Best PC Test Bench – A List from The Expert

Whether you’re a computer enthusiast, someone working in the world of tech, or someone with a fascination with new computer hardware and software, a good PC benchmark might be something ideal for you.

Generally, a PC test bench is a tool that is used to see the condition of a new design of hardware or a new model. A test bench uses state-of-the-art software to judge the soundness and overall condition of the computer for the PC benchmark test.

Ideally, you’d use a PC test bench to judge new hardware. However, test benches can also be used to determine whether a new system or computer setup is functional or not. However, you’d need the best PC test bench for the best experience!

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Electric Magic | Chassis Bracket | Open Chassis | PC Test Bench
Electric Magic | Chassis Bracket | Open Chassis | PC Test Bench

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Electric Magic | PC Open Frame | PC Test Bench | ITX ATX Mini
Electric Magic | PC Open Frame | PC Test Bench | ITX ATX Mini

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PC Test Bench | ITX | ATX | MATX Test Bench | Open Air
PC Test Bench | ITX | ATX | MATX Test Bench | Open Air

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Hilitand | ATX Motherboard Test Bench | Open Air Frame | Aluminum
Hilitand | ATX Motherboard Test Bench | Open Air Frame | Aluminum

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Oumiji | PC Test Bench | Open Frame Computer Case | Aluminum Alloy
Oumiji | PC Test Bench | Open Frame Computer Case | Aluminum Alloy

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Best PC Test Bench Reviews

While PC test benches are amazing products, you need a fair bit of knowledge of hardware and understand the technicalities to get the best experience out of your test bench. To make matters easier for you, here’s our review of the test benches that are worth the money

1. Electric Magic | Chassis Bracket | Open Chassis | PC Test Bench

First up on the list is a classic computer benchmark test bench from Electric Magic. A simple but effective test bench that does the job just about right! With an all-black MATX of 14.96 * 10.43 inches, this is ideal for most PC hardware to fit in.

To make your PC testing experience as smooth as it gets, this test bench comes with two slots each for graphics cards and hard disks.

So, you can check the capabilities of your PC to the extreme without worrying about anything.

When it comes to the graphics card mounts, the lengths can be adjusted based on the size of your card. So, you can get any graphics card you want without any hassle. You can mix and match between the sizes for the perfect experience.

The PC test bench adapts very well to the motherboard MATX. As a result, you can play around with it and make different setups to see their capability. However, it doesn’t support ITX, so keep that in mind as well.

Key Features

  • MATX size of 14.96*10.43 inches
  • Two slots for two hard drives
  • Two slots each for Graphics card and hard disks
  • Length adjustable graphics card slots

2. Electric Magic | PC Open Frame | PC Test Bench | ITX ATX Mini

Next up on the list is a portable PC case that can be used for benchmark tests, as well as an option to carry your PC efficiently without having to deal with a large case. Also, since it’s open, it gives a much better experience for cooling and cleaning.

With dimensions of 12.54*10.55 inches, this is an ideal size for keeping most of your tech stuff without any hassle. You could build a well-powered PC effortlessly in this casing without worrying about the size.

The mounting is pretty easy as well. You can place everything you need without any hassle.

There are no complicated assembly tools required, so it doesn’t take too long for you to assemble everything.

The test bench here isn’t just a one-dimensional benchmark test for your computer. It can be the ideal bench that you need for gaming and overclocking as well as running benchmark tests. It’s the test bench pc case for the enthusiast in you!

Despite providing you with all the features, this doesn’t heat up at all. The heat circulation system is below the motherboard; as a result, it dissipates heat very well without any trouble, ideal for overclocking and taking your system to the extreme!

Key Features

  • Ensures air circulation
  • Prevents heating during overclocking
  • Ideal for testing and gaming
  • Heat circulation under the motherboard

3. PC Test Bench | ITX | ATX | MATX Test Bench | Open Air

If you’re looking for a light, easy-to-program test bench that’s going to give you an easy experience when running benchmark tests or overclocking your PC, you can use the open-air PC test bench from Gdrauya10.

This test bench has a structure similar to building blocks. You can choose which parts to use and which parts you don’t want to use. So, you can make a small setup with the parts you need, or choose a large setup in case you need one.

There’s also a support-independent graphics card unit.

This means you can add necessary things and remove them accordingly based on the needs of your graphics card. Thus, if you’re using a small graphics card, you can avoid a bulky build.

Furthermore, there is the option for having a water cooling fan as well. If you need water cooling for your PC, you can have it as well by attaching it to your best PC test bench. However, since you can mix-and-match parts, you’d need a fair bit of knowledge on DIY as well.

Also, there are seven individual PCI extension slots on the test bench. So, you can utilize the maximum power of your computer without having to make changes or fixing other issues in the test bench altogether!

Key Features

  • Unique design, you can DIY parts based on your needs
  • Support-independent slot for the graphics card
  • Water-cooling support
  • Seven-individual PCI extension slots

4. Hilitand | ATX Motherboard Test Bench | Open Air Frame | Aluminum

Next up on the list is the ATX Motherboard Test Bench from Hilitand, arguably the best test bench out there! An efficient but small computer benchmark test bench that can fit the needs of most tech enthusiasts and workers.

