Best Game Bags To Look For in 2023

Synthetic game bags are a must-have for hunters not acquainted with game bags. It is not likely to go out hunting without these bags. Although if you want flies to lay eggs on your elk meat, who are we to judge?

The primary purpose of using game bags is to keep the meat from contact with contaminants. It also helps to keep the flesh dirt-free. A quality bag will allow the flesh to form a cluster around itself before going into processing.

Hunters prefer these bags over cotton or fiber ones, considering all these advantages. The game sack might be expensive, but it serves up to mark. With such utility, the price seems just right. However, not all game bags will be perfect for you.

But, it becomes very challenging to decide on the best game bags with many available options. Our expert team has removed the guesswork from the process and put together the top five game bags.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

UltraSource Wild Game Bags │ Storage friendly
UltraSource Wild Game Bags │ Storage friendly

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Koola Buck Antimicrobial Game Bags │ Breathable │ Food grade
Koola Buck Antimicrobial Game Bags │ Breathable │ Food grade

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Allen Backcountry Quarter Game Bags │ Heavy duty
Allen Backcountry Quarter Game Bags │ Heavy duty

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Alaska Game Bags │ Pre-folded │ Long-lasting
Alaska Game Bags │ Pre-folded │ Long-lasting

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BlackOvis Game Bags │ Lightweight │ Washable
BlackOvis Game Bags │ Lightweight │ Washable

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Best Game Bags Review

The review section focuses on providing ample information for each game meat bag. Please continue reading to have a fair idea about them to make the best choice.

1. UltraSource Wild Game Bags │ Storage friendly

While other synthetic game bags give the option to carry the meat only, UltraSource Wild Game Bags also allow you to store the flesh in the freezer. Hunters and meat processors can heap the processed meat and set it aside for the future.

UltraSource outlined this game bag keeping the requirements of hunters in mind. Sized at one lb., these bags are perfect for packing all kinds of meat. Sausage, ham, minced, bacon- all sorts of processed or regular cuts remain fine in this bag.

It is not possible to stack the bags equally all the time. However, there is an extension of 1 inch in the bag’s bottom to prevent any blowouts. So, no more worries about puncture due to overfilling the carrier.

As an added precaution, these bags are extra thick. The 2-mil thickness reduces the risk of blowouts by many folds. It also becomes easier to handle the load.

You can find them in a pack of 1000. Yes, thousand pieces in a bundle. The price, too, is reasonable. The package also contains sealing tape and a neck sealer for each bag. Meat processing companies can also imprint their business details as a reflective logo on the sacks.

Key Features

  • Suitable for meat processors and hunters
  • It wraps around reasonably quickly.
  • No issues of blowout
  • Economical prices provide the best values

2. Koola Buck Antimicrobial Game Bags │ Breathable │ Food grade

Koola is the perfect game bag choice when hunting involves long rides. Its antimicrobial property brings down the bacteria growth on the meat surface. These tag bags are appropriate for summer days when there is a high chance of perishing.

A blend of polymer and cotton is used in Koola Buck Antimicrobial game bags. It is long-lasting, stretchy, strong, and breathable for field use. So, you will be able to carry much more pack weight than before.

Four different sizes of these bags are available to reduce wastage and ensure the perfect fit. You can find them in a pack of four and individually as well.

One of the primary reasons for picking a Koola Buck game bag is its superior performance during summertime. The sack’s interior has a layer made with citric and lactic acid derived from plant sources.

Furthermore, this food-grade layer is taste and odorless. The coating is certified to decrease the production of bacteria by eight times. You can easily keep the meat fresh for long hours.

The price tag of these best big game bags from Koola is quite up there. Nevertheless, you will not have any complaints about the price once you use it.

Key Features

  • Breathable Nylon blend materials
  • Great for use in summer
  • Available in four fits
  • Food grade interior

3. Allen Backcountry Quarter Game Bags │ Heavy duty

Allen Backcountry sketched this particular model for heavy-duty loads. The number of benefits and good reviews from users proves the accuracy of this statement.

This game bag outperforms every expectation when put under the test. It does an impressive job of preventing contact with insects, dirt, leaves, and any contaminant while transporting.

A game bag needs to be breathable for the convenient passing of air. The texture and build allow the Allen Quarter game sack to keep the raw meat fresh even in high temperatures and humidity.

Besides, these game bags are washable. That means you can wash them in the machine and use them repeatedly. Eventually, you will be able to save a lot of cash during the season.

The drawstring closure is another exceptional facet of Allen Backcountry. With this closing feature, you will not need to worry about forgetting to tie the strings. Also, it is much safer to use than a rubber band.

There are two available sizes of this game bag, and it comes in a pack of four. The price is just right for these sacks. Although these might look like the lightest bags, the bags will serve for multiple seasons with proper preservation.

Key Features

  • Suitable game bag for rough usage
  • Washable Caribou bags
  • Can be reused
  • Drawstring closure for better safety

4. Alaska Game Bags │ Pre-folded │ Long-lasting

A combination of nylon and cotton makes Alaska game bags seem like cheesecloth. However, such sophistication does not reduce its longevity. The game sacks are very stretchy and flexible. Alaska game bags will quickly load up to an elk.

Folding bags can get complicated, especially when it is fully loaded. Alaska pre-rolls each of its game bags to address this situation. As these bags are pre-rolled, you can fold them very quickly.

