Top 5 Best Baofeng Radio – A List From The Expert

Though communication mediums have become very advanced nowadays but in extreme emergency situations it is very difficult to make connections with each other. In this regard, baofeng handheld radios are the only trustworthy medium for communication.

Baofeng models are specially structured to maintain communication in any circumstance like disaster area, security check, camping etc. to make a constant concierge service. Here you’ll get top most popular baofeng radio’s reviews that’ll really clear all of your curiosity.

So, please have faith in us and keep on scrolling the following reading to collect the best baofeng radio in your list.

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BAOFENG BF-F8HP Radio | Dual Band | UV-5R 3rd Gen
BAOFENG BF-F8HP Radio | Dual Band | UV-5R 3rd Gen

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BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | Two Way Radio | 6 Packs
BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | Two Way Radio | 6 Packs

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BAOFENG UV-5R Radio | Li-ion Battery | 1800mAh
BAOFENG UV-5R Radio | Li-ion Battery | 1800mAh

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BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 10 Packs | Two Way Radio
BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 10 Packs | Two Way Radio

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BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 12pcs Li-ion Battery | USB Cable
BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 12pcs Li-ion Battery | USB Cable

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Best Baofeng Radio Reviews

Here we have come with five top amazing baofeng radios with all of its useful functions and proper using procedures. We’re hopeful enough that you’ll be able to gather all the important information that you’re seeking for in a baofeng walkie talkie radio.

1. BAOFENG BF-F8HP Radio | Dual Band | UV-5R 3rd Gen

Are you seeking for a high power portable baofeng radio, then Baofeng BF-F8HP will be your desirable handheld radio. It is incomparable with any other radio for its excellent affordability, capabilities and sentry service.

Baofeng BF-F8HP is the most powerful and upgraded as well as the final edition of the UV-5R series. It has the capability of transmitting 8 watts up from 4 watts output power. Plus, it is provided with three power levels and dual-band high gain antenna.

The antenna ensures two way power frequency supply of 136-174MHz and 400-520MHz.

Plus, you’ll get selectable narrowband power settings. Even if you want to do programming with your PC, you can also do it by a PC03 Programming cable.

Besides, the radio includes a full kit with a powerful battery backup of 2100mAh. Plus, it also provides a CH-5 charger, 110V adapter, earpiece kit, wrist strap, belt clip etc. In addition, it also offers you a user guide by which you can get all of its features and using process.

Moreover, the radio has been customized with a tri-color display. Even it ensures constant warden and warranty support to you. In fact, it will be available to you with all modern radio accessories and features.

Key Features

  • Dual band power antenna
  • Easier in PC programming
  • Full kit with powerful battery & accessories
  • Customized color display & warranty support

2. BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | Two Way Radio | 6 Packs

In need of a handheld radio for communication in constructional purposes, Baofeng BF-888S can serve you the extraordinary communication service. It is very much helpful in making communication in construction areas or security works.

The BF-888S is a two-way radio and provides a long range handheld transceiver. Thus you can communicate with others over a long distance of about 6km. In fact, it has come with a great warden walkie talkie model.

Besides, it can power up to 3-5 watts with a low voltage alert. Plus, it has a very standard frequency range of about 400-470MHz.

Besides these, you can have the facility of a rechargeable Li-ion battery which is about 1500mAh.

Moreover, the battery ensures you the power saving mode by which you can have extended battery life. Apart from these, the radio provides 16 channels, emergency alarm function, PC programming, flash light, intelligent charging, VOX function, scanning feature etc.

That’s why the radio is highly recommended for you as a great amateur radio by which you can make constant communication whether in travelling, in security works or constructional purposes. So, this radio can be the best baofeng ham radio for you.

Key Features

  • Good for communication in constructional usage
  • Standard frequency with battery backup
  • Ensures intelligent charging & alarm function
  • Power saving mode

3. BAOFENG UV-5R Radio | Li-ion Battery | 1800mAh

Baofeng UV-5R model is a highly advanced handheld radio with dual-band antenna and 128 channels storage. It has also a selectable power supply and busy channel lock-out system. Plus, it has dual standby and A/B band independent operation.

The radio also has an emergency alarm setting and a tri-color background light display feature. You can also lock the keypad. Plus, you can have FM Radio access by it with 25 stations storage with 175Hz burst tone. Even it gives 0-9 grades VOX selectable features.

Besides, you’ll be able to the LCD display and 5KHz switchable LED flashlight from this walkie-talkie radio.

It ensures you emergency alert mode by which you can take cautious moves. Plus, you can also have the facility to do PC programming as it ensures a narrow band programmable transceiver.

Moreover, it has specified dual-frequency mode of 136-174MHz and 400-480MHz. It has a very good range of operating voltage. Plus it provides you with a high impedance dual-band antenna by which you can get the signals without any disruption.

Apart from these, the baofeng radio ensures 1800mAh rechargeable battery with one belt clip, earpiece and desktop charger. Even it gives you a manual user guide and a headphone connection line. Thus, it can be proved an amazing baofeng radio.

Key Features

  • Dual-band antenna
  • LCD color display & LED flashlight
  • Ensures emergency alert & alarm setting
  • Battery backup & earpiece

4. BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 10 Packs | Two Way Radio

If you find a baofeng radio which is suitable for every kind of emergency communication in any place or situation even at a very reasonable price, then it’ll definitely be a very worthy option for you to use in concierge service. BF-888S 10 pack is that kind of multi-functioned radio.

