Top 5 Best MTG Playmats – The Smarter Choice for You

Imagine! You are at the climax of Magic: The Gathering game, suddenly the card gets stuck to the table while you are pulling and break down the card completely. How frustrating, right?

Such happening is natural if you are playing the MTG without a playmat. A Mtg playmat not only prevents you from such frustration but also protects your cards from wearing.

There are some other benefits of using the mtg playmats. For examples, the best mtg playmats can make your gaming experience smoother and comfortable. Plus, the aesthetics and looks of the mat make the game more engaging.

To give you a better gaming experience, we have narrowed the playmat list with five top-notch mats.

Without further ado let’s explore the list.

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Paramint Dark Lotus | MTG Playmats | YuGiOh, Pokemon, TCG
Paramint Dark Lotus | MTG Playmats | YuGiOh, Pokemon, TCG

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Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - The Orphanguard MTG Playmats
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - The Orphanguard MTG Playmats

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Paramint Mana Blast | MTG Playmat for Competitive Matches
Paramint Mana Blast | MTG Playmat for Competitive Matches

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Ultra Pro Celestial Island MTG Playmats | Official Artworks
Ultra Pro Celestial Island MTG Playmats | Official Artworks

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M21 Llanowar Visionary MTG Playmats | Official Artworks
M21 Llanowar Visionary MTG Playmats | Official Artworks

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Best MTG Playmats Reviews

In this section, we are going to make your buying decision easy by putting down all specifications and detailed reviews of these selected playmats. Let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Paramint Dark Lotus | MTG Playmats | YuGiOh, Pokemon, TCG

Do you want to immerse yourself in a fantasy world while playing Mtg? Paramint art makes yourself more engaged by its best mtg playmat art works.

While we use the mat, one thing we notice is its durable design. Paramint has carefully manufactured this mat and ensured the anti-fray edges. That’s why we haven’t found wear and tear yet even after using it for a couple of months.

The most noticeable thing about the mat is its aesthetic look. Even we get mesmerized during the gaming.

So, I can definitely say that your children or anybody can enjoy the match with such a striking background as compared to the ultimate guard playmat.

Out of the five mat on the list, the length of this is a bit greater than others. The overall dimension of the mat is 14 x 24 x 0.1 inches and the weight is 10.4 ounces.

Most Liking Features

After using the mat you will also admit that the construction is the most attractive feature of this mat. We never face any slippery or instability while playing. Thanks to its polyester top and non-slip rubber backing.

Probable Drawbacks

It gets stuck too tightly to the ground, so, sometimes it is difficult to slide around.

Key Features

  • Magnify the atmosphere by its artworks
  • Made of polyester and non-slip rubber bottom
  • Prevent wear and tear due to anti-fray edge
  • Responsive customer services

2. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths – The Orphanguard MTG Playmats

Who doesn’t like the theme of the Behemoths in their playmats? If you like the lair of wild and ferocious Behemoths art works, definitely this playmat will surely impress you.

Ultra Pro brought this playmat for you with the officially granted featuring artwork from Ikoria. That’s why you will get the unique design on the mat and it also positively  impacts your gaming environment.

We can see that this playing mat is quite compatible to use the mouse. Mat’s top surface makes sure a smooth cursor movement. So, it would be advantageous to using the same mat as a mouse pad.

Once after settling down the mat, we have seen that it never slides during the game. It happens due to the rubber backing of the mat. So, it can prevent unnecessary slipping of the tile floor.

Most Liking Features

The top fabric of the mat was most attractive to use. While drawing cards, you will feel a soft surface, which also prevents the card from breaking. Besides enhancing gaming excitement, it also enhances the card lifespan.

Probable Drawbacks

The overall theme color is a little dark.  So, it turns a bit darker in the low light.

Key Features

  • Featured by official artwork from Ikoria
  • Ensure smooth move and prevent card damage
  • Perfect for using as a mouse pad
  • Rubber backing prevents unnecessary moving

3. Paramint Mana Blast | MTG Playmat for Competitive Matches

While arranging a competitive match, you need that kind of mat so that it can enhance the atmosphere of gaming, right? Yes, this is the same kind of play mats with elaborate artworks compared to the custom playmats.

Besides artwork, one thing we notice about the mat is its walkability. The mat is as plain as you can walk upon. And the thickness of the mat is just 2mm so walking upon the mat wouldn’t be an issue.

While playing with kids, sometimes they unconsciously try to displace the mat.

However, it is clear that the mat will be in the right place after setting it once. This became possible due to its durable rubber backing.

From its design to quality, Paramint mat would be a good competitor with any other mat in the markets. Plus, the offering price is also an attractive issue for this mat.

Most Liking Features

What we really admire about the mat is its top precision. Paramint has manufactured the mat with exact calculating precision. Thanks to its polyester top as well that ensures extra smoothness and keeps the deck in place.

Probable Drawbacks

This mat will not be perfect for a large table as its dimension is 14 inches by 24 inches.

Key Features

  • Arresting artworks will enhance your gaming experience
  • Ensure calculative precision for controlling deck
  • Polyester top of the mat make sure smooth playing
  • Durable design and reasonable price set it apart from competitors

4. Ultra Pro Celestial Island MTG Playmats | Official Artworks

Haven‘t found yet your desired playing mat? Then check out another best mtg playmats from the official manufacturer. Needless to say that it will be another arresting playmat.

