Top 5 Best Exterior Metal Door Paint – A List From The Expert

The Exterior paintable surface is always prone to dust, dirt, and the harsh environment unless you encounter specific paint. That means you cannot go with random paint for the exterior metal door.

If you are always looking for a durable bonding on the exterior door after painting, the effective way is to choose the best exterior metal door paint. Otherwise, the premature cracks are the final consequence of the exterior metal door.

If you have difficulties picking the exterior metal door paints, get the article designed with some top-rated external paint reviews.

Best Paint For Metal Doors

Unless you encounter specific paint, the exterior surface is always prone to dust, dirt, and a harsh environment. You cannot go with random colors for the outer metal door.

If you are always looking for a durable bonding on the exterior door after painting, you should choose from the best metal door paints. Otherwise, the premature cracks are the final consequence of the outer metal door.

So, if you are in a rush to find the right exterior paint, hold on a sec and check out our expert list of top-notch colors for exterior metal doors. Let’s explore the best list.

Best Exterior Metal Door Paint Reviews

We have represented the all-detailed features of these selected exterior paints in this segment. That means it will make your finding easy and help you choose the right metal door paint. Let’s take a look at the reviews section.

1. Rust-Oleum Exterior Door Paint | 2X Cover | Matte White

Who doesn’t want long-lasting paint protection for the exterior steel door? If you are one of them, the perfect exterior paint is here. The Rust-Oleum is the one that gives you protection for your front door.

If you first consider the door’s aesthetic, what could give you a perfect color combination than this matte white paint. Indeed, you will have a royal flat white color on your door after painting this one.

Rust-Oleum is not only the perfect paint for exterior surfaces. You can use the can on your interior materials if you wish. That means you can paint maximum materials with a single can!

Multifaceted ability made this unique from its competitors. You can use the paint on exterior doors, and it is perfect for wood, ceramic, plastic, and metal surfaces. Moreover, it will give you the same shiny surface as masonry surfaces.

As it is oil-based paint, there is no question about the longevity of the color. It can provide long-lasting protection by resisting cracks and chips in the paint.

If you are in a hurry to paint the door, you can undoubtedly go with this one because Rust-Oleum takes a minimum of time to dry the paint. It means it takes a maximum of 20 mins to give you a dry paintable surface. Plus, you can paint 12 sq. ft. by a can.

Key Features

  • You can use it as interior or exterior paint
  • Offers quick drying time up to 20mins
  • A canister covers 12 sq. ft.
  • The oil-based formula ensures maximum resistance
  • It covers multiple surfaces like wood, plastic, and plaster

2. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Exterior Metal Paint | Coastal Blue

If you are still struggling to find the best exterior metal paint, there is a reliable paint collection for you. This one from Rust-Oleum is the first one due to the print quality and brand reliability. Let’s reveal what it is.

The first thing that captures attention is its coastal Blue color. After drying the paint, you will enjoy an ultra-matte blue on your door. The good thing about the paint is its multiple color option. That means you can choose any color besides blue.

If you see the formula of the paint, you indeed love this one. Rust-Oleum has manufactured the color out of latex formula. As a result, you can clean the stain with soap or water.

Another good factor of this latex paint is its low odor. Most DIYers are not conscious of the smell of the color and its severe impact on health. In this case, it would be your reliable paint.

Besides using outdoor materials, you are welcome to use the paint on interior surfaces. For instance, the color is suitable for all surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, canvas, and ceramic.

In fine, Rust-Oleum offers a quick dry time for all paints. This short dry time is valid for this color model as well. Within a 30oz canister, you can cover up to 150 sq. ft for one coat.

Key Features

  • Dries within 30minutes
  • Maximum coverage up to 150 sq. ft
  • Easy clean up due to its latex formula
  • Ensures easy application and superb adhesion

3. Rust-Oleum Exterior Paint | Stops Rust | Gloss White

Brand reliability is the first preference while listing paint. We have come up with the third exterior paint from Rust-Oleum again. Indeed, a few brands provide such quality as Rust-Oleum does. Let’s unlock it.

As you are looking for paint for an exterior door, you need to consider the first paint formula. In this case, this paint is based on an oil formula. That means you are protected from any harsh weather after using this one.

Moreover, this oil-based paint gives you maximum protection for metal doors like steel garage doors. It resists rust and corrosion. So, there is no need to worry about rust protection for whatever metal you are using.

Let’s talk about the application and drying time. The paint was specially designed for the DIYers. That’s why it comes in a spray canister. So, anyone can easily use the color.

It is an oil-based paint; it takes a little longer than other paints. After applying the paint, you must wait 2-4 hours for complete drying. Afterward, you will have a glossy surface. Besides, every can gives you 15 sq. ft coverage.

This pack has six spray canisters. It means it would be a cost-effective set to go. Another thing that Rust-Oleum ensured was no fading, chipping, and abrasion at all.

