Best Colored Pencils for Black Paper – Recommendations For 2023

If you are into painting and crafting, you know how important it is to have some good colorful pencils in your collection. They can be used to attain precision or to fix small mistakes at the very last moment.

Though there are quite a lot available in the market, not all of them are pigmented enough. Many don’t even blend properly. Sometimes the wood quality is poor that the pencil’s nib keeps breaking continuously.

Finding colored pencils that show up on black paper is more difficult. Even the performance of some good quality pencils is not satisfactory in this case.

But don’t be worried!

We have listed down the five best colored pencils for black paper so that you don’t face any hassle.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Castles Colored pencils for Black Paper │ 72 Colors | Vibrant
Castles Colored pencils for Black Paper │ 72 Colors | Vibrant

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Castles Professional Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Multicolor │ Pigmented
Castles Professional Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Multicolor │ Pigmented

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Black Widow Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Smooth │ Rich Pigment
Black Widow Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Smooth │ Rich Pigment

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Arteza Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Triangular │ Lightweight
Arteza Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Triangular │ Lightweight

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Scriptract Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Accessible │ Blend able
Scriptract Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Accessible │ Blend able

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Best Colored pencils for Black Paper Reviews

In this section, we will demonstrate you to our recommended colorful pencils and their key features. Read the detailed reviews to have an overall idea about the products.

1. Castles Colored pencils for Black Paper │ 72 Colors | Vibrant

Over the years, products from Castles Art Supplies have been a reliable choice for beginners and artists as well. Their wide array of options will give you the scope to choose sets and individual products without any difficulty.

This set comes with 72 different colored pencils with an amazing color payoff. The rich and smooth leads are vivid and pigmented enough to show up even on the darkest medium.

Pencil colors don’t tend to blend properly during layering.

Somehow, they remain separate, and it is prevalent to the viewer. With these colored pencils, you will not be in such situations. It is very beginner-friendly in terms of layering.

One can easily create depth and give their artworks a different dimension using these pencils. They show a consistent performance all through the use. It takes very little effort to work with them. These pencils also guarantee even coating.

These pencils are made using the best quality basswood. Thence the leads are held appropriately, and they do not breakdown when pressure is applied. Besides, sharpening the pencils are very easy. You will not end up with broken tips every time you try to sharpen them.

To assure user comfort, individual pencils are assembled in multiple color families with shade names engraved on them. All of them can easily be stored in the box provided.

Key features

  • Amazing color pay off
  • Supreme bendability
  • Smooth texture
  • No breakage issues
  • 72 different colors

2. Castles Professional Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Multicolor │ Pigmented

If you are an enthusiastic artist and want to invest in a good quality color pencil set, you can opt for this one. This expert collection has a diverse color story. And about quality, Castles is known for their amazing color pencils. You can rely on the brand.

Like other Castles colored pencil sets, this set provides excellent quality. The buttery smooth texture gives an amazing finish and ensures proper blending. So, there is no concern about giving a blended effect on your work.

You can easily keep on layering colors with these pencils. The amazing ability of the colors will make it look like nip and tuck.

It does not take any extra effort to use them. One swipe gives a decent amount of pigment.

Also, the tip of the pencil is well held by the wooden frame of basswood. They do not break easily, even under high force. The pencils are easy to sharpen. These features make it a good choice to have the best colored pens for black paper.

The outer layer of the pencil is well polished and has a comfortable grip. The shade name and number of the pencil are mentioned in each pencil for easy finding.

Castles care about their customers. So, if anyone is not satisfied with the quality of their product, they can have a unique refund. The manufacturer will return the money while the user can still keep the pencils. How cool is that?

Key Features

  • Effortless blending
  • Easy Sharpening
  • Convenient to create gradients
  • A huge selection of 120 colors
  • Suitable for professional use

3. Black Widow Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Smooth │ Rich Pigment

Have you ever been in a situation where the lead of the pencils is so soft that it breaks apart during sharpening or using? If yes, then you know how infuriating that can be.

Though the wax used in Black Widow color pencils that are soft, they do not fall apart throughout sharping. It also survives the pressure applied during layering more tint. The tip of these pencils remains sharp for long and does not require sharpening very often.

The set contains 24 distinct shades. Each of the hues is named in a very unconventional way.

For instance- Zephyr Blue, Starry night, Ladybug, and so on. All of these pencils come pre-sharpened in a box made of tin.

The leads of this coloring pencil set have a wax core. Thus, it has intense pigmentation and is smudge-proof. These pencils give a velvety finish without being chalky at all. You can use them on black or any other dark-colored paper at any given time.

From beginners to professional artists- anyone can use it without any complaint. The hexagonal structure delivers amazing comfort to the user and lets the trouble of pencil rolling off from a given surface.

Key Features

  • Hexagon shaped pencils
  • Has a wax core
  • 24 different shades
  • Easy to use on black paper
  • Even color distribution

4. Arteza Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Triangular │ Lightweight

It is amazing to see brands that care for nature, right? Arteza is an environmentally sustainable brand that focuses on plastic use reduction. With this vision, they use an eco-friendly tube to store and protect the pencils from external damage.

