Top 5 Best Hinge Release – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Intimidation of releasing bow would be a major fact for novice hunters. And for some veteran archers, maintaining consistency is somewhat challenging. In both cases, you just need a simple gear to get a perfect shooting that is bow release.

Whether you are a veteran or beginner, most of the accuracy of archery depends on releasing the bow. And to get the same level of accuracy, which can give you a better release than hinge release?

However, if you are in a rush, and finding the hinge releases for compound bows, then check out our hunting expert list of the five best hinge release.

Keep reading to get your most suitable hinge releases for bows.

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Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Compound Bow
Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Compound Bow

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Scott Archery Ascent Micro Hinge Release | Size Available
Scott Archery Ascent Micro Hinge Release | Size Available

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Zer one Archery Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Thumb Caliper
Zer one Archery Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Thumb Caliper

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Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Junior Archery Release
Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Junior Archery Release

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Zer one Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Aluminum Alloy | Black
Zer one Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Aluminum Alloy | Black

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Best Hinge Release Reviews

To make your buying choice easy, we have designed this reviews section with full specifications of these top-notch hinge/back tension release. Indeed, it will help to concise your list of the best compound bow releases. Let’s jump into the reviews.

1. Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Compound Bow

A professional hunter or archer is always looking for a reliable bow release. To give you the best experience in your every shooting, we are going to kick off our list with such a premium hinge releases for bows. Let’s check it out.

To ensure the product quality, what things come first? Brand reliability, isn’t’ it? Yes, Tru-Fire is a dominating brand in the archery field. Their product quality and performance never let you down.

Moreover, if the brand is from America, then what would happen? Yes, this hinge release is manufactured in the USA.

The Tru-Fire ensured a brass handle with smooth finishing. Plus, it comes with a black nickel finish.

As a result, you will have a long-lasting performance. Plus, these smooth surfaces of the release make you feel better in your every shot. So, you will enjoy it a lot.

The good thing about the release is its four fingers extension which can be swept to 45°. And the three-position thumb post keeps your finger in place with great comfort.

Another fascinating feature of this hinge release is its four-sided sear. Interestingly, these four 4-side sears can easily rotate by one of four click options which are long, medium, short, and no click.

Key Features

  • The used premium construction method
  • It comes with a black nickel finish
  • Provides versatile options
  • It offers five multiple colors

2. Scott Archery Ascent Micro Hinge Release | Size Available

Those who are enthusiastic archers, they can’t ever compromise the quality of the hinge release. If you are one of them and searching for the best back tension release for hunting or archery, you are good to go with this one.

Being reliant on a brand is essential while buying sporting gear because most of the performance of archery depends on this release. In that case, you no need to worry much if you choose this one for your next hunting.

To know more about the quality of the release, let’s take a look at the construction.

Scott Archery used machined components to construct the release. As a result, the hinge release comes in a smooth finishing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional archer; you will feel the same level of comfort while shooting. Due to its machined finishing, the outer steel surface feels so comfortable to release like carter honey release.

To make sure the release is a more accurate, Scott Archery has designed the release with patent-pending dual sear locking. As a result, you will not have any unexpected misfiring at all.

The Scott Archery hinge release includes micro-adjustable travel and a micro-adjustable click distance. That’s how you can have a better placement or adjustment of your fingers. Besides, the thumb peg ensures better drawing assistance.

Key Features

  • Different sizes are available
  • It comes with a dual sear locking design
  • Use thumb peg for assisting drawing
  • Includes micro-adjustable travel and click distance

3. Zer one Archery Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Thumb Caliper

Do you want to improve your aim rate? Then you need a more stable release to get your expected target. In this case, you can rely on these back tension release, which will impress you on every shooting.

To make sure of the long-lasting use, Zer one-the manufacturer, has used the premium aluminum alloy for this release. That’s how you will never experience any breaking while shooting or hunting. Besides, the body material never corrodes.

This archery release has been designed especially for beginners and veterans.

It comes with three-finger release aid grips to provide shooting stability. So, you can choose it for the young archer too.

Another interesting thing about the release is its thumb triggering. It comes in an adjustable design, which increases the sensitivity of shooting. It means you will rarely experience a misfire while shooting.

The modification of the release is quite awesome. You can easily modify or operate this hinge release regardless of your palm size.

Zer One hinge release is perfect for all compound bows.  It will not impact your performance if you use it for a compound hunting bow or green hands of archery. You will enjoy the same level of performance.

Key Features

  • Enhance the aim rate
  • Prevents breaking or corrosion
  • Easy to modify or operate according to hand’s size
  • Perfect for hunting or archery compound bow

4. Tru-Fire Sear Hinge Release | Hand-Held | Junior Archery Release

If you are searching for the best hinge release for beginner/youth, you are at the right place. Out of 5 releases for compound bows, we are introducing a junior compound hinge release which has been specially designed for the youth.

