Best Carbon Fiber Filament – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Getting the low-quality print from a 3D printer is a bit surprising all the time. But it would be a common case if you go with a low-quality filament.

A simple compromise with the quality of carbon fiber filament can destroy your entire project. However, it would not be the real scenario of 3D printing if you go with the best carbon fiber filament beforehand.

If you are in a hurry and look for top-rated filaments such as PLA, Nylon, and Polycarbonate filaments, then you must check out our expert list. Let’s dive into the article.

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TECBEARS PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1 Kg Spool
TECBEARS PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1 Kg Spool

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SUNLU PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 2.2 lbs
SUNLU PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 2.2 lbs

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ZIRO PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | .8Kg | Black
ZIRO PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | .8Kg | Black

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PRILINE Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg
PRILINE Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg

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SainSmart Nylon Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg
SainSmart Nylon Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg

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Best Carbon Fiber Filament Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed multiple carbon fiber filaments with their detailed specification and use. So, you can make an easy buying decision after seeing the 3d printer filament review section. Let’s get started.

1. TECBEARS PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1 Kg Spool

Those who are having the benefit of PLA filament can’t use other filaments for 3D printing, right? If you are thinking so, then you need to take a look at this PLA filament.

Though the TECBEARS brand name is a bit weird, the quality of the filament is reverse. The manufacturer has used pure carbon materials so that it shrinks less. Plus, it ensures super layer bonding.

Unlike other carbon fiber, PLA filament is the most environmentally friendly product. And the manufacturer assured that they had used all-natural materials to ensure 100% environmental safety.

If you want to get the more stable printing, you have to stand with this one since the TECBEARS ensures a clog-free and bubble-free filament.

To make sure the quality of the filament for a long time, they completely dry the filament 24hrs before packaging. And it comes in a vacuum-sealed nylon bag. So, you should store it in a resealable foil bag as the filament has a tendency to moisture in the open air.

The main benefit of using this carbon fiber PLA filament is its wide compatibility. It means you can use the filament on most of the 3D printers in the market, such as Ender 3, MK3, Monoprice, FlashForge, and so on.

Key Features

  • Low shrinkage and super bonding
  • Bubble and clog-free filament
  • Compatible with most the 3D printers
  • The diameter is 1.75mm, and the weight of the spool is 1 kg

2. SUNLU PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 2.2 lbs

The more rigid a filament would be, the better it is. Yes, that is true for PLA filament. And to give you such a stronger filament, SUNLU brought a 1.75mm PLA 3D printer filament. Let’s check its features.

Besides rigidity, SUNLU filament has another feature that impresses you to have this spool that is its environmental friendliness. They are used all-natural ingredients to construct the filament. So, you can undoubtedly use the carbon fiber PLA filament.

The total diameter of the spool is 1.75mm, and the total weight of the spool is 2.2lbs.

Besides, it comes in a complete pack. That’s why there is no chance to moisture the filament. But don’t keep it in the air.

The rigidity of the filament makes it more durable to resist maximum temperature. The Nozzle temperature of the filament is between 200°C – 230°C and the Bed temperature is 60°C – 80°C.

If you go with this pack, you can use it on most of the 3d printers. Due to its wide compatibility, it got huge popularity among professionals.

There are six colors you will find in their stores. And the price of the filament is quite reasonable for this 2.2lbs spool. That’s why it is considered as the best carbon fiber 3d filament these days.

Key Features

  • Ensure maximum rigidity
  • Environmentally friendly carbon fiber PLA filament
  • Maximum working temperature is 200°C – 230°
  • Total weight and diameter are 2.23lbs and 1.75mm

3. ZIRO PLA Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | .8Kg | Black

While 3D printing, one may need multiple color filaments to complete the project. And if you are in search of such filament, then you could stop searching.

ZIRO comes with a stronger filament which also ensures maximum flexibility. In this case, you no need to worry about the printing stability and the quality of the final outcome.

To prevent the moisturizing of the filament, it comes in a standard vacuum pack. The good news is that you are getting an extra resealable bag for further storage. Now you are out of concern about getting moisture from the entire spool.

To ensure maximum printing performance, ZIRO makes sure everything that a 3D filament should have. First off, the maximum working temperature is 200-230℃ for the Nozzle, and the heat bed temperature is 50-60℃.

Those who use this filament enjoy a better speed while printing. The carbon fiber PLA filament ensures the printing speed is between 30-90mm/s.

The main advantage of the ZIRO filament is its after-sales services. So, feel free to ask your query if you have faced any complexities after buying.

Key Features

  • Ensure maximum rigidity
  • Heat bed temp 50-60℃ and 200-230℃
  • It comes with an extra resealed bag for storing
  • The weight and diameter of the spool is 2.2lbs and 1.75mm

4. PRILINE Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg

For those who are benefited from using the Polycarbonate filament, there is a good collection for them. PRILINE brought this fantastic collection which is one of the best carbon fiber filaments.

Rely on a brand is important while choosing a printing product. That’s why PRILINE has built a reputation over the years by keeping their filament quality intact. So, PRILINE is a brand that can be trusted completely.

Let’s talk about the total measurement of the filament. If you need a larger diameter spool, you can go with this one.

The diameter is 7.87,” and the weight of the spool is 2.83″. Plus, the diameter of the spool hub hole is 2.20″.