Unlike other PC test benches, this works like a set of building blocks. You can place things based on your needs and leave the rest empty in case you don’t need them anymore. Also, it can be stacked based on your needs, so you don’t have to worry.

While the assembly process requires a bit of DIY from you, it’s not as hard as you may think it is.

You can savor the fun of doing a DIY project while enjoying the process as it is. Also, made of quality Aluminum alloy, it’s much steadier than its competitors.

Since the design is open-frame, there is no specific requirement for a heat-circulation system. The entire system is made in such a way that no heat is trapped inside the test build for too long. So, it always remains cool, ideal for overclocking.

Key Features

  • Open-frame design
  • Top-notch heat dissipation system
  • Easy to build and disassemble
  • Solid Aluminum alloy build

5. Oumiji | PC Test Bench | Open Frame Computer Case | Aluminum Alloy

Last but not the least, we have a portable PC case from Oumiji that not only works as a top-notch case but an amazing PC test bench if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something feature-packed yet efficient, we got you covered!

To begin with, this one has features similar to nude building blocks.

Such that, you can build on the spaces available on the frame as well as change the size and shape of the frame based on your needs. Ideal for dealing with most situations.

Made of Aluminum alloy and acrylic parts, the open-air structure of the product allows amazing heat dissipation, keeping the product cool for long hours without any hassle. Ideal for running benchmark tests and overclocking.

With an ATX power supply case and indicator lights, and individual switches for power, the build is very robust and gives you a good view of everything. Furthermore, you can manipulate the cases based on your needs.

Finally, to make sure you get the best experience post-purchase, the product comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support from Oumiji. Making sure you get the best value for money whether you like the product or not!

Key Features

  • Nude-building blocks like structure
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Made of Aluminum alloy and acrylic parts
  • ATX power supply supported
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Things to Consider Before Buying PC Test Bench

Best PC Test Bench

If you’re planning to get the best PC test bench for the money, you need to keep a few things to get the best product for you; these include:


How big of a setup do you want to make? How many things do you want to put in there? These are very common questions that you need to keep in mind when getting a PC test bench. Your bench should be able to meet your needs effortlessly.

We recommend that you get a PC test bench that’s at least somewhat bigger than your required size. In that case, you can add things to your required setup and make things based on your future requirements as well. Additionally, you can check our review on server case.

Cooling and Heat Circulation

Both benchmark testing and overclocking are very intensive tasks and can take your computer to its absolute limits. Thus, overheating is a very common occurrence in these circumstances. For this reason, your PC test bench must have good heat control.

Generally, these PC test benches have an open-air cooling system. The outside air cools the system vehicle the heat is dissipated through a channel somewhere. While this is effective, this isn’t always the case.

There are other cases that feature specialized air cooling or water-cooling features to complement the established cooling system. These can help you keep your system cool for longer. So, make sure you know your cooling system first hand. Besides, you can choose a mini PCIe wiFi card.


Since you’re getting a PC test bench, you might be trying out things you wouldn’t have done normally in other scenarios. Thus, having a plethora of ports for RAM and graphics cards can be a much-needed plus.

Generally, when you’re running benchmark tests, you want to play around a bit and take things to the extreme. So, having a few additions such as additional RAM and graphics slots can be very useful add ons. So, always make sure you have a few extra slots for you.

Ease of Use

While there’s no denying that overclocking and running bench tests require a bit of technical knowledge on your part. However, they shouldn’t be made overly complicated by making the case parts hard to work with.

So, always make sure you’re getting an easy-to-work experience with your PC test bench, and the mechanisms help you out instead of making things more complicated for you instead.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are test benches a must for benchmark tests?

Although they aren’t a must, they’re the safest when it comes to overclocking and benchmark testing. The open-air flow makes sure the system doesn’t get too hot. So, they’re always recommended for such intensive tasks.

2. What is a good PC benchmark score?

In all honesty, the answer is very subjective. Your ideal PC benchmark score should be based on how much work you do with your computer. If your work involves light to moderate work with a bit of gaming, a score around the 3450 range works perfectly!

3. Are higher CPU benchmark scores better?

While higher benchmark scores generally refer to higher performance and better speeds, there’s a bit of ambiguity here as well. You cannot compare the benchmark scores of CPUs of two separate generations and expect a proper outcome.

For this reason, we recommend that you take the benchmark scores with a grain of salt.

4. How can I improve my CPU benchmark?

There are some things you can do to improve your PC benchmark. These include removing any additional or useless software, keeping your PC free from malware, performing regular defragmentation and disk cleaning and using an SSD, and getting RAM upgrades.

5. How to get the best test bench pc case for me?

If you’re looking for a PC test bench for you, you have to keep a few things in check. These include the size and number of slots in your test bench as well as its cooling and heat circulation features. Also, make sure it’s easy to use.

Final Words

While PC test benches aren’t for everyone, they are definitely a must-have for people in certain professions, and they’re always in the search for the best PC test bench out there. To help them out, we’ve reviewed the best benchmark test kits out there!

We hope you found this article helpful!