Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk – Recommendations for 2023

Just like the rifle, the combination of your bow with a fitted arrow will set the seal on a great hunting experience. Just because an arrow worked great for your friend, it will certainly not meet up your requirements.

Not every arrow will match your arrow. Extensive research and experience go behind coordinating these two tools. Hence, be adequately informed before making a purchase.

However, choosing the best mechanical broadhead for elk from a wide variety can get a bit exhausting. It isn’t easy to find a particular tool that suffices all your requirements. Nevertheless, we tried to curate the best options for you to avail.

This selection of premium iron will broadheads will guarantee an excellent hunting event.

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NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ 2 Step Deployment
NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ 2 Step Deployment

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RAGE SC Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Shock Collar Technology
RAGE SC Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Shock Collar Technology

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BLOODSPORT Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Hybrid
BLOODSPORT Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Hybrid

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Ramcat Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Accurate Perforation
Ramcat Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Accurate Perforation

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Ravin R101 Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Durable
Ravin R101 Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Durable

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Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk Reviews

The detailed specification will help you to pick one mechanical broadhead. All in all, look for a broadhead with a high level of accuracy and more flight time.

Let’s get them!

1. NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ 2 Step Deployment

If you are new to the world of hunting, you can have a kickstart with NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead.

Three razor-sharp blades are operated in this broadhead. These blades together give an impressive cutting ability. The consistent performance makes it more reliable than any other broadhead.

No matter how close or far you cast your arrow, the blades of Spitfire will open up only with contact to impact.

The NAP iron will broadheads deploys in two steps.

The front deployment enters with a cutting diameter of 1 7/8 inches, whereas the rare deployment’s cutting diameter has an impression of 1 1/18 inches.

Not being affected by the landing angle, this mechanical broadhead can cut the vertical and horizontal. As a result, the entrance and exit will be more profound and a clear blood trail.

The sharp tip penetrates through the bone and makes a perfect impression. Thus, there are no issues of arrow dropping, even on odd angle shots. Moreover, the needle-like tip will not cause any damage to the flesh while passing.

NAP spitfire quality is so up that even the most particular hunter will have no complaint using it.

Key Features

  • Three sharp blades
  • 2 stage deployment
  • Can land both horizontally and vertically

2. RAGE SC Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Shock Collar Technology

The RAGE team worked to compile the traits of their well-liked original Rage 3-Blade, Chisel Crossbow, and the Chisel SC. So, they took out the features and brushed up other facets in making the RAGE SC mechanical broadhead.

Most of the hunters consider RAGE as the most reliable brand for broadheads. And we don’t disagree.

In this model, the broadheads have a higher efficiency tip with improved “Shock Collar” technology. This technology helps the arrow to pass even through the bones and has a more significant damage impact.

The three .035″ blades have a cutting diameter of 1.6″. This stainless-steel saber stays in the place of contact. Hence, there is no scope for damage to the meat.

To increase the penetration, manufacturers used swept-back blades in these rage broadheads. The tool strikes deeply into bones with the help of these redesigned blades. These features make RAGE SC an ideal mechanical broadhead for elk.

The 100 grain chisels are available to pick from anywhere. Their red anodized Aluminum bars are easy to distinguish.

Key Features

  • Can penetrate through the bone
  • Does not move from the place of contact
  • 6″ cutting diameter
  • Available in 100 grain chisels

3. BLOODSPORT Mechanical Broadhead for Elk │ Hybrid

Those looking for a broadhead that cuts on contact and maximizes wound channels can choose Bloodsport Grave Digger.

Grave Digger broadheads are hybrid types. That means you get the combined benefits of fixed and mechanical blades. You get the best from both sides while using this broadhead.

With 1.75 inches curved blade and an inch of cutting diameter, these blades create massive gash and extreme blood loss. There is no need to attach rubber bands or O-rings to prevent premature landing.

The blades are positioned on a Crisscross pattern. There is a screw beneath the blades, which is also the central pivot point. If necessary, you can use the screw to adjust the blades.

Unlike mechanical broadheads, Gold Digger has a pointed tip. So, a better penetration is ensured. Using these blades will help you to prevent “jack knifing” as well.  Although it penetrates deep into the game, you will not need to throw away the injured flesh.

The flight time of these blades is satisfactory as well. Whether you throw them within 25 yards or 80 yards, the accuracy level will be just the same.

Key Features

  • Fixed blades
  • Hybrid of mechanical and fixed blade
  • Adjustable blades
  • Sharp tip

4. Ramcat Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Accurate Perforation

Ramcat is known for its accuracy in penetration. The Cage Ripper variant is no exception. Moreover, it has some improved technology for precise penetration.

The creators of the model have used Concave-Scoop Technology, a patented pattern by Ramcat in this model. This motif guarantees precise perforation without a miss. You can hardly find any other best mechanical broadhead for elk, deer, and turkey.

These blades undergo three steps before deploying on the target. The piston driven broadhead uses a spring method to complete the action.

Another intriguing feature is the noise proof flight. These oil resistant aces remain stealth all through the fly time.

Additionally, the spring piston has something more to offer. As soon as it touches the point of impact, the fixed blade broadhead makes a deep cut does not move any further. Getting a compound bow will complete your setup.

