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Best Handheld Scanner Antenna – Recommendations for 2021

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Currently, this is the era of information technology. In this modern world, we are always attached to smart gadgets. Nowadays, we hardly use the Radio like in the previous century. But when we go outdoors for camping or hunting, we realize how important it is.

Poor Attentiveness and Fragmentation signal, it becomes so hard to get the important news on time. To cure this problem, you have to just add the best handheld scanner antenna on your Radio. After adding an antenna, it would be a piece of cake for your Radio to catch the signal.

Not knowing the good quality brand most of the time, people may be confused. So, we research the market & make a list of the top 5 handheld scanner antennas. You can read every product & decide what matches your taste most.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Nagoya Handheld Scanner Antenna | Whip VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) | 15.6”
Nagoya Handheld Scanner Antenna | Whip VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) | 15.6”

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ABBREE Foldable Handheld Scanner Antenna | VHF/UHF | High Gain
ABBREE Foldable Handheld Scanner Antenna | VHF/UHF | High Gain

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Diamond Handheld Scanner Antenna | 144/440 MHz | Length 15”
Diamond Handheld Scanner Antenna | 144/440 MHz | Length 15”

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TW-999BNC BNC Male Handheld Antenna Scanner | 50-225 MHz
TW-999BNC BNC Male Handheld Antenna Scanner | 50-225 MHz

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Ratel Foldable Handheld Antenna Scanner | Dual Band | 18”
Ratel Foldable Handheld Antenna Scanner | Dual Band | 18”

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Best Handheld Scanner Antenna Reviews

Below, we have listed the top 5 Handheld Scanner Antenna in the market. If you find it helpful, we will be honored.

1. Nagoya Handheld Scanner Antenna | Whip VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) | 15.6”

With an exclusive manufacturing partnership with BTECH, this handheld scanner antenna is Certified by Original Nagoya Antenna. It is a strong, handheld scanner antenna, which goes on long days because of using durable things

BTECH antenna has an impedance of 50 ohms. As much as impedance is less, your chance of getting much amplitude is increased.

Black Color made the antenna look more gorgeous. This antenna is good enough for use in Radio.

In the new release, you may require a rubber spacer which is included with the Nagoya NA-771 package. It has an enlarged antenna cover to protect your radio SMA male base from the elements.

Nagoya NA-771 antenna is almost 16 inches long and is perfect for outdoor and camping usage. This is a soft, flexible antenna able to withstand more ‘roughness’ than a stock radio antenna. At last, it is boosting the signal of your radio significantly!

Every Nagoya Antenna is individually tested and tuned for the supported frequency range it was made for. The optimal Frequency Range is 140-150MHz, 420-450MHz.This Antenna is perfectly compatible with all BTECH and BaoFeng Radios – Ideal for UV-5R, BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, and SMA female connections.

The Manufacturer used SMA-F type Connector in this antenna. You can get unexpectedly accessible local support for any problem that may appear. That brand focus allows you to have the best available radios and accessories with the most features, with a real USA warranty and support.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all BTECH
  • Comes with an extended antenna cover
  • Included a Rubber spacer
  • Almost 16 inches long
  • A soft and more flexible antenna
  • Used durable body materials

2. ABBREE Foldable Handheld Scanner Antenna | VHF/UHF | High Gain

ABBREE is the best scanner antenna for you if you want to have a good connection on your handheld radio. As a replacement antenna, it works well on the VHF UHF amateur radio bands. This antenna is especially designed for indoor & outdoor use.

This model is certified by the original ABBREE antenna, and it is a properly new version & better quality.

You have to be very careful when you buy ABBREE Antenna because there are many bogus copies in the market. You need to check if there is any seal “sold by ABBREE.”

With144/430 MHz Frequency, ABBREE is guaranteed to customers for more bending and better signal.ABBREE antenna connector type is  SMA-Female which is compatible with any radio. But if your Radio is waterproof, then this antenna won’t fit your Radio.

The length of this antenna is 48cm\18.8-inch.So, you won’t feel any problem with the height issue. Carrying this handheld scanner antenna won’t hurt your hand because it is only 120g. This package includes one AR-152A CS Tactical Antenna & two rubber gaskets also.

Key Features

  • Adjustable bending
  • 144/430 MHz Frequency
  • A lightweight antenna
  • Dual Band VHF/UHF
  • SMA-Female connector compatible with any radio

3. Diamond Handheld Scanner Antenna | 144/440 MHz | Length 15”

Diamond is a trustworthy brand for many years. By producing a good quality product, this brand holds its customer for a long time. Diamond Handheld Scanner Antenna would be a great choice for your Radio.

You should consider Diamond RH77CA as a must-have.  With 144/440 MHz frequency, you can pick up so many more signals when compared to the stock antenna. Its BNC connection made it easy to connect when you replace the original.

Diamond RH77CA is a high gain & quality antenna; it receives up to 900 MHz HT antenna.

BNC is male base. This antenna increases the performance of your handheld scanner.

Diamond offers its customers a huge number of facilities which are really appreciable.  If you require a replacement antenna or want to increase your HT’s radiating ability and radius. Plus, these dual-band antennas offer a quality solution for your needs. You can get BNC, SMA, or SMA-female connector sizes to suit your needs.

RH77CA Diamond Antennas massively improve high band transmissions. You will find out many frequencies in your area. Besides, the height of this antenna is 15”, and sometimes it is difficult to balance on a table or car.

