Top 5 Best Pack Frames for Hunting – In Depth Review

Pack frames are all in all a significant determinant of your hunting adventure.

You will not need a hunting backpack on hunting property. But things change as soon as you put your feet outside that premises and move towards the woods. Your tools will demand large hunting packs for an easy run down.

There persists a massive difference between regular backpacks and hunting pack frames. These packs are specially modified for the chase. Some are patterned for camping, and others can carry wild games. Good packs can do both.

To find the best pack frames for hunting, we have talked with many hunters and experts. The suggestions and buying guide are full proof. So, you can undoubtedly rely on them.

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ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Frames for Hunting │ Sturdy Built
ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Frames for Hunting │ Sturdy Built

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A.L.I.C.E. Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Lightweight
A.L.I.C.E. Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Lightweight

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Military Survival Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Utility-Based
Military Survival Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Utility-Based

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ALPS Red Rock Pack Frames for Hunting │ Extended Frame Space
ALPS Red Rock Pack Frames for Hunting │ Extended Frame Space

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Fox LC-1 Pack Frames for Hunting │ Comfortable
Fox LC-1 Pack Frames for Hunting │ Comfortable

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Best Pack Frames for Hunting Reviews

Whether you will chase deer, elk, moose, bear, or goat- the following pack frames will be a relief from the worries of gear fetching.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Frames for Hunting │ Sturdy Built

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Frames is a perfect balance between proficiency and cost. Hunters plump for this frame pack for elk hunting especially.

This pack is patterned to address the needs of firearm hunting. And on one side, there is a pocket to hold the rifle. The manufacturers used a lashing system to carry the meat after hunting.

It would help if you had to top load the pack and close the lid attaching with two buckles. For the ease of packing essential things, these large hunting packs have a hold-open system. When pulled, this zip turns into a wide opening.

There is a separate zippered compartment in the bottom part. You can pack your clothes and other personal necessities there .You can also adjust the torso and shoulder straps as your call.

Though the bag is very light, many users claim to carry around 150 lb. load in this bag.

The only drawback of the ALPS OutdoorZ pack is its fixed framing. You cannot unleash the bag from the frame and cannot use it separately.

However, if you are on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing carbon fiber, for now, you can get this aluminum pack frame.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Large space
  • Aluminum framing
  • Strong and durable build

2. A.L.I.C.E. Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Lightweight

If you already own a kitbag and don’t want to invest in a hunting pack right now, you can get a pack frame. A.L.I.C.E. or All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment is a frame or backpack pattern used by the U.S. military.

Aluminum is used to make the frame attain maximum lightness. The frame will lay parallel to your backbone and will not feel heavy whatsoever. Your medium and large rack sacks will easily fit in the 20″ × 12″ dimension of the frame.

Two shoulder leashes and a waist belt ensure perfect adjustment and easy carrying.

The straps are made of pure denier polyester. Hence, they will be comfortable and will not tear apart even with heavy use.

This bag is designed so that all G.I LC-1 packs will adjust in the pack frame.

No matter how bad the weather condition is, the frame will not face rust issues and firmly hold on to your bag. Anyone searching for a lightweight, inexpensive, and long-lasting A.L.I.C.E. frame can pick up this frame.

Key Features

  • Perfect for medium and large bags
  • Aluminum built
  • Tough and durable straps
  • Not heavy at all

3. Military Survival Back Pack Frames for Hunting │ Utility-Based

A.L.I.C.E. holds on to their classic “Fighting and Surviving” concept in M.T. Military Survival pack frames as well. The heart of this concept is to carry only the gears and objects required to survive.

The back sack is patterned so that it focuses more on utility than providing extraordinary features. Instead of multiple small pouches, the bag has two big compartments on both sides of the pack.

Button clasp makes the release quick and easy. This large hunting pack has refined adjustable straps with padding. Therefore, you can achieve a perfect fit for yourself.

Without a good quality material, a hunting backpack with a frame will not last long. The use of HDP  keeps the bag fine while carrying heavy loads.

Cold, warm, hot, humid- no matter the weather condition of your area, you can use the pack anyway. All the previous models were replaced by this pack in most marine and armed forces. This long-term usage proves the reliability of this bag.

These bags are available in two different sizes- medium and large. Both have a similar improved design and vary only in volume. Hence, the only considering factor here is size.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Maximum utility
  • Outside framing
  • Convertible straps

4. ALPS Red Rock Pack Frames for Hunting │ Extended Frame Space

Honestly, there are very few makers who design their bags for the use of petite figured people. ALPS is one of them, and gladly, they manufacture some of the best pack frames for hunting.

Classic top-loading facet along hold open bar design is used in this pack. The gross capacity of this pack is 2050 cubic inches. Nevertheless, you can carry your night trip essentials in the extended frame space below the bag.

There is an option to adjust the sternum strap (13 to 18 inches) and waist belt (20 to 40 inches) for additional carrying convenience. You can fix it to achieve the perfect fit.