Playing on a fictional theme island mat will be encouraging to the adult and the youth. If you are expecting such a fantastic card play ground for your Magic, then you can undoubtedly go with this one.

We have experience that once you put the mat on the floor or on the table, it will tightly stick to the ground.

Because the mat has a non-slip rubber backing that insists the mat to stick to the ground. As a result, we can assume that unnecessary moving is impossible now.

The overall dimension and the weight of this mtg playing mat is standard, which is similar to the other four mats on our list except the first one.

Most Liking Features

Comfortability is the main fact that we love most. To give you such experience, the Ultra Pro playmat ensures a premium fabric top on the mat. Now you can smoothly slide around the card without breaking.

Probable Drawbacks

In the dark or low light environment the mat color would be an issue.

Key Features

  • This is an official ultra pro playmat
  • Ensure comfort playing due to its top febric
  • Non-slip rubber backing prevents shifting
  • Ultra Pro playmat comes in a standard size

5. M21 Llanowar Visionary MTG Playmats | Official Artworks

Ultra Pro- the manufacturer is highly professional in making mtg playmat. After seeing the intricate detailed and vibrant artwork on their playing mat, you will understand why they are in the list.

Ultra Pro has specially designed this mat based on the Llanowar theme. They have made sure the official artwork with a little bit of fancifulness. Indeed, it will surely magnify the gaming experiencer.

After testing the mat, the first thing we must appreciate is its fabric and rubber quality. It comes with a premium fabric top to make your game more comfortable.

Besides, it will also ensure the smooth sliding of the cards.

The rubber backing is the most cool featuring of the mat like other mats on our list. We can see that the gripping ability of the mat sets it apart from its near competitors. It means you will not face any movement after setting up the mat.

Most Liking Features

Ultra Pro playmat offers a multi purpose use of the mat. Besides playing multiple card games, you can use it for other purposes such as mouse pad or putting your laptop on to prevent unnecessary movement.

Probable Drawbacks

As an official producer we have found nothing wrong. However, the mat dimension is not for the larger table.

Key Features

  • Comes with official artwork
  • Premium fabric top ensure smooth movement
  • Multipurpose use such as mouse pad
  • Rubber backing prevents unnecessary shifting

Things to Consider Before Buying MTG Playmats

Best MTG Playmats

Whether you are going to play MTG, TCG or other kinds of card games, you must consider some significant issues of the mat before buying. A simple analysis can make a big difference in your gaming experience.

That’s why we have designed this section to let you know which things should be looked at before selecting the best mtg playing mat. Let’s jump on this section. You may also like some of the trapper keeper from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Art Works

As you are choosing a playing mat to enhance the gaming enjoyment, then how can you skip the overall artwork of the mat. After checking the quality, the artwork is the heart of mtg playmat.

While testing, we have noticed that different artworks have different impacts on the player’s mind.  Plus, it can enhance the gaming environment. Moreover, the youth players are mostly influenced by the great artworks of the mtg playmats. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the pack frames for hunting.

Anti-fray Edge

We have seen that most of the playing mat wear and tear soon due to lack of edge protection. In fact, this is the most essential feature that mtg playmats should have.

As you can see that most of the gaming mouse pads are also using this stitching technology to prevent fraying. Basically, a stitch always tends to fray without anti-fray stitching.

That’s why if you want a mtg playmat for long time use, then you must choose a mat which prevents fraying.

Top Fabric

If you go with a playing mat without checking the top fabrics, then what is the point of having such a mat? There are issues that are related to top fabrics for the mat.

The overall smoothness of the gaming is determined by the mat’s top fabric. If the fabric is not smooth enough then it would be difficult to slide around the cards. Sometimes it causes breaking the cards.

Mat’s backing

After setting up the mat on the ground or table top, a well gripped backing can prevent the mat from shifting. If the mat randomly shifts while playing, then it would be a disaster of playing. However, rubber backing can ensure maximum grip to stick to the ground. So, if you consider such rubber backing then the mtg playmat will easily stick to any surfaces.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I set the mat on a large table?

Yes, you can. But the mat will not cover the entire table. Because the standard size of the mtg mat is around 24 x 14 inches. So, if you want to cover the entire table then you would choose a table according to this mat size.

2. How can I get these playing mats in Canada?

These mtg playmats are available in America or Canada. Besides, these are also available in south America and most European countries.

3. Does the mat come with a mat tube or protectors?

Mostly, it depends on the manufacturers. However, some of the Paramint pack included mat protectors. Otherwise, you have to order the mat tube separately.

4. Is there any possibility to get frayed the mat’s edge?

Most of the playing mats ensure the anti-fraying stitching to prevent it. Whether you choose the best pokemon playmat or the best mtg mat, then fraying wouldn’t be an issue since they make sure the edge blocking, which prevents fraying.

5. If I set the mtg playmat on tiles, will it slip?

There is no chance, since all of the playing mat comes with a rubber backing. And that’s why it can ensure maximum grip regardless of surfaces. So, you can place your mat on any surfaces.

Final Words

Gamers do a lot of things to enhance the enjoyment of playing. When it comes to choosing the best mtg playmats, a little comparison with the contemporary mats will make your searching job easy.

That’s why we have designed this article so that you can easily compare and reach a decision of which mat would be perfect for your mtg playing.

Have a Great Match!