Key Features

  • Easy to connect with Radio
  • Height 15” long
  • A High Gain antenna
  • Ensure wireless connectivity

4. TW-999BNC BNC Male Handheld Antenna Scanner | 50-225 MHz

With wonderful features, TW-999BNC handheld scanner antenna amazes the users. It is unthinkable that such an excellent product at an affordable price. If you are on a budget, we suggest you go with the Antenna TW-999BNC brand. It would be the best handheld scanner antenna for middle-class people.

This is a good replacement antenna for a handheld radio scanner or any radio scanner. It could work on 50 to 225 MHz on a transmitter side, but it won’t work on the UHF transceiver. But it will work good on 20 to 1300 MHz on a receiver, or a scanner, or a shortwave receiver.

This is a telescopic antenna, not CB antenna. The maximum power consumed by this antenna is 10W. Well-built telescoping antenna with a BNC connector makes this antenna unique. The length of this antenna is 18.6cm which is appreciable.

The weight of this antenna is only 2.4 ounces. It’s 48″ long extended and is long enough to output a decent signal for a CB portable, especially compared to the worthless rubber antenna that comes with most CB portables.

Key Features

  • Maximum Power 10W
  • Length 18.6cm
  • BNC Male connector
  • Frequency 20-1300MHz
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

5. Ratel Foldable Handheld Antenna Scanner | Dual Band | 18”

Lastly, here comes our fifth best scanner antenna, which is Radtel RHD-771-3. We placed fifth place, and don’t think the quality of this product is lessened than others. It will astonish you with its spectacular appearance.

The tactical antenna is excellent to boost the reception of your radios with more flexing and better signal. This is what Radtel RHD-771-3 is all about. The impedance of this antenna is 50 Ohm.

This radio antenna is fully compatible with most two-way radio products with SMA-connector.It is very easy to carry and allows you to make a threefold and half fold.

The Manufacturer used good quality foldable material to boost your signal reception.

The length of the Radtel RHD-771-3 antenna is 18inch. The long height will help you to get better signal & performance. The frequency used in this antenna is dual-band. This antenna is not too heavy; it is only 80g.

People bought this for its charming look, but they don’t find any hindrance in the Radio’s performance. It is exactly the same as described—excellent addition to the Radio with an amazing increase in reception. Additionally, you can check our review on antenna tuner.

Key Features

  • Frequency dual-band
  • Height 18-inch
  • Foldable antenna for radio
  • VSWR Less than 1.5
  • Easy to carry

Things to Consider Before Buying Handheld Scanner Antenna

Best Handheld Scanner Antenna

In preparation for buying a new handheld scanner antenna, a consumer must be very sensitive on several matters. Some of them we have discussed here.


We usually buy antennas for a long time. So, we don’t know the name of the band, most of the time we don’t try to know them. But when choosing a brand-name, we need to keep in mind that brand reputation and its customer service.

If no service is available from them after purchasing their product, then it is much better to don’t buy such a company product. A customer-friendly brand should be your first priority when you go to buy the best handheld radio antenna. Besides, you can choose some antenna for uniden scanner.


Rust is a common problem for an antenna. Before buying any antenna, please check what material they used in the manufacturing such as any rust-free material like plastic or aluminum. So, it would be better for you.


To install an antenna, our main purpose is to get a clear sound. So, the antenna you may buy makes sure its frequency level is as much as you need. In the above, our five product frequency levels are between 144/440MHz.So, these would be compatible with your Radio.


Buying the antenna for what purpose should be measured first and then makes sure using the product properly. So, the money you invested in buying an antenna becomes beneficial to you.

Antenna Height

Antenna height is an important topic. If you buy any shot antenna, you can carry it anywhere you want. The shorter antenna is portable-friendly. If the antenna height is more than the regular antenna, then you can get a better signal. The higher antenna performs better than a short antenna, but with a longer height, it becomes difficult to carry in some cases.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Should I attach an adapter to the antenna?

If you are installing an FM modulator in your car that doesn’t have any excellent antenna or if you are changing your old car radio, then it would be much better for you to add an adaptor.

2. What should I do to make my antenna the best handheld radio antenna?

To get greater performance, you have to do a simple task, just install a simple amplifier at the base of the antenna. It will help you to get higher level performance.

3. What are the maximum coverage areas?

Basically, it can get signals within 20 to 50 miles from your place.

4. Do the lightweight & heavyweight antenna are the same?

Almost the same. You should pick up a lightweight antenna because it won’t hurt your hand if you hold it too long.

5. How to prevent rusting from the antenna?

There are many brands in the market, some of which do not rust on the antenna. Select a Rust-free material antenna for your car. So, you become tension-free from rust.

6. Can my radio antenna be folded?

It depends. Some companies have folded features. Folded features help you carry your antenna anywhere.

7. Does it possible to bend my new handheld antenna?

Isn’t it awesome to bend a handheld antenna according to one’s own needs? ABBREE offers such amazing antennas which you can bend as you need.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we tried our level best to inform you what is the best & unique quality in these selected antenna brands. If you read the whole article, it may be helpful for you. You are not going to buy a handheld scanner antenna for your home every year.

So, make the proper investment. If you are able to buy the best handheld scanner antenna, it will serve you for many years. So, investing in such a thing don’t be heisted. To save your money, don’t buy any cheap quality antenna.

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