Best Floating Shelves – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Do you want to give your home a very aesthetic look? You might be thinking about some wood and metal things to do it. In this case, you can rely on the floating shelves to take care of the home aesthetic.

Moreover, if you are looking for a particular solution for your home interior or something functional and make your place extensive, then this is the ideal way to select the best floating shelves.

Well! These are great and inexpensive deals for you to add some venerable texture to your home. This will give your home a very rustic look.

The floating shelves are impeccable for all the people who want to make their adjacent look aesthetic.

We will elicit almost everything that will help you to have it and get a bucolic look for your habitation or balcony.

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KANKEI FLOATING SHELVES | Includes Mount Hardware | 40lbs
KANKEI FLOATING SHELVES | Includes Mount Hardware | 40lbs

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Sriwatana Floating Shelves | Solid Wood | Wall Mounted
Sriwatana Floating Shelves | Solid Wood | Wall Mounted

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Bayka Floating Shelves | Rustic Sturdy Wood | 4.63lbs
Bayka Floating Shelves | Rustic Sturdy Wood | 4.63lbs

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Melannco Floating Shelves | Lightweight | Hardware Included
Melannco Floating Shelves | Lightweight | Hardware Included

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Imperative Decor Floating Shelves | Easy Installation
Imperative Decor Floating Shelves | Easy Installation

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Best Floating Shelves Reviews

In this section, we have demonstrated these floating shelves with their detailed features and spec. So, it will make your buying decision easy and get the right shelves. Let’s jump into the reviews.

1. KANKEI FLOATING SHELVES | Includes Mount Hardware | 40lbs

If you are a person who loves to give their home a fascinating look at an accessible price, then this is the perfect product for you. These will give your home a modern farmhouse look.

These are great for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. You can display your books, showpiece, plants, stuffed toys. Also, you can keep a candle to give your room a sober atmosphere. You can also use it for your kitchen. These will make your space feel bigger.

It is made with tenacious wood and powder-coated metal brackets. It has a black furniture finish.

These are small shelves so you can place them anywhere.  You can also add DIY work to them to give those your own glimpse.

These shelves are lightweight, so one can move them effortlessly as you want. It is super easy to put in.  These are also potent enough to retain pots, bottles, kitchen accessories. This is not only for storage tool but also a spiffy gift.

They are sturdy enough but the weight is 40 lbs only. You can’t put too heavy things on them. The shelves have very neoteric prudence. It looks very polished. You can place the various ways.

Key Features

  • All mounting hardware included
  • Industrial metal brackets
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Max weight capacity 40lbs

2. Sriwatana Floating Shelves | Solid Wood | Wall Mounted

Are you looking for something to provide some accents in your house? Then this is an excellent option for you. It will add a very classic and sober look to your home, office, or more.

Are you thinking about setting up an office?  You can affix those for functional avail or exposition of your achievements. You can place office files, some decorating showpieces, flower vases, etc.

Are you annoyed with too much-disorganized stuff in the room? It can provide that vital superfluous space in addition to being a place to store stuff, and it doesn’t take up the position of the room.

It won’t add too much burden to the wall.

Made with paulownia wood, these shelves are sturdy enough to hold your deary items.  Made by an exceptional burning procedure and looks a medley of black and brown.

A person who loves planting this is the norm product for them. It is the best floating shelves for plants. You can exhibit your plants on it. Wall shelves can help show off decorative or precious items to personalize a room.

You can organize spice jars, can sauces. It has an awesome design that’s in a u-shape, a lot of wits in both directions. You have the freedom to put them the way you want to make them symmetric.

Key Features

  • Made of paulownia wood
  • It comes with 3 types of dimension
  • Made by a special burning process
  • Light-weighted shelf

3. Bayka Floating Shelves | Rustic Sturdy Wood | 4.63lbs

Are you looking for some subsidiary fittings? It can fulfill your expectancy. Transform your wall with unique and decorative shelves. They are spacious enough to form essential. These are multipurpose shelves; you can use them also as a piece of art.

Very easy to install. It has two installation modes; nevertheless, you are allowed to create diverse decorative styles of your own.

They are mildly weighted but sufficiently robust to take on weight. You can use them as a stairway for cats.

It has an unparalleled triangular-shaped metal corner. You have varied options with the brackets. It has six variants of color. It can be your desire one. They will look eminent aesthetically.

If you a person who fond of video games and movies, this is the sampling product for you. You can adorn your cd, DVDs and video games.  Give your habitation a winsome look.

Great for small bathrooms. Living in a small place, or it’s hard to synthesize obligate accessories? This can help you to maximize space without making the bathroom bigger. It will transform your tiny little bathroom into one that looks so elegant.

If there is not enow space for decoration in your home, you can put embellishment items on them. Without extravagance, any place of the room you can make your home looks polished.

Key Features

  • Industrial matte triangular metal brackets
  • Sturdier and easy to assemble
  • Two installation modes
  • Necessary hardware included

4. Melannco Floating Shelves | Lightweight | Hardware Included

Want to give your house a neoteric touch? This can be a great option for you. It will give your place aesthetic contiguity. Your guests will remain amazed after seeing the conversion.

