Best Batteries for Xbox One Controller – Top 5 Picks in 2023

No gamer wants to get distracted during the midst of a team scavenging or deathmatch by switching out the Xbox controller’s rechargeable battery pack. To get rid of this trouble using the best batteries for Xbox one controllers is the only solution.

By installing AA batteries you don’t have to search for the micro USB cable and be forced to play wired. Good quality AA batteries last for a longer time than any rechargeable battery. Besides, there are options to energize them again like a rechargeable battery.

To make sure you can play and stay immersed in gaming for as long as needed whenever playing on any version of Xbox, we have brought you the top 5 batteries.

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BEBONCOOL Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Fast Charging
BEBONCOOL Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Fast Charging

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Smatree Batteries for Xbox One Controller | High Capacity
Smatree Batteries for Xbox One Controller | High Capacity

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Fosmon Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Up To 33 Hours
Fosmon Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Up To 33 Hours

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Ponkor Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 2600mAh
Ponkor Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 2600mAh

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Taiker Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 4 Batteries
Taiker Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 4 Batteries

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Best Batteries for Xbox One Controller Reviews

In the following section, we will be discussing the top batteries from the market. Our research team spent a lot of time finding the best batteries.

1. BEBONCOOL Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Fast Charging

Are you among those people who when they start to play games on the Xbox, forget about the time and keep playing for hours? If so, then the batteries from BEBONCOOL can be the right suit for you.

BEBONCOOL Batteries for Xbox One Controllers have a longer lifetime. These lasts for more than five hours. The batteries are appropriate for Xbox one. As those are rechargeable, after finishing each game just plug it in the charger and it is fully juiced up to play again.

Charging the batteries is very convenient and easy, as there are 3 charging modes, Micro USB, Type C, and adapter charging.

Charging is very easy with the 3 options and each one is compatible with Xbox one games.

Many gamers find it tiring to wait for hours for charging the batteries. But BEBONCOOL batteries can be charged at a faster speed. It takes only 2.5 hours to charge two batteries fully charged.

A smart charging indicator has been used, so when the battery charging time exceeds five hours, the charger will show an indicator by turning the green LED light on. And when it is not fully charged the light will be red.

Key Features

  • 3 charging modes
  • LED indicator in the charger
  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life

2. Smatree Batteries for Xbox One Controller | High Capacity

For those who are always fond of fancy and elegant items, Smatree batteries are for them. The black battery and charger look very unique and different from other normal batteries. And the performance is also very high.

Time to say goodbye to the old AA batteries, that requires to change after some uses. And that is a waste of time and money. With the  2000AH battery, you can play for more than 7 hours.

The high-capacity rechargeable batteries are suitable for all models of the Xbox controller. And all of these features make it the best Xbox One rechargeable battery pack.

The charger is a dual-channel charger that can fully charge the batteries within 6 hours. Moreover, the charger includes an intelligent timer. That can effectively calculate charging time. So when the charging time gets over, there is a green light that will turn on.

Smatree Batteries for Xbox One Controller is popular among gamers due to its long battery life. Once it is fully charged, you can play relentlessly for hours. Besides, the charger is safe to use as it is an overprotected charger.

Key Features

  • High capacity
  • 2000mAH
  • Suitable for all model of Xbox
  • Can calculate the charging time

3. Fosmon Batteries for Xbox One Controller | Up To 33 Hours

Imagine you are playing a critical part in the game and in that time the controller is running out of batteries. As a gamer, it will bother anyone. Fosmon has brought a solution for that by including two additional backup batteries and two battery slots.

We have to throw away thousands of disposable batteries every now and then.

But those days are over because with the Fosmon Batteries for Xbox One Controller you will be able to play up to 33 hours on each charge.

The NiMH batteries have a high capacity with their 1000mAh. Being SGC certified, the products are able to meet the satisfaction level constantly and ensure a great consumer experience. Also meets all the safety standards.

Charging the controller with the Fosmon charger is very easy. Just palace the controller on the charging dock and the controller will be aligned with the metal conductor automatically and it will start to charge.

The unique design of the controller makes it easy to locate them when they’re needed. Additionally, there will be four LED lights to indicate the charging status.

You can go to sleep putting the batteries on the charger and when it is fully charged, it will stop charging automatically.

Key Features

  • SGC certified
  • Four charging indicators
  • Longest battery life
  • Easy to charge

4. Ponkor Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 2600mAh

If you are a genuine game lover, you need to use these best batteries for Xbox one controllers by Ponkor. The set of batteries and chargers is very reliable and a high capacity set.  Besides the fire-resistant materials of the batteries makes them safe and durable.

The charger has different charging options. You can easily charge them using Type c, USB charger and even Micro USB are suitable for a charge. All of these three options make it more flexible and easy to use.