Telescopic external framing is used in this backpack, and you can remove it if needed. The pack is made with polyester. To cover the suspension components, the makers have used Lycra. You also get a lid loop in here, there are six compartments in the bag to guarantee maximum functionality. All of them have a stretch zippered closure with a daisy chain in the front compartment. You also get an open pocket to carry water.

The bag can be a decent choice considering the price and service.

Key Features

  • Suitable for women and teenagers
  • Additional frame space
  • Versatile torso and strap
  • Removable leash

5. Fox LC-1 Pack Frames for Hunting │ Comfortable

Fox LC-1 is a pack frame made especially for A.L.I.C.E backpacks. If you can, turn your backpack from A.L.I.C.E or any other brand into a hunting pack with this frame.

Sometimes hunters suffer from severe backache for carrying heavy baggage for long hours. Fox Outdoor addressed trouble and provided soft padding on the framing. The padding sits over the kidney and provides support to your back.

Besides, two steel plates are attached in a crossed pattern over the two handles.  These plates evenly distribute the weight of the hunting backpack with a frame.

As a result, it becomes relatively easy to walk and hike.

This Aluminum built frame is coated with powder coating gives lightness to the frame. One can easily attach medium and large kit bags with the frame. The leash is easy to attach and remove.

For those looking for a good frame pack for elk hunting, we will suggest you check the Fox Outdoor P LC-1 Field Pack Frame specification.

Keep in consideration it is an individual frame. You will not get a rucksack with this frame.

Key Features

  • Aluminum body coated with powder
  • Crossed steel bars for extra support
  • Shoulder strap LC2 type

Things to Consider Before Buying Pack Frames for Hunting

Best Pack Frames for Hunting

Although every hunter needs a pack frame, all of them don’t need the same one. It is essential to do some homework before deciding on one. Considering the following points will help to choose the best day hunting pack for you.

Build Pattern

External frame, Internal frame, and No frame are the three different patterns commonly found in hunting packs.

You can carry as much stuff you want in an external pack frame. The frame has high adaptability than any other variant of kit bags. Most of them can be loosened from the frame and can be used separately. They are more suitable for multi-day trips.

Internal framing is usually seen in a small hunting day pack. They remain closer to your back and are easy to carry. You can carry them comfortably throughout the day. Nonetheless, there is a snag. You will not be able to carry big games in these packs.

No frame style is very lightweight and cheap as well. These are the best day packs. You would appreciate having some of the game bags, so take a moment to check them out.


If there is anything more critical to the bag’s space, then it would be the fit. Without proper fitting, you will not be tranquil and focused on the game.

Often pack making companies focus on making frames suitable for larger people. But nowadays, you can adjust the fit of the packs.

You also need to evaluate the bag’s weight as you have to travel long paths with it on your shoulder. Carrying an adequately fitted backpack feels much lighter compared to their actual weight. Our guide to the used compound bow is also useful products for you.

Targeted Game

The size of your bag will depend on your game. If going for a small game like goat, you will not need a large externally framed pack. The case will be similar if you are going to hunt in groups.

A meat loading pack will be necessary for big games like bear or elk. Carry the meat in a separate compartment to avoid contamination from insects, dirt, and germs.

Weapon holder

Walking through crooked paths is quite challenging, especially with so much weight. If you have to carry a rifle in hand is very difficult in this situation.

Check if your hunting backpack with a frame has a compartment or holder for your bow and rifle. Keeping your hands free on the way is going to be relieving.

Weather Proof

It is not uncommon for hunters to face rain or snowfall. Being prepared for such situations is a must.

In case you don’t know what to damage your tools inside large hunting packs, you should get a waterproof backpack. Make sure the zippers are made of stainless steel and are water-resistant as well.

If you can’t find a water repellent pack, carrying a garbage bag will come in handy.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which things should I carry in my pack frame?

Depending on your hunting time, you might need to carry different things in your backpack. Carry food, water, and first aid along with your hunting essentials for day trips. In case you plan to stay there, keep a tent and sleeping bag in your pack.

2. What is the process to clean the hunting pack?

If there is any bloodstain on the pack, spray a bleaching spray all over the stain and let it dry. Then soak the bag in a tub of ice-cold water for half an hour. Use a brush and liquid to get rid of all the dirt and blood. Finally, wash off the bag with clear water.

3. Which metal framing will be suitable for hiking?

For hiking, you want something that is lightweight and compact structured. An aluminum framing will be easy to carry in such a case.

4. What are the traits for the best day hunting pack?

When you are looking for a day hunting pack, try to find a bag with multiple compartments. It should have adjustable straps with padding. It would be great if the pack frame is water-resistant.

5. Which size of the bag is suitable for elk hunting?

You might need to haul around a hundred kilos of meat in elk hunting. Get a bag that has external framing and a volume of around 4000 to 7000 cubic inches.

Final Word

The best pack frames for hunting are all out to get your hand on. Just pick the right one considering its durability, number of compartments, and ability to hold gears. Check on your personal preference as well.

Last but not least, proper maintenance will give your pack frame a longer lifetime, and it will provide a top-notch service all through usage. It would help if you cleaned and air dry the bag after every use. This way, there will be no germ growth, and your meat will remain fresh in subsequent use.