Why would you choose an expensive product instead of a good and inexpensive product? Without hampering the room space, you can decorate the room the way you want to do it. This is accessible and sturdy enough.

Use this to display vases, small pictures, Lego sets, etc. If you are a book lover and can’t find any shelves to keep books, and then this is the floating shelves for you. Adjusting them in the wall, you can embody your books.

You can group the shelves together like squares and place things. Also, you can hang them separately and get the perfect accent for any room. These are so light weighted that you can easily install them by own.

Use them in the kitchen for keepsakes. They are very cheap and flimsy, and the paint is thin. These are for light-weighted items. They can hold a great amount of product. Quite easy to assemble.

Use them as a decoration or functional whatever you like. You can place your favorite works of art, or the treasured memories embodied in family photographs, the images define your life and what’s most important to you.

Key Features

  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Detailed instructions and hardware included
  • Classic white finish
  • Many installation modes

5. Imperative Decor Floating Shelves | Easy Installation

Are you looking for something to make your room specious and beautiful at the same time? Then, this is an amazing choice for you. It will add a rustic modern touch to your home. These are exactly what you are looking for. You can save spaces with these shelves.

Are you vexed with too much-disorganized stuff in the room? It can provide that vital superfluous space in addition to being a place to store stuff, and it doesn’t take up the position of the room. It won’t add too much burden to the wall.

Although it is made of solid wood, they are very light and come with easy installation instructions.

You can easily install them by yourself. You can hang them on the wall or sit flush against the wall. Stylishly showcase your decorative items.

These mellifluous pure rough-cut shelves will add a modern feel to the atmosphere of your bedroom, bathroom, office, or kitchen. From framed photos, succulents to trophies and books, these floating shelves are perfect for displaying and storing anything.

These floating shelves are hand-stained. It has a walnut furniture finish. It is made with authentic solid eastern white pine wood. It has so many variations of colors. Choose your desire one that accords your house interior.

Key Features

  • No need for a drill
  • Powder-coated brackets
  • Hand made
  • Easily holds 20 lbs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Floating Shelves

Best Floating Shelves

Here we have put together some significant factors of floating shelves so that you can know which things should consider before buying and easily get the floating shelves. Let’s get started.


Many people blindly trust brands. Sometimes famous brands charge extra money.

If you know that the brand encashes high-quality products, then you what you are paying for. Howsoever, non-famous brands also sell a high-quality product.

So, don’t go for any brand without considering the products quality and price. Additionally, you can check our review on wall mounted shelves.


The brand makes a marketing policy to attract different customers. When you buy a new floating shelve, read through the product manual carefully. You have to make sure that the item you buy will be useful to you.

You have to reck of that you can’t put too much weight on them. These are perfect for light things. These are the floating shelves for plants. So, you have to keep that in mind.


Take a look at the dimension before purchasing. Don’t regret it after buying. They have clearly mentioned the dimension.

So, you buying the shelves for particular room or space, then you should measure the dimension of the room and choose a shelf according to your room measurement.


A warranty is a good sign that the producer is confident enough about his product. Before buying something, you need to make sure if there goes something wrong or the product is not as same as they mentioned, you get a replacement or your money back.


This is one of the most momentous things to envisage for shoppers. You can buy the desired product only if you can afford it. If the price is high now, you may not consider buying it.

One thing you have to remember that sometimes the price is not the main factor to look at. Sometimes a cheap product is cheaper because it’s made of cheap quality materials, although not in every case.


While buying something, we all have a concern about the service. Point out the service policy. Nobody wants a faulty item.

If something breaks after buying, will the company fix it? Before buying the product, you should clear all your doubts with the company.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these shelve durable?

Yes, these shelves are now durable. You can keep photo frames, showpiece, spice jars on them. However, don’t keep a thing like heavy bottles or more than enough books.

2. Do they come with all mounting hardware?

Yes, all kinds of manual and hardware are included with the shelves. You can install them by reading the manual.

3. Are we able to hang these upsides down?

Yes, you can hang them upside down or sideways for unique decor. You have the freedom to do it in your own way.

4. Do I need to drill the wall?

It depends on what you will keep on it. If it’s something heavy, then you will need one. Also, if you want to make the shelves sturdier, you can drill the wall.

5. Can we clean these with water?

No, Definitely not.

These are made with wood, so better you don’t clean them with water. If cleaning purpose, you should use a dry cloth. Sometimes you can use some wood cleaning spray.

6.How much weight can these shelves holds?

These shelves are well made for lighter things, but you can keep a max of 30lbs on them. And these are the floating shelves for plants.

7. How much weight do these shelves have?

These are very light weighted. You can easily move or place by own. Most of the shelves are not more than 4lbs.

Final Words

If you are a person who loves to decorate their home with wood accessories, then you should pick the best floating shelves for the upliftment of your decor items.

I hope that you are about to contemplate the desire floating shelves after having the reviews.

Have a gutsy life and a beautiful atmosphere.