Though here we are reviewing the Polycarbonate filament for 3D printers, you can choose another filament if you need it. Here you will find PLA filament beside Polycarbonate filament.

PRILINE filament never lets you down by its performance. To ensure the best performance, this filament gives you easy support removal and excellent layer adhesion.

At first glance, it seems that the price of this filament is a bit higher. However, if you see its spool diameter, weight, and performance, you will see how this price will be compatible with the quality.

Key Features

  • Make sure the warp-free printing
  • Spool diameter is 7.87,” and width is 2.83.”
  • Ensure easy removal and better adhesion
  • Nozzle temp is 240-260°C, and Plate temp is 80-100°C

5. SainSmart Nylon Carbon Fiber Filament | 1.75mm | 1Kg

If you want to buy a durable, rigid, and flexible filament for a 3D printer, then you must go with the nylon filament. If you are looking for such filament, then go with this one.

Mainly SainSmart has constructed the filament to enhance rigidity and ensure printing quality. That’s why they have used 75% nylon and 25% carbon fiber on this filament.

To know more about the quality of the filament, let’s see its other features. SainSmart ensures a low shrinker rate, less warpage, and high carbon fiber filament strength.

Unlike conventional filament, SainSmart provides maximum resistance to wear and tear. That’s how this filament can give you long-lasting service and better printing quality.

If you want flexible printing for medical equipment, industrial parts, complex costumes, and prosthetics, you can rely on this filament. The working temperature of the filament is 240-260℃, and the surface temperature is 80-90℃.

While printing, if you keep the room temperature at a constant rate, you will get the maximum strength and layer adhesion.

The total diameter of the spool is 1.75mm, and the weight is 2.2 pounds. And the color is black. Besides, the price of the spool is a bit higher than another PLA filament. However, it would be worth it if you consider its quality and performance.

Key Features

  • Used 25% carbon fiber and 75% nylon
  • Low shrink rate and less warpage
  • Print temp is 240-260℃, and the surface is 80-90℃
  • A black filament comes with a 1.75mm diameter

Things to Consider Before Buying Carbon Fiber Filament

Best Carbon Fiber Filament

To get better printing quality, you need to choose the best carbon fiber 3d filament. That’s why you have to consider some factors to find out the quality filament. To make the job easy for you, we have put to some factors of filament that should be considered while buying filament for printers.

Filament Type

There are different types of filament available in the online and offline market. For example, you will find PLA, HIPS, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and so on. These filaments have their particular quality, such as some of them have a strong rigidity, strength, flexibility, and different temperature resistance.

In this case, you should choose according to your printing needs. In general, if you want to go with anyone, then prefer carbon fiber PLA filament or FLX PLA, and Nylon filament. Additionally, you can check our review on ps vita grip.


What measurement should be considered is depending on the printer and the buyer’s preference. However, most of the printing houses prefer 1.75mm filament for their 3D printing because this is the most popular diameter for 3D printing.

Width and weight are other factors to consider. The width of the filament should be chosen according to the printer. Besides, you can choose some disc repair machine.


We found some impurity on the low graded filament. If you use such filament for 3D printing, you will never get the expected quality. Sometimes it may destroy your entire project. So, before buying any filament, check its purity at once.

Working Temperature

First off, you check the printer’s working temperature. Afterward, choose the filament according to this working temperature. Different types of filament can work at different temperatures.

For instance, Carbon fiber PLA filament can work up to 190°C – 230°C, and the ABS filament is 210°C – 250°C, nylon is   210°C – 250°C, TPE is 210°C – 225°C. So, if you need a high-temperature working filament, you can choose the ABS and nylon that can work up to 250°C.


Carbon fiber filaments are prone to moisture when you put them in the open air. That’s why it should be packed in a sealed packet. Though most of the filament pack comes in a vacuum, they don’t provide an extra sealed pack for further storing.

In this case, if you don’t keep them in a sealed vacuum-pack, they get moisture and lose their vitality. So, you must be careful about the sorting system of the filament.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which diameter is perfect for a 3D printer?

It depends.

On average, most of the users prefer 1.75mm diameter spools for printing. In fact, this is the most popular diameter for 3D printing. However, you can choose more or less diameter according to your requirement.

2. How many colors are available?

The 3D printer needs multiple colors while printing. There are around 8-10 colors are available for carbon fiber filament. All color packs have a strong solid color.

3. How can I store these carbon fiber filaments?

It is an easy process.

Some of the manufacturers provide an extra sealed pack to store these filaments. If you don’t have a sealed pack, then make sure a vacuum pack store them properly; otherwise, it will be moisture.

4. Is 250°C good for carbon fiber PLA filament?


The working temperature of the PLA filament is 190°C – 230°C. If you need around 250°C temperature filament, then choose the nylon or ABS filament.

5. Are these filaments good for the environment?

In a word, the PLA filament is the best carbon fiber 3d filament for the environment. Besides, HIPS filament is so flexible and biodegradable. So, if you want an eco-friendly filament, then choose either PLA or HIPS filament.

Final Words

If your first consideration is on quality printing and saving the environment, then there are some carbon fiber filaments that will fulfill your requirement. In this case, you must go with the best carbon fiber filament to get a better outcome.

I hope that you have already found your desired filament as you have considered the above 3d printer filament review section.


Happy Printing!