In only 5 hours the batteries will be fully charged. So this will save a lot of time and the indicator will give a constant signal about the charging status.

There is a flash red light that says the battery pole is inversely connected.

Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will go on standby mode. Therefore that ensures an increased battery life to about 2000 recharges. You will also get a 30 day money-back guarantee.

And if there is any problem with the charger within the first year, Ponkor will give a replacement warranty. The battery set is compatible with all models of Xboxes. So for having a worry-free gaming experience, grab this set of batteries.

Key Features

  • Fire-resistant materials
  • Charge completely within 5 hours
  • Long battery life
  • High capacity

5. Taiker Batteries for Xbox One Controller | 4 Batteries

The batteries by Taiker are completely compatible with every Xbox One Controller. This requires only 3 hours to fully charge one battery and 6 hours to charge two batteries. The charger provides protection against overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating.

When the batteries run out of charge, you do not need to wait 5-6 hours for the batteries to fully charge. Because the set of Taiker includes 4 sets of batteries.

So while you are on the game, you can charge the extra two sets of batteries.

The high protection system of the batteries and charger protects from overcharging, short circuit, overheat. So these are safe to charge for overnight. The charger includes a built-in charging cable, type C charging port, and extra micro USB.

A long charging cable allows you to charge easily and it saves you from the hassle of changing the batteries between the game. Moreover, the price is not too high as the set includes four sets of batteries.

Highly recommended, Taiker comes with amazing customer service as well. They are always on the server for their customers. Due to its built-in protector clip, the batteries are capable of handling up to 2000 recharge.

Key Features

  • 4 set of batteries
  • Extra micro USB
  • Takes 3 hours to charge one battery
  • Built-in protector clip

Things to Consider Before Buying Batteries for Xbox One Controller

Best Batteries for Xbox One Controller

Playing the game without getting interrupted is every gamer’s dream. Especially when they are playing on an Xbox, they want to continue the game for at least 4-5 hours. In the meantime, if the batteries go out of charge, the gamer will be very pissed off. This is why it is important to have the best Xbox One rechargeable battery pack.

According to your usage, you have to purchase the right one. And for getting the right one for a smooth play, it is better to consider some key elements before buying. Additionally, you can check our review on batteries for smoke detectors.

Battery Life

Not all batteries have long battery life. For purchasing a rechargeable battery, knowing for how long the charge will stay after once fully charged, is important. Most of the good batteries run for at least 6-7 hours and average quality batteries run for 3-4 hours.

For ensuring the battery life check for the details of the battery, you can also look for customer feedback. In the customer review section, there are all honest answers from the users. Or make sure to check the details of the battery before buying. Besides, you can choose some gamecube HDMI adapter.

Charging system

Different batteries, different charging systems. There are batteries that have multiple charging processes. And those are easy to use and charge. Look for the set that includes all the charging essentials like cable, C type port, charger, etc.

Pick the one that seems more convenient to use. Some of them have large size cable, these enable the players to charge the batteries without interrupting the game.


Make sure the batteries you are purchasing are safe to charge overnight. Because most of the gamers charge the batteries at bedtime. So they can be all ready to play the game the next morning.

If the charger is not safe or not protected against overcharging, over-current, overcharging, and overheating, it can cause trouble. So pick the safest one that is well protected.


Not all products provide a warranty. But when a company is giving a warranty or guarantee that means they are confident about the product. So getting a battery set that has at least one year warranty is good. And if you face any sort of problem during that time, they will fix it.


A charger indicator is a small light that shows the charging progress. When it is still charging the light would be red and once it is fully charged, the light will turn green. This helps to understand the progress and when it turns green, turn off the switch. So this is an important feature for a charger.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long does it take to be fully charged?

Usually, a battery set takes 6-7 hours to get fully charged. The charging time may vary due to brands.

2. Is there any battery indicator in the charger?

The best Xbox One rechargeable battery pack has indicators and when it is fully charged the light turns green.

3. Are those safe for the overnight charges?

If the charger has all the protection systems, then it is safe for an overnight charge.

4. How to charge the batteries?

The battery set includes a charger, using the charger you can easily charge them. Also, the charger can be connected through a USB cable and ports.

5. What is the battery life?

Generally, a high-quality battery lasts for more than 7 hours after fully charged. This mostly depends on the model and the brand.

Final Words

Every gamer has a passion for their Xbox and wants to continue playing without getting distracted. And the Best Batteries for Xbox One Controller can help to do so. By having a high-quality battery you do not need to change the batteries after a few hours.

So for giving you a good playing experience we have introduced you to the top batteries in the market. Having them you will get to play for hours without any interaction.

Have a Great Game!