Best Cable for CCTV Camera – Top Selling & Popular Models

Have you set up a CCTV camera, or going to install a new cctv camera? But still, you don’t get the expected resolution? In either case, you need to consider the right cable to get the high resolution.

Besides the quality of the cctv camera, you must choose the best cable for cctv camera. Otherwise, you will not have the expected performance regardless of the camera quality.

However, to make sure you the best quality video of cctv camera either in live views or playback mode, our expert team has narrowed down the list of the top-rated cable out of hundred cables.

Scroll down with us to get the all-quality security camera cable collection.

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ANNKE Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 100ft | White
ANNKE Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 100ft | White

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ZOSI 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 4X BNC & RCA
ZOSI 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 4X BNC & RCA

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Postta Cable for CCTV Camera | 60 Ft | 4-Pack
Postta Cable for CCTV Camera | 60 Ft | 4-Pack

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HISVISION 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | BNC 8pcs | Clips
HISVISION 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | BNC 8pcs | Clips

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SHD Cable for CCTV Camera | 165Ft | BNC & RCA | 4-Pack
SHD Cable for CCTV Camera | 165Ft | BNC & RCA | 4-Pack

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Best Cable for CCTV Camera Reviews

Without knowing the full features and specifications of these cameras, you cannot conclude which one would be best for your setup. That’s why we have designed the section with full detailed features of these selected cables. Let’s jump into the whole review.

1. ANNKE Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 100ft | White

While setting up the digital cctv cameras, you can’t go with a random pack of cables. That’s why we are introducing such a cable that meets all your desires. In fact, it will offer what your digital cameras are needed.

Brand reliability is the first factor to consider while buying the cables. That’s why we have come up with a cable brand that can be trusted completely.

ANNKE has a wide reputation throughout the world due to its product quality.

To manufacture the cable, ANNKE has used pure copper materials. Plus, the cable comes in a pair, where one is power, and the other is video cables. They make sure that the cable has higher electrical connectivity.

The good reason for having such cable is they meet all international standards. Both two video and power cables meet the communication cable standard of ISET.

What you need to complete a cctv setup, you will find everything in this pack. The pack consists of 4 pcs of 100ft cable for cctv cameras. Plus, the necessary accessories such as BNC connectors and a pack of wall clips are included. Now you are ready to jump into the project.

In terms of compatibility, this is the best cctv camera cable because you can use the cables for almost all types of digital security cameras. Besides, the manufacturer will provide a one-year product warranty.

Key Features

  • Includes 4 pack of 100ft cables
  • Made out of copper materials
  • Provides maximum weather protection
  • Meet all electrical standard
  • Ensure compatibility and cable warranty

2. ZOSI 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | 4-Pack | 4X BNC & RCA

Suppose you are searching for both video and power cables together for your cctv camera setup. Then look at this pack first. I think you will not search further since this pack gives you everything that you need to complete a project.

To give you a better understanding of the product quality, first see its construction method. ZOSI has manufactured these cables out of copper material.

As a result, the cables got huge resistance and never break in sudden load shedding.

Moreover, the cable also provides huge resistance from any weather condition. Now you can’t hesitant to use the cable for outside set up; you are safe in terms of weather hazard.

If your cctv cameras are from the ZOSI brand, you are lucky that you are choosing the cables from ZOSI itself. However, if the cameras are not from ZOSI, then not to worry. These cables have wide compatibility to stand with most of the HD cameras in the market.

To get everything in a pack, this is the ideal pack. Because the pack comes with 4 security camera cables, each of them is 100ft long. Plus, additional accessories are included, such as the pair of BNC connectors and a pack of 100pcs wall clips.

Key Features

  • A pack of 4 cables, each 100ft long
  • Compatible with most HD cctv cameras
  • PVC-45P molding resist weather
  • Includes all additional accessories

3. Postta Cable for CCTV Camera | 60 Ft | 4-Pack

Better video resolution is depending on the quality of the cable, right? If you think so and being uncompromised with the cable quality, then this pack is for you. Let’s see what it offers for you.

Postta’s cable came in a pair which included a power cable and a video cable together. To ensure better video quality, they input a bare copper conductor on this cable; that’s how it makes the video’s signal stable.

This is a plug-and-play pack to go. That means you do nothing more than just grab the pack and get to work. And you will have all the necessary accessories like BNC connectors and clips.

The pack comes with 4 pcs of 60ft cable for cctv camera. So, you can complete the setup of four cctv cameras. One good thing about the cables is that you can use these cables for multiples cameras because it has wide compatibility with most of the surveillance system.

Though the length of the cables is only 60ft, you have multiple options to choose. If you think this length is too short for your project, then choose the lengthy pack.

Key Features

  • A pack of 4 cables each is 60ft long
  • Can fit with most market surveillance system
  • 45P PVC molding make the cable more durable
  • Bare copper conductor ensures video signal stability

4. HISVISION 100ft Cable for CCTV Camera | BNC 8pcs | Clips

Is brand reliability your first preference while choosing the cctv cables? If yes, then stand with this one because this is the best cable for cctv camera in the market. Let’s get it.