Posi-Lock Plunger facet keeps the saber open even after landing. Thus, the blades remain open ad immobile. Due to the fixed position, the blades get 2 inches cutting diameter. Next, you can easily catch the game following its blood trail.

Key Features

  • Precise perforation
  • Piston mechanism
  • 3 step deployment
  • Flies quietly
  • Fixed blade broadhead

5. Ravin R101 Mechanical Broadheads for Elk │ Durable

Last year, Ravin launched a brand new mechanical broadhead, and it has already shown impressive performance in hunting deer and elk.

Like all other iron will broadheads, Ravin R101 is designed to ensure utmost perforation. The piercing controls the overall procedure of hunting. The 416 rust-proof steel ensures precision and longevity at the same time.

Approved and tested for up to 450 FPS, these sharp broadheads are sure to give you a fast-hunting experience. This model uses 100 grain along with a solo ferrule and a spring clip inside.

As a result, the O-rings and lock rings get eliminated, and the structure gets simplified. The blades make a two inch deep cut upon throw. This throwing undoubtedly will help beginners to improve their hunting skills.

The flight time of Ravin R101 is pretty impressive as well. The blades open almost instantly on contact. So, there are zero chances of missing the target.

These broadheads come in a pack of three. You can find them in three different variants- Aluminum, Titanium, and stainless steel. Considering the quality, the cost of these broadheads is pretty economical.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Can traverse up to 450 feet per second
  • No lock or O rings
  • Instant opening
  • Beginner friendly

Things to Consider Before Buying Mechanical Broadhead for Elk

Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk

It is not wise to make an impulsive purchase of mechanical broadhead for elk. Analyzing the available products based on their quality and cost is an absolute necessity.

With a wide range of options at hand, it can get a bit difficult to choose the best-suited broadhead for you. Nevertheless, looking for some essential criteria will help you to choose good iron will broadheads. You may also be interested in some of the archery release for hunting from our list.


It is not enough to check the sharpness of the blade. You also have to take care of the tip. If the tip is not sharp enough, there is no point getting that broadhead.

While looking into the broadhead’s sharpness, you might have come across the terms razor like and knife sharp. This shows the impact of sharpness and the capability of edge maintenance.

As the elks have thick and tough skin, the broadhead must be sharp enough to penetrate through the skin. Try to get the edges sharped after a given interval. Don’t forget to check the hinge release reviews.

Number of Blades

The number of blades has a remarkable impact on the accuracy of iron will broadheads. Let’s have an overview of the functions of different blade numbers.

A two-bladed broadhead is more likely to have less resistance. It will penetrate the game very quickly. With an additional blade, the three blade models will have a wider cutting surface. And blades more than this will get more open when the prey is running.

As a result, you will get a evident blood trail, and it will be easier to catch the prey.


Rear-deploying and flip-open are the two mechanism models for the projectile. You can pick either as your call.

The blades of the rear deploying model will slice the flesh and slide back to its original position. On the other hand, the blades in the open flip model open up before penetrating and face a fall on the kinetic energy.

Angle of cut

Although most projectiles have their blades placed at a 90▫ angle, we will refrain you from buying those broadheads. These broadheads will not slice, rather chop the flesh. Nobody wants that.

Instead, go for a broadhead with less than 45▫ angle difference. The minimum angle will reduce the friction, and the cut will be sharp as a razor.


Metal is another strand that you need to consider before buying a mechanical broadhead for elk. Stainless steel, Aluminum, and Titanium are usually used to make broadheads.

For beginners, aluminum blades are more suitable for their lightness. Others can have a choice between stainless steel and Titanium. If you want to invest in a durable projectile, we will suggest you get the ones made with Titanium.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use mechanical broadheads in my crossbow?

One fantastic fact about the crossbow is it can operate with both fixed blade and mechanical broadheads. You can use mechanical broadheads in your crossbow. Just make sure that your broadhead is modeled for a crossbow.

2. What is a hybrid broadhead?

Hybrid broadheads are a blend of the features of fixed blade broadhead and mechanical broadhead. In other words, you get all the goods that these two blades have to offer with a hybrid broadhead.

3. Which tip is preferable for broadheads?

Most of the iron will broadheads have a rounded tip. But we prefer the sharp tipped ones as there is less possibility of the arrow bouncing back.

4. What is the basic difference between a mechanical and a fixed blade broadhead?

Fixed blade broadhead is the immobile variant. The blades of these broadheads do not change over time. On the contrary, blades remain close in mechanical broadheads. But as soon as it comes in contact with a surface, the blades open up.

5. Where can I use mechanical broadheads?

You can use the best mechanical broadhead for elk hunting and other games if allowed in your country or state. Many governments don’t allow the usage of mechanical broadheads for big games.

Final Word

The best mechanical broadhead for elk will not perform well if you don’t know the proper way of using it. You need to take your own sweet time and practice a lot.

Nevertheless, consider factors like the blade’s sharpness, kinetic energy retention, and the broadhead’s weight before buying one. This way, you will ensure quality and utility. At the same time, you will not waste money on tools that are not useful for you.