Key Features

  • 100% weather protection
  • It takes 2-4 hours for drying
  • It comes with six cans of latex paints in a pack
  • Resist fading, chipping, and abrasion
  • Allows to paint on wood, plastic, concrete

4. The ONE Exterior Matte Finish Paint | Multi-Surface

Most DIYers look for versatile paint to cover top surfaces. If you think so, then The ONE color would be reliable. Besides being the perfect paint for painting metal doors, it offers much more like premium paint.

Though you are choosing exterior paint, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the color on other surfaces. Also, The ONE brought paint that is perfect for patio furniture, Barn, fence, and other interior surfaces to give you maximum coverage.

To go with a specific color is somewhat bothersome. However, the manufacturer offers many options to pick a suitable color. Though it is a matter of finishing, you will get some gloss finish here.

The formula of the paint surely impresses all DIYers, builders, and professionals. It comes with an opaque and superb thick formula. That means that you will have your desired finish within a single coat.

The fascinating feature of having The One paint is its standalone feature. So, color doesn’t require any primer or undercoat before painting. It would be best to use a paint stripper to remove the old paint and apply the fresh paint directly.

Key Features

  • A standalone paint packs
  • Based on the water formula
  • Allows easy cleaning with soap or water
  • The perfect paint for interior and exterior

5. Modern Masters Exterior Metal Door Paint | Satin Elegant

If you are a beginner in paint, you may know little about Modern Master paint. However, there is little to tell you about this paint for the professional or color patron.

The first thing I need to mention about the paint is its formulation. If you are looking for water-based acrylic paints, you can undoubtedly go with this one because the color is the epitome of a water-based solution.

The main problem with oil-based paints for most DIYers is the clean-up afterward. As it is a water-based paint, there are no cleaning difficulties with this one.

In terms of durability, it is difficult to avoid this paint. It will provide you with a long-lasting coating after application. Besides, the Modern Master paint’s color and finish will surely impress you.

The good thing about this paint is its never-fade technology. It means it never fades the color and shine of the paint after you get your metal door painted. Besides, you can use paint on interior materials too.

Moreover, though we recommend the paint for metal or steel doors, you can use the paint effortlessly on wood, plastic, ceramic, etc.

Key Features

  • Ensures a water-based solution
  • It brings a smooth satin finish
  • Most suitable for indoor/outdoor materials
  • Never-fade technology makes sure durability

Things to Consider Before Buying Exterior Metal Door Paint

Best Exterior Metal Door Paint

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional in buying paint. It will be stuck to you while choosing exterior paint. To get out of such a situation, you must consider some factors of exterior paint beforehand. Otherwise, you will go with the wrong color or crack, and chipping is inevitable.

Not to worry! We have designed the section with such factors so that you can easily find the best exterior metal paint you desire.

Environment Resistance

As you choose exterior paint, this is the must-look option for you. If you miss such features of the color, you will be frustrated because the paint cannot withstand the harsh outside environments.

So, the exterior metal door paint must have considerable environmental resistance. Besides, you can choose some outdoor faucet cover.

Paint Formulation

Paint can be formulated in many ways. There are two standard formulas for exterior colors: oil-based and water-based solutions.

In some cases, oil-based paint provides maximum resistance to the environment. That means it ensures the longevity of the color. In terms of luster, oil-based paint is good.

On the other hand, water-based paint is also good in this case. There are other benefits of water-based paint, such as easy cleaning because you can easily clean water-based paint with soap or plain water.


Paint coverage is another concern for DIYers. A paint covering maximum areas can save you both extra color and money. In this regard, you can select the color that provides full painting coverage.

Extra Coating

It is wise to see whether the paint needs undercoating before painting. Besides, some paint needs a primer before painting, and some are not.

So, if you come with standalone paint, the color doesn’t need any undercoat before painting. Thus, choosing such an exterior metal door paint will save the primer cost and undercoating hassles.

How to Paint an Exterior Metal Door


What kind of paint should I use on an exterior metal door?

You can use good exterior acrylic-latex color to paint your metal or steel door. Make sure to use two or more coats. Remember to use semi-gloss paint or gloss paint for your front door.

Do you need special paints for exterior metal doors?

Most exterior paints are designed to be used on most surfaces, including metal. So, you can use colors like exterior satin or semi-gloss paint for your doors.

Why does paint peel off metal doors?

Peeling off usually happens when you don’t sand or scour before applying paint on metal. Steel doesn’t absorb color like wood because of its non-porous characteristics. So, you need to file it properly before applying color.

Do I need to the prime metal before painting?

The primer coating is necessary before applying any color to metal. If you painted the surface before, you need to remove the old paint, dirt, rust, grease, etc., before using any paint.

Is enamel paint suitable for metal?

Enamel is a very durable paint, and metal is a very durable material. So, if you paint metal with enamel, the result will be very durable and long-lasting.

Final Words

If you want aesthetic paints that will be durable outdoors, there is no alternative to picking the best exterior metal door paint. After considering some crucial facts about the exterior paint, you can easily choose your desired colors.

Although, as you read this far in this article, we sure hope to have helped you in this process.