Best HTPC Remote – Top 5 Models Reviewed by an Expert

There have many controllers that can control your HTPC. You can buy a keyboard and mouse separately. But it is not comfortable to use these big keyboards and mouse during you are on bad or far from your device. So, you need a Wireless Keyboard & Air Mouse in a small item.

An HTPC remote is reliable that means it comes with a compact size and combo pack of touchpad and keyboard. Generally, up to 10 meters of distance can cover by the remote by a 2.4GHz connection. It has many features that vary with different products.

Finding the best HTPC remote is a little tough. But don’t worry! Our expert team spent a huge time researching the best remotes. The result is in the following list.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Wechip W1 2.4G Htpc Remote | Strong Compatibility | 4 Axis Motion
Wechip W1 2.4G Htpc Remote | Strong Compatibility | 4 Axis Motion

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Inteset 4-In-1 Htpc Remote | 5.6 Ounces | 2 AA Batteries
Inteset 4-In-1 Htpc Remote | 5.6 Ounces | 2 AA Batteries

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MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Htpc Remote | 6 Axis Motion | LED Backlight
MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Htpc Remote | 6 Axis Motion | LED Backlight

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Rii MX3 Multifunction Htpc Remote | 81 Keys | Two Triple-A Batteries
Rii MX3 Multifunction Htpc Remote | 81 Keys | Two Triple-A Batteries

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Favormates Mini Htpc Remote | Six Axle Sensor | Seven Colour of Backlight
Favormates Mini Htpc Remote | Six Axle Sensor | Seven Colour of Backlight

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Best HTPC Remote Reviews

In this part, we are exhibiting the total ins and outs of remote control for pc. After reading the article, you will find your desire product by matching features according to your choice.

1. Wechip W1 2.4G Htpc Remote | Strong Compatibility | 4 Axis Motion

It will be really exciting if a remote can use for multiple devices, won’t it? If you are in search of something like that, then go forward. WeChip multifunctional remote can be used for PS4, projector, pc, laptop, smart TV, Android TV box, HTPC, etc.

The WeChip W1 Remote is two-sided. One is with a standard remote button, and another side is a keyboard.

This feature makes it beautiful and allows doing the job of a mouse, keyboard, remote control, and game handle simultaneously.

This remote and mini wireless keyboard has a small but powerful 2.4 GHz air dongle.  It covers almost ten meters/ 394 inches. It has a built-in lithium battery. It has an LED status indicator so you can know how the battery is doing. It has adjustable air mouth speed.

It features auto sleep and auto start opportunity. This thing must save the power of the battery. If you do not tap any key for 15 seconds, the remote will get slept and save power. If you press any of the switches of the battery, it will wake up again and start working as usual.

Key Features

  • Powerful 2.4GHz dongle
  • Cover almost ten meters/ 394 inch.
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Adjustable air mouth speed
  • Auto sleep and autostart

2. Inteset 4-In-1 Htpc Remote | 5.6 Ounces | 2 AA Batteries

If you are searching for the best universal remote with mouse and lost much of your time to find out the best one, then time to stop scrolling. Inteset 4-in-1 universal backlit IR learning remote is the best one of the universal remote we pick.

Though it is heavier (almost 5.6 ounces) than most of the rest universal remotes, the curved base rests suitably in anyone’s palm. It takes two AA batteries. They are included in the packaging stickers. Stickers are also included to help you personalize the remote button to denote what they sink.

This Internet is simultaneously connected with four devices easily and quickly at a time. Thought some other universal remote could connect more device that Inteset but the easy setup and intuitive design on this remote its standout for the average home entertainment.

This has a macro button; you can program to perform more than one function at a time. With these micro buttons, for example, you can turn on your TV, your DVD player, and the movie will be going slowly with the push of one button. It is really impressive for such a low price remote.

Key Features

  • Almost 5.6 ounces
  • Two AA batteries included
  • Four devices can connect at a time
  • It has a macro button
  • Cheap price remote

3. MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Htpc Remote | 6 Axis Motion | LED Backlight

MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Htpc Remote is a pretty smooth and stylish remote. It has strong compatibility. Almost support all the devices that you can be used with HTPC air remote. It supports HTPC, PCTV, Android Smart TV/ TV Box, PC, Mini PC, Tablet, Game player, etc.

It has a light-reflective plastic cote on the top part. On the back, it has a keyboard that is rubberized and has a flat black finish on the plastic.

The flat finish and rubberized keyboard make it comfortable. LED backlight allows you to use it in the dark.

There is a little manual that tells you the different functions of the keys and all the instructions. You have to follow the instruction during the time of use.

It has five IR programmable keys. It gives you the benefit of controlling some function of the TV. Remember, a universal remote is for many devices, so it has some extra keys for working different functions for different devices. Do not be confused.

Key Features

  • Has a strong compatibility
  • Flat finish and rubberized keyboard
  • Have LED backlight feature
  • Include a little instruction manual

4. Rii MX3 Multifunction Htpc Remote | 81 Keys | Two Triple-A Batteries

Rii MX3 Multifunction Remote is basically a remote control with a keyboard function but also has an air mouse feature which makes it the best. The Air mouse is motion sensing. It uses a 2.4G wireless radio frequency technology.

