Top 5 Best PS Vita Grip – A List from The Expert

Are you getting stressed out about choosing Playstation vita hand grips? After going through the entire research process, we know how it feels to find the most convenient grips for PS Vita.

History says that the gaming console cases used to be unreasonable and unworthy for their quality and price. But the good news is that the manufacturing companies are now using advanced technology to improve the gaming experience with the grips.

We have used our algorithm and manifest the top five best PS Vita grip brands below. We hope that you will find your desired one from here in just few steps. So, let’s get them!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Nyko PCH-2000 PS Vita Grip | Ergonomic Design | Lightweight
Nyko PCH-2000 PS Vita Grip | Ergonomic Design | Lightweight

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Insten PCH 1000 PS Vita Grip | Large Buttons | Satin Finish
Insten PCH 1000 PS Vita Grip | Large Buttons | Satin Finish

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New Matte Non-Slip PS Vita Grip | Stand Case | Rubber-Made
New Matte Non-Slip PS Vita Grip | Stand Case | Rubber-Made

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Gam3gear For PS Vita Grip | Snug Fit | Bracket Case
Gam3gear For PS Vita Grip | Snug Fit | Bracket Case

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Ostent Joypad PS Vita Grip | Fashionable Design | Flexible
Ostent Joypad PS Vita Grip | Fashionable Design | Flexible

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Best PS Vita Grip Reviews

We have organized this segment with the top five PSV grips to satisfy your purchase. Here you will learn about the reputed brands that come at an affordable price and suit your tastes.

1. Nyko PCH-2000 PS Vita Grip | Ergonomic Design | Lightweight

First, we present you with the finest PS vita grip from Nyko. You all know about this renowned brand. Its ergonomic design is suitable for PS vita slim models. It offers you to play twice more than others in a better way.

This comfortable Hori PS Vita grip with an L2 R2 trigger grip shell allows you to play quickly. It will prevent the controller from slipping off your hand. You will not face any complications in holding it with sweaty palms after playing games for a long time because it remains in your hand grip.

The vita grip provides more comfortable gameplay for any PS Vita gamer. What we liked the most is it fits easily with the Vita. You will not face any complications while clipping it. Moreover, it offers a slim and sleek ergonomic design that allows easy storage.

The black finish body looks beautiful on your PS controller. It is so lightweight that you will not feel that something is wrapping around your PS Vita. Also, Nyko grips are extended game play tested. Thus, their long-lasting construction will protect your PlayStation Vita and provide grip.

Key Features 

  • Super comfortable grip
  • Sleek design with a satin grip finish
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to clip

2. Insten PCH 1000 PS Vita Grip | Large Buttons | Satin Finish

There is something fantastic about Insten PCH 1000 PS Vita grip: its comfort. Its rubber-coated satin will provide a comfortable hold to your gaming devices. You may think that grips cover the device and block the switches, but this one will entirely change your thought about grip.

The unique feature of this Hori PS Vita grip is extra protection that will save your device from scratches and bumps while ensuring its durability. Though its construction is solid and sturdy, it is very lightweight, and you will not face any discomfort while gaming.

The buttons of this PS Vita 1000 Hori grip are oversized so that you will experience easy gameplay. The PS Vita grip with L2 R2 trigger will also bite the device firmly and ensure PS vita system will not loosen or come off after using it for long.

Your system will remain locked in its hold and add comfort for an extended gaming period. It withstands any adverse situation. Even if your hand is wet or sweaty, it will not let the PS vita fall from your hold. Here you can see our review on OM Guitars.

Key Features

  • Rubberized coating
  • Protects from scratches and shocks
  • Durable material
  • Clip-on easily

3. New Matte Non-Slip PS Vita Grip | Stand Case | Rubber-Made

If you like matte covers, then the unique hand grip controller from New matte is suitable for you. The rubber material of this grip is super durable and high-quality. Though it comes at an affordable price, it looks like a high-end extension.

If you have a problem with your current console cover, you can replace it with this one. The PS Vita 1000 Hori grip is rubber-made to enhance your gaming experience with an easy game play feel. Also, the case feels super durable and solid. Thus, you do not need to worry about its stability.

You can quickly fix it with your Hori PS Vita. It will tightly hold the controller without causing any damage. One essential thing you should know is that their raw, high-quality ABS material is non-toxic. Therefore, it will not harm you physically. Here you can see our review on EMF protection.

The top preference of a gamer is to get comfortable extensions. New Matte PS Vita grip with L2 R2 trigger is one of those. We highly recommend this unique hand grip controller as it is affordable yet superior quality. Furthermore, you can gift this to your game lover friend.

