Best Antenna for Uniden Scanner – Top 5 Selection for 2023

We all know that the Uniden scanners are not only for entertainment but also for emergency communication. Also, if you are going on a long drive, the scanner helps you to reach signals. In that case, an indoor scanner antenna plays a vital role because the signal transmission depends on it.

If you live in a distant place, chances are you will not receive proper signal or face network drop in your Uniden. In that case, you need the best antenna for Uniden scanner to drag all the available radio stations around you.

There is a lot of variations in the field of indoor scanner antennas. With the advancement of technology and innovation, you will see different features and qualities. But are all of them right for you? Not really. Yet you can get a suitable product if you have a comprehensive idea about it.

We have put the top five Uniden scanner antennas below with that thought. You will get all the relevant information about the antennas and quickly choose the right one for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Bingfu UHF VHF Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Magnetic
Bingfu UHF VHF Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Magnetic

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Tram 1089BNC Antenna for Uniden  Scanner | Mini Magnet
Tram 1089BNC Antenna for Uniden  Scanner | Mini Magnet

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Chiko TW999BNC Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Telescopic
Chiko TW999BNC Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Telescopic

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Online Service Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Adjustable Length
Online Service Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Adjustable Length

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BATG0469001 Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Female Connector
BATG0469001 Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Female Connector

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Best Antenna for Uniden Scanner Reviews

If you want high coverage and clear signals, a premium-grade Uniden scanner antenna is the way to go. In this segment, we are covering indoor scanner antennas and their super unique features. After going through the details, we are sure that you will end up picking one antenna for indoor scanner from here.

1. Bingfu UHF VHF Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Magnetic

If you are frustrated with your current antenna for Uniden scanner due to its weak signal range, replace it with Bingfu. You will notice a massive increase in the signal range. Also, you will be able to receive signals from long distances.

We found its connection level stable because of the double spring oscillator. Also, its signal strength is so high that you will get a better single reception.

Another thing is its magnetic base that holds the antenna up in any situation. Therefore, no chance of signal drop!

The Uniden scanner antenna from Bingfu works excellent as an indoor antenna. Its 10 feet long connection cable is durable. The cable makes it easy for you to mount the antenna wherever you prefer because of its long length.

You can settle this spring antenna anywhere in your house, including the basement, bedroom, kitchen, etc. However, its performance is so strong that you will keep buying this one for your indoor or outdoor purposes. You can also carry it anywhere because of its portable size.

The Bingfu indoor scanner antenna works with public radios such as ham radios, handheld radios, walkie-talkies, etc. You can mount it in your car, truck, or wherever you want it to work.

Key Features 

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy signal
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Compact size

2. Tram 1089BNC Antenna for Uniden  Scanner | Mini Magnet

Another best indoor scanner antenna is Tram 1089BNC. Its low profile design makes it easy to adjust in any corner of your house. Moreover, its design is perfect for settling with any Uniden scanner. The antenna comes with a mini magnetic base, making it easy to fit anywhere.

You can use this antenna for scanners in all situations and places. It provides an extended frequency range. However, you can carry this Uniden antenna anywhere because it is lightweight and portable size. So, if you want to use an antenna for Uniden scanner outdoor, it is a convenient option.

While using the antenna, we discovered that it connects to devices smoothly and does not cause signal drop at all. The entire configuration of the antenna enables you to get premium quality signal reception. Moreover, it increases the signal strength, which you will rarely find in other antennas.

The signal will not waver at all because the spring oscillator ensures the signals remain steady during the transmission process, even in an adverse situation. Its mini yet magnetic solid base allows you to place this in your car, roof, attic, or anywhere else in need.

The scanning antenna for indoor offers uniform coverage in all horizontal directions to provide high-quality transmission. All in all, this antenna is everything that you need for your home or office. You can also check our review on the speaker mic for Baofeng.

Key Features

  • Mini magnetic base
  • Includes male connector
  • Expanded area coverage
  • Smooth connection

3. Chiko TW999BNC Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Telescopic

The next product on our list is the Chiko TW999BNC antenna for Uniden scanner. Its telescopic design makes it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor. You can easily adjust its length or angle in a suitable direction to get the highest signal level.

The indoor scanner antenna is around 19cm long when collapsed. When you extend it, its length is 48 inches! Its lightweight enables you to carry easily as a handheld scanner antenna.

Therefore, if you have a mobile scanner, you can take this antenna with you.

However, the Uniden scanner antenna comes at a reasonable price, yet the high-quality performance is easily noticeable. Its signal reception is so solid that it can capture weak and long-range signals. Therefore, you can enjoy listening by tuning to distant cities.

It captures and transmits a wide range of frequencies from 20 to 1300MHz. Also, you can adjust the antenna to catch a better reception and an increased signal level in your device. Once you extend or collapse it according to your desire, you will get the right frequency.

We found that it is equally helpful as wave whip for a ham radio scanner, especially for low bandwidth. No wonder that it is a superior quality product! You can also check our review on the SWR meter for ham radio.