The radio is modeled exactly like a walkie-talkie. It has the capability to store 16 channels. Plus, you can get an earpiece with each radio. You will also get a desktop charger including an EU plug. It ensures standard frequency with a low battery alarm.

Besides, the battery is made from Li-ion material and it ensures a safe low voltage alert. The radio plays a vital role in transmitting communication waves. Plus, it includes a transmitter time-out timer also with an intelligent charging mode.

Moreover, in order to extend battery life the radio has power saving mode also which can save your device from excessive power loss. In fact, the radio can make communication from a range up to 3 miles or 5km.

In fine, this radio is an amazing tool for communication in any situation like constructional work, security check, supermarket observation, fieldwork, biking, hiking etc. and many more. So it can be said that this radio can be the best baofeng radio.

Key Features

  • 10 packs radio with an earpiece & charger
  • Transmitting time-out timer
  • Power-saving battery backup
  • Helpful for any emergency circumstances

5. BAOFENG BF-888S Radio | 12pcs Li-ion Battery | USB Cable

This BF-888s series has come with some extra modules and accessories than other previous baofeng series. First of all, it has 6x rechargeable Li-ion batteries with 6x extra TID batteries of about 1500mAh. Even it has a charging dock which makes it more convenient in use.

Like all other baofeng radios, it also features a power-saving battery mode to increase the life of the battery.

Plus, you will be able to get notified when the battery will need charging or replacing by its low battery alarm mode.

Besides, you can have the facility to use it in the dark night as it includes a flashlight also in itself. It provides a USB programming cable also by which you can program almost 50 CTCSS tones & 105 CDCSS tones on each programmed channel.

Moreover, this baofeng model is FCC certified. It provides a program guide also to understand its procedure of using properly. In fact, this baofeng radio can be proved the most distinguishable model as it bears all ability to work in any circumstances.

In fact, it is very easy to use in any emergency situation. Even it will be an amazing radio in working in a large space like hotels, retailing stores, warehouse, road trip, family camping, hiking etc. So, you can undoubtedly put this radio in your favorite baofeng radio list.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable batteries with power saving mode
  • Has USB programming cable & flashlight
  • Standard frequency & low battery alarm
  • FCC certified radio

Things to Consider Before Buying Baofeng Radio

Best Baofeng Radio

There are many technical things about baofeng radio that you should know before purchasing. And in this part, you’ll be helped to go through those considerable things about handheld radio so that you can understand what should be prioritized to get the best baofeng ham radio. Additionally, you can check our review on ham radio for beginners.


Frequency is a very important factor of a radio. Every radio has communicational frequencies. You should be aware of that frequency range that is perfect and standard for a baofeng radio. If its frequency range is perfect, then it serves great communication.

That’s why, make sure the frequency range of the radio is up to mark otherwise the radio will not of no use for communication. Besides, you can choose some multiband hf wire antenna.

Power Supply

It is very crucial to ensure the power output of the radio properly. It is because through the proper value of the power supply, your radio will function. Most baofeng radios have the power output of 4 to 5 watts and some other models have 7-8 watts.

So it is necessary to ensure the standard range of power supply of the radio because the more standard the power output, the more the radio will perform better.

Battery Backup

You’ve to ensure the battery backup of the radio most importantly. Baofeng radios are powered and function with batteries. So you have to first check the battery’s charging ability, its durability, low voltage alert capability etc.

If you can assure these battery backup things correctly, then you’ll be able to have a good ham radio with a strong battery backup.


Baofeng radios are mainly made for extreme situation communication or where there is a need for mobility in communication. So its structure and metallic formation should be strong and durable. You’ve to make sure the radio can perform in all hard circumstances.


The radio should be compatible and have that ease of use to function in any circumstance. It should have the ability to make communication whether in constructional areas, in larger areas, tracking, biking or security guarding.

So make sure that your selective radio has the compatibility to function in any emergency communicational and warden service.

Speaker Level

It is unimaginable to think of a ham radio without speakers. So before purchasing radio you have to be clear enough that all of its speakers can function loudly and store most of the programmed channels. So the speaker level of a ham radio should be on top class.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is it provided with a belt clip?

Yes, it is.

You can get a belt clip with each radio. It is provided with a belt clip to save the radio from accidental dropping. So, you’ll get a belt clip with each radio.

2. Can I use it in the warehouse?

Yes, you can.

You can definitely use it in the warehouse. These radios are very loud and their speaker range is perfectly high for any loud situation. You can hear clear sounds from these radios. So definitely they can be used in warehouses.

3. Are they suitable for trekking & hiking?

Yes, definitely.

These radios are the most powerful medium for extreme communication. They are mainly made to deal with crucial situations. So they can easily be used in hiking & trekking because they have powerful frequency range and communication service.

4. Is there a need for a license for using it as a walkie-talkie?

Yes, there it is.

Though there isn’t a need for a license for amateur radio use,if you’re planning to use it as a walkie talkie then definitely you’ll need a license. And these radios are FCC certified so you don’t have to worry. You can freely use these as a walkie talkie.

5. How can I choose the best baofeng ham radio?

For this you’ve to be careful of some things like frequency range, power output, speaker level, battery health, durability & compatibility, warranty support etc. If these things are properly structured and maintained, you’ll have an amazing product.

Final Words

So, after the full session of the review there is no need to tell how important a baofeng walkie talkie radio is in making emergency communication in any situation. But to get the best among them, you’ll have to definitely make sure all of its must-considerable factors.

If you are able to make sure all of its technicalities and procedures perfect, then obviously the radio will serve you the excellent performance. So, we’re optimistic enough that you’ll be able to select the best baofeng radio from now.

Have great communication!