Key Features

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Matte finish cover
  • Simple installation
  • Non-toxic rubber material

4. Gam3gear For PS Vita Grip | Snug Fit | Bracket Case

If you are on a tight budget yet want a high-quality case for PS Vita, look at Gam3gear. It is the best L2 R2 trigger grip for you. You do not need to put much effort into adjusting it. Hence, it remains the exact fit after playing so many times.

First of all, these Playstation Vita hand grips will ensure a better feel while controlling. Their anti-skid design enables you to hold the Vita comfortably. The ergonomic design and sturdy structure allow you to play easily and quickly and experience fun while playing.

The consoler case follows straightforward steps to install. It comes with support in the back to ensure a tight grip with your hand. You take it out as a holder and keep the device at a suitable angle to watch videos or movies on your PS Vita.

Though the Playstation Vita 1000 grip feels soft and lightweight, it is a great protective handle grip. Therefore, it will prevent the controller from scratching or breaking even if you accidentally drop it from your hand on the floor.

These are comfortable to use, easy to install, ergonomically designed, and they come cheap! What more do you want?

Key Features

  • Quickly fits
  • Ensures protection
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design

5. Ostent Joypad PS Vita Grip | Fashionable Design | Flexible

The ending product in our recommendation list is the Ostent Joypad PS Vita grip. You can get this one if you want a sophisticated and fashionable case with a dripping fun gaming experience for PS Vita. Along with enhancing the beauty, it will ensure the safety of the gaming device.

It is a good-looking grip for PS Vita. You will feel great while using it. Also, your gaming enjoyment will increase a bit more if you use a beautiful case with your PSV. As it is a fashionable case, you can gift this to your game-lover friend or family person.

The case stays close to the console body. It will not loosen up after using or unloading it a few times. You will not even feel that there is something extra around your PS Vita. Additionally, the case is lightweight, so it will not make the device heavy.

A helpful case brings a fun experience to gaming. It comes at a very reasonable price yet does not feel cheap. Thus, load and unload the case issue on your device to keep it safe and have fun in your gaming.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated design
  • Keeps your PS Vita safe
  • Fast removing and applying
  • Improve gaming feeling

Buying Guide For Playstation Vita Hand Grips in 2022

Playstation Vita Hand Grips

We know how tough it can be to find the perfect PS vita grip for your gaming style. There are way too many options available on the market. That’s why we designed a complete guide for you to follow so that you can find the perfect grip shell for you in just few steps!

But, first we need to know what a PS Vita grip must have for it even to be considered. The grip must be comfortable to hold for a long time; it must be easy to install, ergonomically designed. Also, it must be sturdy enough because video games lovers can be pretty tough on their controllers!


As most gamers play games for extended periods, the controller is designed to be very comfortable. However, if you decide to put a case on the controller, it must be at least as comfortable as the controller itself.

So, the material needs to be comfortable, and also, it should be ergonomically shaped.

Easy Install

The installation of the grip should be complete in just few steps. Otherwise, it can be quite a hassle to take the grip shell on and off regularly. However, most PS Vita grips are pretty easy to install.

Longevity and Sturdiness

You need a great protective handle grip if you don’t want to waste money again on this anytime soon! Gamers can be quite expressive with their emotions, and most of the toll goes on the controller.

So, for a dripping, fun gaming experience, you need a strong shell with high-quality material. Also, ensure that the grip shell prevents everyday wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best PS Vita Grip

1. Does that run on battery?

It is just a case to protect your PSV. It does not require any battery. But yes, you can charge your device by putting it on.

2. Can I finger the buttons after putting them on?

Of course, you can.

In fact, you will enjoy playing games after putting a PSV grip on.

3. How long can I use a PS Vita grip?

It depends on your usage. But yes, it is durable and withstands adverse situations. Therefore, you can use it for a pretty long time.

4. How can the best vita grip protect my PSV?

Well, a PSV grip wraps around your PS Vita and prevents scratches and bumps. If you accidentally slip it from your hand, it will not break into pieces if you keep the grip on. In this way, it protects your PSV.

5. Do I need to connect it with games?

The grip is just an overlay of your PS Vita. You do not need to connect with your game.

Final Words

Game lovers always want to stay updated about their gaming devices and increase their collection with spanking things. That’s why we have updated our article with advanced level grips where you can choose the best PS Vita grip L2 R2.

We have included the top five grip for PS Vita with objective and authentic information to make sure you are getting the best one.