Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax – Recommendations for 2023

Do you own a Silverado or a Sierra? Are you tired of hiking the price of diesel or want to increase the performance of your work-horses Duramax engine? Simple solution, go for a diesel fuel additive!

Diesel fuel additives work as a magic potion by transforming an old and tired engine into a smooth operator. A good fuel additive reduces wear and tear in the engine, which reduces vehicle’s fuel consumption and repair cost.

There are many diesel fuel additives on the market. However, we have made your search easy by narrowing down the 5-best diesel fuel additive for Duramax engines after thorough research.

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HOT SHOT'S EDT Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 400g
HOT SHOT'S EDT Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 400g

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HOT SHOT'S Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Boosts cetane 7p
HOT SHOT'S Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Boosts cetane 7p

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STANADYNE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Reduce Smoke | 12pcs
STANADYNE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Reduce Smoke | 12pcs

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OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 640g
OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 640g

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OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | All-Season | 512g
OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | All-Season | 512g

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Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax Reviews

We are here to provide ample information regarding the top-rated diesel fuel additive for Duramax. Also, we will discuss what makes them the best and the facts to focus on while buying them.

1. HOT SHOT’S EDT Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 400g

The list kicks off with none other than Hot Shot’s Secret, which is one of the leading lubricants and fuel additive manufacturers of the United States.

If brand reliability is a thing you are concerned about, then HSS is one of those brands on which you can trust blindly.

One bottle of the “Everyday Diesel Treatment” will decrease fuel economy, and stability of the fuel will increase, and moistures will be dispersed, which will keep your Sierra’s engine in a much more maintenance-free condition.

Cetane number, i.e., the quality of the diesel fuel, increases up to 7 points if this product is used every time after refueling. Everyday Diesel Treatment also increases lubricity & prevents rust and corrosion inside the engine, and cleans the fuel injectors.

This diesel fuel additive has no adverse effects on engine components as it is completely ashless. It also complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel engines.

1 ounce of Everyday Diesel Treatment treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel. So, you can use one 16 ounce bottle for 16 tank refills.

Key Features

  • Cetane number increases up to 7 points.
  • Enhances lubricity to improve fuel economy and performance.
  • Neutralizes acids and disperses moisture, adds stabilizer to the fuel.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion and keeps the injectors clean.

2. HOT SHOT’S Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Boosts cetane 7p

Another wonder from Hot Shot’s Secret! The Diesel Extreme is a fully-formulated and concentrated cleaner that eliminates internal diesel injector deposits like waxy and polymeric deposits.

Containing special detergents, this diesel fuel additive for Duramax will eliminate and block the building up of deposits in internal and external diesel injectors. It also prevents other forms of varnish and deposits, which cause scarring and wear inside the engine.

Diesel Extreme consists of a top-notch level of cetane booster, lubes, and diesel stabilizer.

It improves your fuel’s cetane number by seven points, which restores the throttle response your truck used to have from the factory even after having hundreds of miles on the odometer.

Diesel Extreme improves cold starts and eliminates excessive black smoke. This product can be used in all types of diesel engines, including Duramax, and it is one of the best diesel fuel additive 6.7 cummins engines in your Ram 2500 or your Peterbilt.

1 quart treats 80 gallons of diesel fuel. One treatment of Diesel Extreme every 6 months is enough to keep your engine running like brand new. If you like to use fuel additives after a long interval, then this is the best choice in our list.

Key Features

  • Keeps the injectors, cylinders, fuel lines, and tank clean
  • Cetane number increases up to 7 points
  • Restores throttle response
  • Improves cold starts, mileage, and fuel lubricity
  • Need for DPF Regeneration reduces to half than before

3. STANADYNE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Reduce Smoke | 12pcs

Standyne has been there for quite a long time, 145 years to be exact. It is pretty predictable that they know very well about what they are introducing in their product line-up, and their contender in the diesel fuel additive market is no exception.

This diesel additive has shown improvement in MPG gains up to 9.6 percent. Compatibility is a big issue while going for a fuel additive, and not all additives can be applied to multiple engines. Surprisingly, this diesel fuel additive is approved by many OEMs, including General Motors, Ford, John Deere, and Navistar.

Not only does it increase MPG, but it also increases the power of the engine by boosting the cetane number up to 5 points. In cold weather, when fuel can gel, or in very hot temperature, when fuel viscosity is low, this additive keeps the fuel stabilized to ensure easier and faster engine start-up.

This diesel fuel additive for Duramax also reduces smoke and diesel-particulate emissions, which will help your Silverado or Savana pass smoke-meter tests easily. It also lessens the wear of expensive fuel systems and protects your Duramax engine against harmful effects of diesel fuel containing low sulfur.

Key Features

  • Cold & hot weather protection, easier starts
  • Increases horsepower and MPG
  • Can be used with Biodiesel Fuel up to B20
  • Protects & cleans engine parts

4. OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | Treats 640g

Opti-Lube is a performance diesel fuel additive manufacturer, which ranked first in an independent study between many lubricant manufacturers. This USA-based lubricant manufacturer claims this product as the best diesel fuel additive for Duramax in warm weather.

