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Best OM Guitar – Top 5 Models Reviewed by an Expert

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Generally, everyone has a different assessment on purchasing the best OM guitar for them. However, a guitar is not just a musical instrument; it holds a lot of emotion for the player. Different musicians have their personal thoughts of choosing the right one for them.

Various things make a guitar eligible that will nail for you. From construction to sound level, everything should make a cut to bring the joy of playing. Among the countless variables, many fall into the genre specificity and the realms of subjectivity.

In today’s roundup, we are presenting you with the top five orchestra acoustic guitars to help you choose the suitable one. We are covering the guitars according to genres, sound level, prices, etc. Hopefully, you find the expected option that comes from sterling brands and proven quality.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Little Martine LX1RE OM Guitar | Electric Guitar | Gig Bag
Little Martine LX1RE OM Guitar | Electric Guitar | Gig Bag

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Blueridge 163 Acoustic OM Guitar | Vintage Style | Gloss Finish
Blueridge 163 Acoustic OM Guitar | Vintage Style | Gloss Finish

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Guild OM Guitars For Strumming | Orchestra Size | Matte Finish
Guild OM Guitars For Strumming | Orchestra Size | Matte Finish

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Eastman OM Guitar | Sitka Spruce | For Beginner Or Adult
Eastman OM Guitar | Sitka Spruce | For Beginner Or Adult

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Samick Natural OM Guitar | Gold Tuner | Spruce Top
Samick Natural OM Guitar | Gold Tuner | Spruce Top

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Best OM Guitar Reviews

Are you investing in a new guitar? We have got your back with some essential points and tricks to steer you in the right direction. We have compiled the top five OM guitars and some helpful advice in this guide. Keep scrolling down to get a clear and straight concept of our top picks.

1. Little Martine LX1RE OM Guitar | Electric Guitar | Gig Bag

The entry model in our recommendation list is the Little Martine LX1RE OM guitar. It is an excellent example of just how many features you desire from a guitar. It works great for playing different music types for both professionals and beginners.

The Little Martin acoustic OM guitar produces classical music that any musician will love to play. It is a handmade guitar with sustainable woods, which makes its construction solid. Therefore, it is convenient to play different music, including rock, pop, jazz, etc.

Another great feature about this orchestra acoustic guitar is its convenient size. If you are going on a tour with family and friends, you can take the guitar along with you for a jam to a fireside, lake, or pool party. Its standard construction withstands plenty of strumming or picking.

It is the best OM guitar under 1000  for any musician. The guitar has a Sitka spruce top that ensures warmth and projection. Moreover, it has a high-pressure laminate construction on the back and sides. Thus, its overall structure allows you to play euphonic sound.

Though the acoustic guitar is a handmade piece, its overall performance is standard and endear. It is an ideal option for anyone who is teaching or learning music.

Key Features 

  • Ideal for professional or beginner
  • Handmade guitar
  • Superior appearance
  • Solid wood structure.

2. Blueridge 163 Acoustic OM Guitar | Vintage Style | Gloss Finish

If you want an authentic vintage OM guitar, Blueridge 163 will catch your eyes. It will seek all your attention with its detailed design. You will feel comfortable while playing the orchestra acoustic guitar. However, it provides a crisp tone that you can easily impress the audience.

The Blueridge guitar comes in a vintage style. Its rosewood side and back create a solid and deep bass. Also, you can create a clear articulation with its Sitka spruce top and scalloped braces. You will experience long-lasting stability for its sturdy construction.

The craftsmanship of this acoustic guitar is top-notch. Its slim, mahogany wooden neck offers a fast and easy action as well as durability. It includes a distinctive and tortoise-style pickguard which is made of marquetry. That’s how its overall aesthetic gives a vintage vibe.

The fundamental characteristics of this OM guitar are suitable for all music types and heavy-duty purposes. You do not need to put much effort into creating complex tones, unlike other musical instruments. Its butterbean back buttons will always help to hold onto your tune.

It goes without saying that this modern aesthetic guitar will continue to stand with the test of time. Though it looks like an old-school guitar, its fingering is much easier than other contemporary musical instruments. You can check our review on our vintage shortwave radios.

Key Features

  • Vintage style
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Distinct structure
  • Durable performance

3. Guild OM Guitars For Strumming | Orchestra Size | Matte Finish

Another unique OM guitar for strumming is from a famous brand Guild. This beautiful orchestra-shape is suitable for fingerpicking or strumming. You can create a sweet and balanced melody out of this guitar without being a professional musician.

The manufacturer constructed this OM guitar with Mahogany wood. Its signature arched design allows you to produce melodious and lush tinkling. When you start playing with it, its elegant sound quality will astonish the audience.

The Guild OM guitar gives an impressive portrayal of the acoustic qualities, including bass and tone. It has a slim C profile neck with a Graph Tech NuBone nut. While playing the guitar, you will get a comfortable treble control for tonal tweaking.

You will find it easy to play because of its top-notch quality that punches above its entire weight. Apart from its sturdy construction, you will be impressed with its aesthetic. Its matte polyurethane finish adds a natural and simple touch. Have a look at our FRS radios.