Key Features

  • Telescopic antenna
  • 19cm length expandable up to 48 inches
  • Portable size
  • BNC male connector

4. Online Service Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Adjustable Length

If you are a beginner or not tech-savvy, the Online service antenna for Uniden scanner is an ideal option. It is too easy to install and use. Moreover, this antenna is compatible with all UHF and VHF receivers, microphones, or BNC connector brands.

The thing we liked the most is its compact size and lightweight. You can easily carry it to wherever you go. It performs like the expensive antennas but comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

It works brilliantly with all handheld devices or radio-controlled receivers.

If you are going somewhere with cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats, you can carry it everywhere you need it. However, its telescopic design will allow you to match the length according to the wavelength frequency. Thus, you can receive signals on both higher and lower frequencies.

Its construction is robust and decent. It will not wear out even after heavy-duty uses. Additionally, its BNC connector has a snug fit on the antenna jack and will stay put. When you connect the antenna with the radio, you will not need to keep fixing it as the antenna stays in place.

Undoubtedly, it is the best antenna for Uniden scanner as it receives signals even from the basement. If you place it outside the window, you will still get a full signal sitting inside your home.

Key Features

  • 5 inches body
  • Expandable up to 16.5 inches
  • 25-1300 MHz frequency
  • Sturdy construction

5. BATG0469001 Antenna for Uniden Scanner | Female Connector

If your old antenna is damaged or broken and you are searching for a replacement, the Uniden BATG0469001 scanner antenna is the right pick for you. Its coverage is so strong that it works from any indoor part like the basement, garage, attic, or just about anywhere!

This sophisticated indoor scanner antenna is convenient and easy to use. You can settle it on your table, rooftop, car, backyard, or wherever because it gives you the flexibility to do so.

It may look like a low-profile Uniden antenna, but its performance is top-notch.

What we liked the most about this sophisticated antenna is its compatibility. You can connect it with all types of scanners with a male connector, regardless of the brands. It gives you a wide range of frequencies with any receivers such as handheld radios, ham radios, mobile scanners, etc.

You do not need any extension or additional tools because its deployment is too easy and quick. Furthermore, it comes in a compact size, which makes it travel-friendly. You can carry it with you in your car, truck, or even in your bag.

Alongside, this heavy-duty antenna for indoor scanners is too lightweight. Overall, it looks sleek and beautiful with its straight-cut design. Its fast installation is the most endearing feature that makes it worthwhile while in an emergency.

Key Features

  • Female connector
  • Flexible design
  • Works great
  • Portable and compact

Things To Consider Before Buying Antenna for Uniden Scanner

Best Antenna for Uniden Scanner

You need to consider some unavoidable things before buying an antenna for uniden scanner because otherwise, you will end up getting any substandard. However, if you pay heed to the factors below, you will find the best indoor scanner antenna.

Let’s get to know about them.

Frequency Coverage

Generally, the standard transmission frequency starts from 20 to1300MHz. It is the foremost thing that you should consider before buying an Antenna for Uniden scanner. You will not be able to hear from a distance or miss necessary signals if the frequency is not high enough.


Another essential thing you need to find is the compatibility of the antenna to match your devices. Different antennas have a variety of connection types. Some have a male connector, or some have a female connector. So, make sure which connection type supports your device.

If the antenna does not suit your device type, it will be nothing but a metal wand with no use.

Raw Material

The most significant thing that you need to consider is the raw material of your antenna. It is better to make sure if the material can withstand damp or windy weather. Since we cannot tell anything about the weather when it is about to storm or rain, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, you should go for the antenna with water-resistant material so that you do not incur any loss in the future.

Design And Size

Look at the design and size, is that suitable for you? Can you carry it anywhere? Can you fold it in need? Thus, there are all you need to know before purchasing an antenna for Uniden scanner. There are different types of antennas, such as telescopic, magnetic base, straight cut, etc.

You can pick the one that suits your need the most.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use this outside?

Yes, you can.

All you need is to make sure if you do the installation properly or not.

2. Does that work with UHF\VHF radios?

Of course, it does.

In fact, it works brilliantly with UHF\VHF radios.

3. How many frequencies does the antenna support?

The antenna supports frequencies from 25 to 1300 MHz.

4. How strong is the base of the best indoor scanner antenna?

Well, the base is super strong.

If you fix it properly, it will stay steady. You will not need any additional tools to settle the antenna.

5. Is the Uniden scanner antenna portable?

Yes, it is.

Its lightweight and compact size allow you to carry it anywhere you go.

Final Words

The best antenna for Uniden scanner allows you to do all the communication and endless entertainment in the most pleasing way. All you need is to determine your need and go along with it to purchase the right one. The better reception of signals depends on frequency, quality, and structure.

Therefore, try to find the antenna that meets your requirements right after eyeing them. We hope that our information will drive you to the right purchase!