This diesel fuel additive for Duramax improves efficiency, cleans injectors, and boosts cetane number by 5-7 points besides improving lubricity.

Generally, GM Duramax diesel engines operate well with a cetane number ranging between 40 to 55.

High temperatures during summer cause faster thermal degradation of the diesel in your truck’s tank. Summer Lube +Cetane is the best diesel fuel additive for warm weather, as its name suggests that it’s made for preventing fuel breakdown, doubling the storage life of standard diesel fuel.

As it keeps the diesel fuel’s quality intact, so the engine can perform efficiently as it is advertised to perform from the factory, and then the increase in cetane number increases the efficiency beyond what it was meant to do in stock form. But fear not, it will not harm the engine even a bit!

2-2.5 ounce of this fuel additive is enough for treating a tank full of diesel in your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra.

Key Features

  • Boosts Cetane by 5 – 7 Points
  • Enhanced lubricity for reduced fuel system wear
  • Reduced deposits and emissions
  • Prevents rust & corrosion, cleans the injectors
  • Compatible with all vehicle emissions systems

5. OPTI-LUBE Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax | All-Season | 512g

The last product on our list is another product from Opti-Lube, named the All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive. This good old American product is a year-round solution for all the problems your Sierra or Hummer H1 can face and also gives away extended performance as a bonus!

This diesel fuel additive increases the lubricity properties of ultra-low-sulfur diesel, which can save the life of your engine. Its XPD Formula also cleans up the fuel injectors while preventing deposit build-ups too. It also helps to separate water from diesel fuel as a demulsifier.

If your truck is the way to your earnings, then you would obviously want the highest MPG possible. Fortunately, this diesel fuel additive has proven to be effective in enhancing your work-horses MPG, giving you more bangs for your buck.

Besides greater fuel efficiency, you’ll also find more horses ready to serve under your right foot for both summer and winter driving.

XPD All Seasons DFA will cost you just pennies per treated gallon, with a treatment rate of up to 512 gallons of diesel by only 1 gallon of the additive.

Key Features

  • Year-round protection
  • Improves fuel efficiency and engine power
  • Cleans fuel system and injector tips
  • Costs some pennies per gallon of fuel

Things to Consider Before Buying Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax

Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Duramax

Before going for a diesel fuel additive for Duramax, there are certain points you should keep in your mind. Some of them are mentioned below.

Compatibility and Versatility

Not all diesel additives are suitable for GM Duramax V8 engines, so it’s a must to ensure that the additive you will end up buying is made for Duramax. Versatility is also important, some products are proven to be the best diesel fuel additive 6.7 Cummins engines, so if you buy a versatile additive that can suit both Duramax and Cummins engines, it will lessen the cost as one bottle will serve the two. Additionally, you can check our review on generator for emergency preparedness.

Age of the vehicle

Generally, diesel fuel additives work best on older engines with a lot of miles on the odometer that has either been neglected or missed out on regular maintenance. You’re unlikely to see any benefit on newer, well-maintained vehicles because those engines aren’t that much worn out, and not so much diesel particulates have been deposited inside the engine. Besides, you can choose some 265 50r20 tires.

Safe for Environment

It should be ensured that the additive you’re using is friendly with not only your engine but also the environment. The best fuel additives don’t contain alcohol and make sure that the additive you’re buying is EPA-approved.


Always follow the prescribed dosage when adding diesel fuel additives. Keep in mind that if you add excess diesel additive treatment, you may cause poor filterability and even cause a blockage.

Rather than mixing and blending additives with diesel fuel and adding the mixture into the tank, it would be easier and more convenient to inject the diesel fuel additive into the fuel tank when refilling.

If you want an additive to prevent crystallization during winter, you must apply it before the fuel is below the cloud point. Otherwise, it won’t do much to help the situation.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does diesel fuel additive void the warranty of my vehicle?

No. According to the USA Federal Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer is prohibited from invalidating a warranty just because you used a fuel additive.

2. What is the cetane rating on diesel fuel?

Cetane rating is a measurement used to determine the tendency of a specific batch of diesel to ignite or burn. Basically, if the cetane rating is increased, the overall engine performance also increases.

3. Do diesel fuel additives really work?

Fuel additives prevent your fuel system from wearing down, which prevents an increase in fuel consumption caused by worn engine components.

4. How to determine the cleanest diesel fuel?

The cleanest diesel fuels contain 97-percent less sulfur.

5. When should I use diesel fuel additives?

If you want to prevent injector damage caused by water and deposits, fuel additives can help. Fuel additives also dissolve the asphaltenes that are responsible for fuel filter plugging.

6. Can I use the additive made for Duramax in 6.7L Cummins engines?

If the fuel additive is versatile, then yes. But make sure the additive is used in these two engines. There are fuel additives on the market which are made for Duramax but proved to be the best diesel fuel additive 6.7 cummins.

Final Words

So, if you want to enhance the performance and efficiency of your truck’s Duramax engine, you cannot but use the best diesel fuel additive and make sure of their routine application. As you learned, they do increase your truck’s MPG, which is, needless to say, beneficial for your pocket. We hope that our list has helped you choose the best diesel fuel additive for Duramax V8.

Have a Great Engine!