | ABS Plastic

Sometimes your job doesn’t require multiple functions and complicated equations. In this type of situation, you do not need a high-functioning calculator to make your work more complex.  Thinking about that Ubidda has brought the best adding machine that is easy to use.

Starting from school-going students to professionals everyone can use the calculator. This includes an eye-catchy LCD display and can add 12 digits at a time. Therefore, the digits are very visible.

The solar panel charging system ensures the calculator function even in a dark place.

Moreover, the calculator has a good sense of starch and high-quality plastic material makes the set lightweight and durable at the same time.

Simple calculating operations help to save a lot of time. You don’t have to waste time learning about all the functions. So having the calculator would be a great choice. Besides, you can choose some speaker mic for baofeng.

Key Features

  • Bright LCD display for better vision
  • Charge with solar panel
  • High-quality ABS plastic
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

5. Catiga Adding Calculator | 2.03 Lines/ Sec

Every professional needs an adding calculator that can make every day work easy and hassle-free. Catiga has brought one such model that is simple yet has all the necessary functions.

How fast do you expect the calculation to be?  This version of Catiga can print up to 2.03 lines in just one second. Also, maintain the printing quality and that is very visible.

The calculator combines useful features and sophisticated features to do simple calculation tasks. The angular screen is loved by the users because this helps to read the number quickly.

Catiga adding calculator has AA batteries and AC adaptor. So you don’t need to worry about running out of power. The size and the weight of the calculator make it travel friendly. Therefore, wherever you go just take the calculator and put it on the side pocket of your bag.

The calculator supports 2 AA batteries, which gives another option of mobility. Moreover, it has many advanced features, that is suitable for doing the heavy calculation. Additionally, you can check our review on optical audio cable.

Key Features 

  • 4 inches display
  • 2 color ink
  • Supports two AA batteries
  • Print at a fast speed

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Adding Machine

1. Is the printed paper clearly visible?

Yes, the good quality adding machine produces a clear and visible print.

2. What is the printing speed?

The speed depends on the brand and the model. But the best desktop calculator is able to print at least 2 inches.

3. Is it suitable for complex equations?

Yes, it is. A sharp printing calculator is suitable for all types of functions and calculations.

4. How much do they cost?

The price may vary for different brands. But in an average price range, you would be able to get a good quality adding calculator.

5. What is the display size of the adding machine?

Usually, the ideal display for a calculator printer is 4 inches. That size lets the user see the digits clearly.

Final Words

An adding machine is an essential equipment for every office especially for those who work with digits and data. That helps to make complex work simple and helps to organize data. The best adding machine is able to save a lot of time and increase office productivity.

From the top five list, you will be able to get the most suitable one for office and personal use. If you find our article helpful, do not forget to share this with your friends.