The Guild acoustic guitar comes in a deluxe gig bag where you can keep it. Its elegant cutaway and Sitka spruce top are suitable for access to higher frets. Thus, it is a perfect pick for musicians of all ages and skill types.

Key Features

  • Natural matte finish
  • Mahogany construction
  • Phosphor bronze strings
  • Produces high tone

4. Eastman OM Guitar | Sitka Spruce | For Beginner Or Adult

If you talk about value, we will show you the Eastman orchestra model guitar. It is the OM guitar with a fantastic dynamic range. It is a go-to guitar for beginner or professional level musicians. We highly recommend this guitar to the students because of its ease of playing.

First of all, this acoustic guitar has exceptional construction. You can simply keep it for all the good reasons. While testing the guitar, its classic performance took a sweet spot in our hearts. It is indeed a quintessential musical instrument.

You cannot even relate its price range with its performance level because its performance is way too good according to the cost you pay. You can rest assured because the strings will not tear up in the mid of your performance.

Music play depends on the instrument that the musician uses. However, the vibe Eastman OM guitar gives is what the listeners will never forget. Essentially it spices up or evokes the mood and instantly changes the ambiance if you utilize it nicely.

You can play subtle to bold, all-category music with this OM guitar. Over the years, thousands of musicians prefer it for its comfortable playing and articulate music production. Its creativity takes a departure from traditional yet allows you to produce music from all genres.

Key Features

  • Sitka spruce material
  • Durable strings
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable o play

5. Samick Natural OM Guitar | Gold Tuner | Spruce Top

A lot of you may have tried various guitar brands yet not satisfied with their performance. Now we are presenting you with something that will snatch you away! It is the Samick Natural OM guitar. The guitar comes with a beautiful gold Grover and tuners that make it look royal!

It looks like a high-profile guitar but surprisingly comes at a reasonable price. However, after spending some time playing this guitar, its resonance and response will take you to another level. You will experience a much better experience with it comparative to the other brands.

The Samick OM guitar is capable of creating from serious chunky metal tones to euphonic tones. You can retain the definition and depth of your strumming with it. Largely, its tune will live up the audience and make you the star within the crowd!

The design and concept of this OM guitar are simple and straightforward. You will not find any complication while tuning this instrument. The tuner and Grover of this guitar come in a golden color that increases its elegance a bit more.

The guitar looks matte with a wood grain body. If you are more into subtle things rather than something glossy, you are going to love this a lot.

Key Features

  • Matte body
  • Tuner and Grover in gold
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple and sleek design

Things To Consider Before Buying OM Guitar

Best OM Guitar

If you are heading towards the most delicate OM guitar, many things make it a standout. There are various essential points that signify an OM guitar to be the most convenient one.

We have mentioned those points that you must check before purchasing a guitar.


Playing the guitar is not a math equation that you apply a formula, and it solves. You need to remember that different guitars have a unique sound level. If you are purchasing an OM guitar for professional purposes, it is better to go for the louder ones.

On the other hand, you can choose the one with a moderate sound level if you are purchasing for a practice session.


The bigshots deliver more sounds than the smaller ones. Those are great to create a room-filling sound for a large area or stage performance. On the other hand, the smaller guitars might cut through the mixes better or offer a more crisp sound.

However, every guitar s different, which you should keep in mind.


Another concern before purchasing an OM guitar is its pick. You can get a pickup now or never, but we highly recommend you to think about a pickup. It is better if you look into the picking quality of the guitar if it opts well with steel strings.

Wood quality

Another essential concern is the wood quality. Different wood has a unique level of sound production. For example, the Sitka spruce provides a balanced and crisp tone in dynamic range. Mahogony offers a more direct sound with a defined frequency. Contrastly, the cedar wood delivers soft and subtle sounds with natural expression.


Suppose your guitar comes in perfect condition according to what you expect. But the problem occurs; while you begin to play, your fingers are not reaching the fretboard properly. That means the instrument will become garbage. Therefore, you should check if your finger reaches the fretboard comfortably.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is an OM guitar suitable for beginners?

Of course, it is.

The brands we have mentioned above are equally suitable for both beginners and professionals.

2. Can I practice playing guitar with an OM guitar?

Obviously, you can.

The size of an OM guitar is suitable to run fingers as a starter. One can practice or even teach students with an OM guitar.

3. Does the size of an OM guitar affect the volume?

The tonal quality of a guitar depends on the guitar size. The smaller guitars make more responses and create crisp sound whether the larger ones produce loud tones and suitable for hall room performance.

4. What is the best OM guitar under 500 for beginners?

We recommend acoustic guitar over electric ones for beginners. Though a starter can learn with an electric guitar, the acoustic ones win every time because the acoustic guitars are easier to play.

5. What is an orchestra guitar?

Well, the orchestra is a medium guitar with a significant volume and balanced control. It has a good fingering style which is suitable for beginners or for one who creates solo gigs.

Final Words

Now you know that purchasing an OM guitar is a subjective thing. You need to be a bit more concerned to buy the best OM guitar. Hence, you need to have a long conversation with yourself about what you are exactly searching for.

As the market is filled with so many variables, it can be difficult for you to decide the right pick. After going through our entire article, you will be able to get your dreamy guitar in hand. Additionally, our article will help you have a good start if you are just doing your own research.