It has a comfort zone sensor and comes with a micro-USB dongle, so you plug it into whatever peripheral. This best HTPC remote has a USB port in it.

It takes two AAA batteries. Batteries are located on the right side of the keyboard.

Being super light at almost 60 grams, it is easily portable and can be used while traveling, school, or any other environment where you want to add a wireless keyboard and air mouse support. This device can be used for android, windows, mac operating system, and Linux.

This mouse consists of 81 keys and a laser air mouse. It allows you to move a cursor around the screen and point and select icons and items with a simple hand gesture and movement at various angles up to a distance of 33 feet away.

Key Features

  • 4G wireless radio frequency
  • Takes two triple-A batteries
  • Weight is almost 60 grams
  • Consisting of 81 keys
  • Works up to a distance of total 33 feet away

5. Favormates Mini Htpc Remote | Six Axle Sensor | Seven Colour of Backlight

What will happen if you can do multiple functions with just one device? Sounds good, right? If you have a Favormates mini HTPC Remote, you can cover four functions simultaneously. This remote included a 2.4G mini keyboard, touchpad backlit, six-axis mouse, and remote infrared function.

This universal remote comes with a mouse that is very convenient to use. It features a six-axle sensor along with 360 degrees of vertical and horizontal sensing and visualization. It is suitable for multi-tasking like different official work as presentation, giving the lecture, etc. The compact design makes it easily portable.

It is drive by a long-lasting and powerful lithium battery. It can charge fully within just 4 hours. You can use the remote a few weeks after a full charge. This remote feature seven colors (yellow, blue, red, green, cyan, purple, white) of the backlight. It ensures the use of the remote at night or dark times.

Favormates Htpc remote works maximum distance of 10 meters between device and remote. It also gives you the benefit of a warranty. It gives an eighteen-month warranty money-back advantage. If anyhow face any problem, you can change it easily.

Key Features

  • Do 4 function simultaneously
  • Six axles inertial sensor
  • Lithium battery is the power source
  • Seven colors of the backlight
  • 10-meter transmission distance
  • Benefits of warranty

Things to Consider Before Buying HTPC Remote

Best HTPC Remote

A very crucial thing that you have to do before buying is to consider some factors that actually represent the product whether it is for you or not. If you don’t focus on those factors, you wouldn’t probably be able to buy the HTPC remote you want.

It probably wastes your valuable time in spending to know which things you require to consider. So, in the following list, we narrow down those points. The following factors included here are very important to choose the best android tv box remote. Let’s check it out. Make sure you also check our guide for third party gamecube controller.

The Range of Operation

In general, most of the best remote works up to 30 feet or 10 meters distance. It is a great range because it is enough and doesn’t need to be expensive to purchase this. A remote with a higher range obviously need more cost.

In this article, we reviewed the best five PC media remote control. If you read carefully, most probably you notice about all the remote have a distance of 10 meters. It is actually standard for your daily use. So, we recommend buying one which has a minimum range of 10-meter. You may also like some of the motherboard for ryzen 3 3200g from our list.


Probably it is the most crucial thing you have to consider. Some of the remote have strong compatibility, and some have less. A strong compatible remote can support windows, android, Linux, Mac, projector, smart tv, mini-PC, Notebook, HTPC, PCTV, Game Player, Pad, Tablet, etc.

So, before purchase, check the remote’s compatibility and make sure that it supports those devices which you want to operate by the remote. The best remote must have strong compatibility. So, do not be fret!


Finding a quality product indeed needs some extra cost. But it is never acceptable if you purchase any quality less product by compromising your budget. Try to make a budget for a quality product and make sure your quality product by some research about desire product.

Additional Features

We all have different choices and different comfort in everything, like some of you like advanced technology and new features but other like the simple design and simple technology.  So, make a defined vision about your requirements that will make your purchase straightforward.


Inconvenience is a simple thing of any electronic device. So before purchase any electronic device, you have to focus on its warranty. The best quality remote obviously has a warranty. It should mention in the description of the remote. Do not forget to check it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is the keyboard of these HTPC remotes is convenient to type anything?

Yeah! It is easy and convenient to type on these remote by using thumbs. But it is better to use the main keyboard when you need to type a large and when you need to search anything little or need to type little, then you can use the keyboard.

2. How can I set up and use an HTPC remote?

Set up and using an HTPC remote is simple, and even set up can finish within one minute. You just need to connect the micro-USB dongle with your wanted device. Then turn on your remote and connect it with that device and use it as your wish.

3. If I lost the micro-USB dongle. What I have to do, or is there any chance to recover from the issue?

No, there is no solution to this issue as you know that the USB port is only the way to connect with devices, and it is not possible to get another USB dongle for your remote. So, you have to buy another one.

4. How to on or off the remote?

There has a switch in every remote, which is generally situated top left side of any remote.

5. Can this HTPC remote control pass its signal through any wall?

Yes, It can. This type of remote connection with a USB dongle that type of connection can pass its signal through any wall.

Final Words

This kind of product makes our life easy and cozy. The quality product needs extra cost, but try not to compromise the quality of the product. Wish this article will help you in your path of selecting the best HTPC remote for you.

Control according to your choice!