While manufacturing, Tru-Fire was constructed with heavy brass materials. And the entire body shape and the overall design come from automated machined. That’s why it comes in great perfection.

The ergonomic handle of the release makes you feel comfortable during every shooting. The overall size of the release is 20% less than the standard sear.

That means you can undoubtedly pick this hinge release for your junior.

Due to its versatile adjustable option, it gained popularity among hunters and archers like tru ball hinge release. It comes with 3 adjustable thumb pegs and a four-sided sear that has multiple click options. So, you can rotate by simply clicking.

If you don’t like this blue color hinge release, you have an option to choose different colors. It has 5 different colors available on the manufacturer’s websites.

Let’s come to the price. At a reasonable price, you can buy this hinge for hunting. After evaluating its quality, functions, and price, you will surely buy it for youth.

Key Features

  • Construct with heavy brass materials
  • The ergonomic design is perfect for juniors
  • Multiple clicking options with 4-sided sear
  • Magnetic hook keeps the release close
  • Available in 5 different colors

5. Zer one Hinge Release | 3 Finger Grip | Aluminum Alloy | Black

If budget is your first consideration while choosing a hinge release, then hold on a sec. We have found a searching ending hinge release within an affordable price range. Let’s take a look at it.

Due to the product quality and performance, we have again chosen the Zer one releases for compound bows. The manufacturer constructed the release with aluminum materials. The durability and stability of the release are now out of the question.

Due to its quality materials, you will never experience any breaking in case of floor dropping.

Besides, it provides you best resistance in terms of rust and corrosion.

Most of the hunter love the back tension release due to its lightweight. Besides, the portable design makes it easy to carry. So, if you are on the way to hunting, just go with this and get your target.

Though it is specially engineered for compound bows, that does not mean you can’t use it for other bows. It would be perfectly fine if you use it for green hands of archery.

If you are in a competition, you will never bother by using the hinge releases for bows. The ergonomic design and comfortable finger grip make it easier to operate.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality aluminum materials
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • It helps triggering bow and protect fingers
  • The ergonomic design makes it more comfortable for long use

Things to Consider Before Buying Hinge Release

Best Hinge Release

Some archery gear will determine the total performance of the shooting, and one of them is hinge release. That’s why we should be careful about some factors of release while buying.

In this section, we have designed a buying guide to make your decision easy and help to get the best back tension release for hunting. Don’t forget to check the gaiters for hunting reviews.

Construction Materials

If the hinge release is made out of quality materials, you can use the release for a long time. And the quality of the release depends on its construction materials. In this case, you can go with an aluminum-based release that can give you a long lifespan.

Besides aluminum, some other material-based release provide longevity. So, you can go with a hinge that has made out of high-quality materials. Check out the most essential Review for archery release for hunting.

Ergonomic design

Design and shape are the most important aspect of the hinge/ back tension release. If the release comes in an ergonomic design, you will never feel the strain on your fingers. Plus, it will ensure your shooting aim rating too.

If you are choosing a hinge for a competition or practice math, then your first priority should be on the design because it will determine the maximum comforts for the shooter.

Rotation Option

To get a versatile option on a hinge release, you need to check its rotating option. Some hinge release comes with 4-sided sear with various options such as short, long, medium and no click. With a single click, you can easily rotate the position.

Most professional archers need these multiple options. So, if you need such pro features in a hinge release, you can’t miss such functions.


Multiple resistance is an expected feature for the hinge release. Some of the manufacturers don’t provide much resistance to rust and corrosion. If you choose such releases for bows, you will end up with a frustrated hinge release. And it won’t be worth for long run use.

That’s why you should choose only those hinge/ back tension release which provides maximum resistance to corrosion and rust.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these hinge releases for recurve bow?


We are not recommending using these hinge releases for recurve bow. So, you should only use these hinge releases for compound bows.

2. Does the hinge release perfect for youth archers?

Archer needs some mastery over using the hinge release. Otherwise, it is not sure to get a better shot. However, there are some hinge releases that are specially designed for the youth. In that case, you can choose the junior hinge releases for bows.

3. Are these releases perfect for long shooting practices?

Yes, of course.

Hinge/ back tension release has mainly designed for professional shooters. That’s why it comes with smooth and comfortable surfaces. So, it will never strain your finger or palm even after long shooting.

4. Has it any impact on my finger?

No, Thank God!

Most of the manufacturers follow the ergonomic structure while manufacturing the hinge release. As a result, you will never feel discomfort while shooting.

5. What is the best hinge release for hunting?

There are a lot of releases for compound bows available in the market. To find the best back tension release for hunting, you need to consider some factors such as ergonomic design, triggering option, finger placement, and lastly, the price. If you go through this way, you will find the best one.

Final Words

A perfect hinge release makes sure better accuracy and enhances the aim rating. And an archer can’t go with an ordinary release if he/she desire a good shot. That’s why there is no alternative to pick the best hinge release.

Happy Hunting!