You will not need any help from others for rolling. As a result, solo hunters will benefit from using these game bags. Once you collect the flesh, you can load the meat into the bag and wrap it up.

These bags are completely odorless. You can easily wash them in a machine and reuse them. Once you get a four or six bundle, you will not need to buy more for a year. Hence, it will be economical.

No one wonders why the users consider it a few of the best game bags they have ever used. They have seen the superior capability of these game sacks in the extreme cold and scorching summer heat.

Key Features

  • Flexible and ultra-light
  • Already rolled for convenience
  • Easy to use high country pack
  • Suitable for solo hunters
  • Washable in machine

5. BlackOvis Argali Game Bags │ Lightweight | Washable

For packing out in quarters, nothing can compete with BlackOvis sacks. These bags allow the meat to cool down correctly. And, at the same time, prevent any invasion of dust and insects.

Two different sizes of this bag are available in the market. The large(L) processing bag can load deboned Elk or Caribou and Sheep, Deer, Antelope. On the other hand, you can easily pack Elk, Caribou, or a deboned Moose in the extra-large (XL) caribou gear bags from BlackOvis.

Don’t be fooled by the soft texture of these bags. You can clean the bags in the hot wash of your cleaner and reuse them after complete drying. These nylon bags will be fine for years if properly cleaned and stored.

BlackOvis prepared the kit to make your packing process more manageable. You get them all from Latex gloves and plastic sheets to flagging tape. There will be no worries about carrying extra baggage when using these storage bags.

Although it is quite a neat package, it also has some drawbacks. The size proportion of these sacks is relatively smaller than others. So, keep that in mind before getting them.

 Key Features

  • Reusable Argali game bags
  • Available in two size
  • Sturdy and rugged ovis sacks
  • Made with nylon blend material
  • Efficient kill kit for elk hunting

Things to Consider Before Buying Game Bags

Best Game Bags

Going wrong with the choice of game tag bags is pretty simple. However, following up on some simple features will help you choose the best caribou game bags.

Let’s take a look at all of them!


The built material is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it determines the durability of the product. Loading meats is a pretty challenging task, and you want your game bag to last all through the season. A solid and rugged kind of material is a prerequisite for this purpose.

Another vital factor is breathability. Air must pass through the fabric to keep the raw meat fresh for hours. A blend of cotton and other ultra-light synthetic material will be ideal. Don’t forget to check the hunting rifle under 1000 reviews.


The size of the tag bags must be appropriate to what is on your prey. Correct and proportionate bags will make the packing and carrying process more convenient.

Quarters of elk and deer are relatively smaller than that of caribou or moose. Stretchable bags will be great for hanging and loading extra meat. So, make your choice accordingly.

It is always good to go through the size chart as size may vary from brand to brand. Check the size proportion appropriately before ordering. Check out the most essential Review for archery release for hunting.


Packing a bulk amount of meat is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of skill and expertise. Nevertheless, companies are now focusing on making the loading process easy for beginners and solo hunters.

Nowadays, most game bags are very user-friendly. Almost all the bags have accessible folding facets. Many have a zip lock, drawstring, or tie for tying. Some also come pre-folded. So, you can put the meat inside, and the bag will wrap on its own.

Contaminant Protection

This one is obvious. Preventing any contact with dust, dirt, bugs, insects, and microbial contaminants is the fundamental nature of a game bag. Yet, crosschecking its effectiveness is a must.

If there is no antimicrobial coating inside the bag, get yourself a germ-killing food-grade spray and use it before putting in the meat. The spray will prevent the growth and spread of microbes inside the bag. Finally, it will keep the flesh fresh without creating an odor.


Hunting is quite expensive for amusement. And it is needless to say how pricey these synthetic bags from big brands like Kuiu game bags can be.

Hence, buying game bags in bulk will help you save on some bucks. Also, it is better to get washable ones. You can clean them after use and take them for hunting again.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to decide on the right size of game sack?

Game bags are available in a variety of sizes. Elk, elk quarters, deer quarter, and whole deer are the most common sizes. You may choose elk and elk quarters for a small quantity of meat. And for larger quantities, deer or deer quarter is the right choice.

2. Can I use a pillow cover instead of a game bag?

It is not ideal to use pillowcases to transport meat. The meat inside can quickly go stale to dirt and bacteria. Besides, you cannot tie these bags, and they are not found in different sizes as needed.

3. How should I clean game bags?

First, check the product manual and see if you can wash your tag bags in a machine. If yes, use a strong bleach or detergent in a hot wash. Remember not to mix these with your other clothes.

4. Is it possible to use game tag bags multiple times?

You may reuse a game bag, even for years, whether you can wash the bag. Most of the best game bags for elk can be washed and reused.

5. How should I close these sacks?

You can either tie or fold the bags after loading. Usually, there is a tie with each bag in the pack. There are some game bags which has a drawstring to close the sack.

Final Words

Keeping the raw meat fresh is challenging, especially in the humid climate. It is crucial to choose a game sack wisely. Go through the specifications properly before making a purchase. You do not want to spoil the meat for a good game bag only.

Just pick one of our recommended sacks and get your best game bags into use. Do not forget to clean and dry the loads properly after every use. You will undoubtedly get utility worth the price.