If you are a regular buyer of a security product, you know about the brand HISVISION, which has a wide reputation all over the world. It is possible due to the reliability of their product.

So, if your cameras from HISVISION, this security camera cable pack is for you.

The cables come in PVC-45P Molding so that they can resist harsh weather conditions. One thing that is clear about the cable is its durability. So, it will ensure a long-lasting connection without intervention.

Besides HISVISION cameras, you can use the cables for other cctv cameras brands. The cable can easily be adjusted with any DVR system and so many cameras such as AHD / CVI / HD-SDI / TVI, HD-CVI / HD-TVI.

You will get 4 pieces of video and power cables in this pack. Each cable length is 100ft. If you need to extend the cables, you can use BNC and RCA connectors which are included within.

Key Features

  • 4 pack of cables and each 100ft long
  • Use PVC-45P Molding for better resistance
  • Provides all necessary accessories in the pack
  • Compatible with the AHD / CVI / TVI, HD-CVI, and so on

5. SHD Cable for CCTV Camera | 165Ft | BNC & RCA | 4-Pack

To cover a long distance, you need a lengthy cable set. If you need a lengthy cable more than 100ft, then go with the best cable for cctv long distance. The length of the cable never impacts the video quality.

First, see the construction of the cables. SHD has constructed the cable out of pure copper materials. As a result, you will not have any electrical issues even in critical condition.

To provide protection, the cable is molded with high-quality materials. It symbolized the duality of the cable for a cctv camera. Plus, you will have constant environmental protection.

The pack has included four lengthy security camera cables. Each of them is 165ft long. However, if you need a lengthier cable than that, there is an available option. So, covering the long distance wouldn’t be an issue. Plus, the video quality will be intact regardless of the wire distance.

Whatever the type of your DVR system, you can undoubtedly use these cables. Plus, this cable is compatible with most digital cameras such as HD, AHD HDCVI, HD-TVI, and HD-SDI.

The price of this pack is reasonable in terms of the quality and the length. If you want an uninterrupted connection and quality video recording, you can go with this one.

Key Features

  • 4 pack cables, each is 165ft
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Ensures all weatherproof protection
  • Compatible with all DVR system

Things to Consider Before Buying Cable for CCTV Camera

Best Cable for CCTV Camera

Buying an electrical accessory demands constant attention to choose the right product. To do the job easily, you need to consider some factors beforehand. That’s why we have designed this segment with some significant points of the security camera cable. Now you can easily choose the best cable for security cameras.

Cable Length

There are a lot of cable lengths available for cctv cameras. You must choose the cable length according to your project. To do that, first, you need to measure the distance between your DVR system and the camera points.

Always consider a little extra cable than the exact distance. It will help you to relocate the camera in the future.

There are some myths about the length of the cable, such as a long cable can impact the video quality. However, there are no such issues at all. The video quality depends on the quality of the cable for the cctv camera. You may also like some of the POE security camera system from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


While buying a security camera cable, always consider buying a combo pack. I mean, the pack has all the necessary accessories to set up the camera. If you go with such a pack, it will reduce your extra spending on accessories. And you can easily complete the installation precisely on time. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the optical audio cable.

Weather Protection

If you are choosing the cable for outside setup, then you must see the cable’s weatherproof protection. In this case, you should first see what materials they have used to mold the cable for the cctv camera.

Besides, you can’t miss the internal wire quality. A quality wire saves your camera and system from any electrical hazard.


There are two options while checking the cable’s compatibility. First, check whether the cable is compatible with your DVR system. Afterward, see it has enough adjustability with your cctv cameras. Plus, the cable has perfect adjustability with which type or model of the security cameras.


Not only budget-conscious people should focus on the price, but also all customers should do that. In this case, if you choose a combo pack, then you can minimize the cable cost. So, you need to check which pack has offered the quality cable with setup accessories.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these cables for HD-TVI cameras?

Yes, you can.

These all cables are for digital cameras not IP cameras. So, you can use these security camera cables for HD, AHD, HD-TVI, and so forth.

2. What is the average range of these cables?

It depends.

However, if I say generally, then it would be between 60-100ft. Don’t worry! If you need more or less length, you will find everything in the manufacture store.

3. Do I use these cables for NVR setup?


These are all cables for the DVR system. So, you can’t use the cable for IP camera setup. However, you need ethernet cables for IP camera setup.

4. Which connectors are needed for these cables?

You need BNC and RCA connectors to use these cables. In fact, these are all accessories you will get within the pack.

5. Should I use the cable outdoors?

Yes, of course.

Not only indoor but also outdoor. The above cables are considered the best cctv camera cable due to their outside resistance from the weather. So, you are good to go with such a cable for cctv cameras.

Final Words

If your security camera cable is good, the video quality will be good. So, there is no alternative to compromise with the cable’s quality. That’s why you must choose the best cable for cctv camera if you need the best quality.

I hope that our reviews and buying guide section help you to reach a final buying decision.

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