Now let’s get to know about the product. The already sharped pencils are longer than the available ones. That means these will last for a relatively long period.

The 48 shades are easy to identify, and all show up properly in darker mediums.

The pencils are designed in a triangular shape to prevent them from rolling off the table. It gives an amazing grip to the pencils as well.

Good quality basswood is used to make these colored pencils for black paper. So, the pencils are very light in weight. But there are no worries of pencils breaking halfway of using. The woods are well polished on the outer side to hold back all breakages.

Each of the colors guarantees good pigmentation with the soft wax core. They are suitable for blending and layering. Color mixing is also very convenient with them.

The list of the best colored pencils for black paper remains incomplete without recommending this set of colored pencils for black paper.

Key Features

  • Great color story
  • Environment-friendly tube packaging
  • A collection of 48 shades
  • Basswood body
  • Shows up on dark papers
  • Triangle shaped built

5. Scriptract Colored pencils for Black Paper │ Accessible │ Blend able

Scriptract believes that everyone is an artist. No matter what age, profession, or choice you might have, you can always put your mind out in creative artwork. The possibilities are endless.

Whether for kids doodling or for adult painting, these colors can be used by all. The pencils are hassle-free to use and are of supreme quality as well. Each of the pencils has the same uniformity throughout the use.

Why do we tell it to be appropriate colored pencils for beginners and experts? Well, it puts up a super blending which is necessary for a beginner.

Again, it can also layout amazing layering, shading, and sketching required for advanced levels.

The best thing about this color set is its consistency. You will experience the same outcome and comfort till the end of its use. These are break and smudge-resistant. That means you won’t be wasting half the time on sharping the pencils.

The sleek black color packaging can be an attractive feature to a lot of people. It also has a decorative silver band which makes it a perfect item for a gift. Any art enthusiast will love to have it as a gift.

Key Features

  • Seamless blending
  • Can be used by anybody
  • Impressive shade selection
  • Excellent company policy
  • Fine appearance

Things to Consider Before Buying Colored Pencils for Black Paper

Best Colored pencils for Black Paper

It is important to consider some factors before you choose a set of color pencils for yourself. Let’s get to know about the aspects of the best colored pens for black paper.


The core requirement of a colored pencil is its blending capacity. The more color blends, the more the shades merge, and it becomes easier to create gradients. Layering on more tint also becomes easy with pencils that are efficient to blend. Besides, you can choose some clay for slime.

Blending with pencil colors must be smooth enough to use on delicate mediums without any damage.

Try to find pencils that have a wax core. This kind of cores keeps the leads smooth and velvet-like. The core does not allow the leads to dry out. As a result, you will not end up with chalky pencils a few months after.


The right amount of pigment is very important for color pencils. It can’t be too intense or too light.

The pigmentation needs to be as so one may have a slight hint of the hue for experts. At the same time, it must have the ability to be built up in order to be suitable colored pencils for beginners. Also, the colors should have a vibrancy to be visible in dark or black papers.


No matter if you are a novice or an expert, your colored pencils have to serve your purpose in a proper way. The pencils must be viable to cater to the user’s purpose.

Compatibility to adopt according to the requirement is the basic property for good colored pencils for black paper.

Breaking Issues

Resistance to breakage is very low for pencils in most cases. In most cases, if the pencils are stored for a long period, they tend to break very easily.

And the leads often crumble off when slight pressure is applied or even during sharping them. Look for pencils that have a soft and firm core. Also, get the pencils with the good quality outer layering of wood (preferably basswood) to avoid such circumstances.

Number of colors

If you are getting sets of colored pencils, choose an array of colors that you will make maximum use of. Don’t buy a set of hundred plus shades when you are going to use only 10-15 of them. We recommend you get a set that has primary colors along with white and black.

You can definitely build up your collection with the passage of time. But wasting multiple shades is neither pocket-friendly nor sustainable for the environment.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which wood is used to make these pencils?

Basswood is used to make the outer layer of the pencil. That means the body of these pencils got durability. That’s how it prevents breakage.

2. Is the name of the shades printed mentioned on pencils separately?

Yes, shade name and number are mentioned in each of the pencils. So, you must check and separate the shade of the pencil according to the name.

3. Are these pencils wax-based or oil-based?

All of these pencils are wax-based. Indeed, this is the fundamental ingredient of making good colored pencils for black paper.

4. How to choose the best colored pens for black paper?

Look for pencils that are bright and rich in color. Also, consider checking the points mentioned in the guideline section. Finally, you can check the price of the pencil and take it to your cart.

5. Are they retractable?

No, you need to share them in order to have a precise tip. Interestingly, you will have any braking issues while sharpening them.

Final Words

These were our recommendations and suggestions to find excellent quality products. I hope you find yourself the best colored pencils for black paper.

Have a good painting time with them!