Best PS4 Controller Mods – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Few indoor games around the world are as popular as PlayStation, regardless of ages and genders. The gaming consoles not only require skill or hand/eye coordination to play but also require the best PS4 controller Mods to hone one’s gaming ability.

Just to clarify, we are not talking about the Mods that let you cheat, but the accessories that ensure you comfortable gameplay and provide a more pleasurable experience. And of course, the high-quality PS4 controller Mods add an extra edge to your gaming skill.

If you are an amateur or a professional player, we hope that our top five Mod PS4 controllers will ease your research because we have analyzed the brands and formed up the reviews below.

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Collective Dominator PS4 Controller Mods | Strike Pack
Collective Dominator PS4 Controller Mods | Strike Pack

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Collective Minds PS4 Controller Mods | Ergonomic Fashion
Collective Minds PS4 Controller Mods | Ergonomic Fashion

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Playstation PS4 Controller Mods | Dual Shock | Four Buttons
Playstation PS4 Controller Mods | Dual Shock | Four Buttons

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Extreme Rate Dawn Remap PS4 Controller Mods | Carbon Fiber
Extreme Rate Dawn Remap PS4 Controller Mods | Carbon Fiber

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Dragon Grips PS4 Controller Mods | Self Adhesive Grip
Dragon Grips PS4 Controller Mods | Self Adhesive Grip

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Best PS4 Controller Mods Reviews

The primary purpose of the PS4 aimbot controller Mod is to ensure you a comfortable game session. Every player can find their suitable product in various shapes, colors, or types. In this segment, we will discuss the top five PS4 controllers of our choice. Keep reading on.

1. Collective Dominator PS4 Controller Mods | Strike Pack

If you want to use a PS4 controller for making your gaming experience more pleasurable, the Collective Dominator is definitely the one.  It will add an extra edge to the players who are passionate about video games. So, walloping your gaming enemy like a pro is just one step away!

We found this Mod PS4 controller more comfortable because of its precise crafting and ergonomic design. The controller Mod gives access to the optimal placement. Speaking of its comfort, the PS4 controller Mod has allowed us a definite advantage for leading on the game Fortnite.

However, keeping on using typical PS4 controller Mods was never a thing for us and so we wanted something unique. We discovered that the Collective dominator strike pack offers exceptional functionality. It expands customized features after downloading the Mod Central Windows Software.

The Collective Dominator Strike Pack is a breakthrough controller Mod. We previously used the Powtree PS4 controller strike pack, but when we ran a compare test, we discovered that the collective dominator adds more advanced functionality to your gaming controller.

Most Liking Features

This inexpensive Mod PS4 controller does an incredible development on PS4 games. It will gradually improve aiming skills on the game by improving the focus. Because its switches allow us to aim without removing the right thumb from the toggle.

Probable Drawbacks

While doing intensive research on this PS4 controller trigger Mod, we found a few red flags. We could not play games for a long time because the device heats up quickly and sometimes stops working in the middle.

Key Features 

  • Affordable for all gamers
  • High-quality switches
  • Quick response
  • Comfortable gaming experience

2. Collective Minds PS4 Controller Mods | Ergonomic Fashion

If you want to ship your gaming skill to the next level, Collective Minds PS4 Mod is the right option. It is budget-friendly and the best PS4 modded controller for a comfortable gaming experience. It may look difficult to operate with wires but if you install by following the instruction, it is praiseworthy.

The first thing about this Mod PS4 controller that impressed us is the ergonomic style. It is a precision-crafted strike pack that perfectly fits with the standard Xbox controllers. Additionally, we have seen that it ensures access to the optimal placement of paddles with a comfortable feel.

The strike pad’s paddles for quick activation during gameplay. The paddles of the PS4 aimbot controller Mod act as a shortcut to enjoy complex gaming functions. With a simple touch, the paddles offer a definitive advantage to eliminate and dominate the enemies within games.

Unlike its variant Collective Minds Eliminator Xbox Strike Pack, we did not need to purchase expensive custom controllers or any subsequent replacements. Though the former one provides high-quality grip, Collective Minds PS4 aimbot controller Mod provides fast responsive switches.

Most Liking Features

We like this PS4 controller trigger Mod for various reasons, but its super comfortable paddles make it more stand out. The paddles are made of high-quality plastic and withstand moderate pressure. All in all, those are super easy to map out.

Probable Drawbacks

We hardly faced the negative sides of this Mod PS4 controller, but one thing we could not overlook. It connects with a cord that unplugs occasionally and does not fit with other cables except for the included one.

Key Features 

  • Pre-installed unique Mods
  • Mods activate with paddles
  • Quick responsive switches
  • Easy to use

3. Playstation PS4 Controller Mods | Dual Shock | Four Buttons

Playstation PS4 controller Mod allows the user to experience crystal clear communication with teammates during gameplay with the pass-through headset. It is an outstanding attachment with no impedance to its regular functionality.

It is one of the most well-designed PS4 controller Mods that we have ever experienced. It is perfectly engineered to fit tightly with the controller.

Moreover, its comfortable adapter allows the user to trigger the back buttons very well.

The Playstation controller Mod can deliver more versatile performance and maintain the comfort of the Dualshock that we loved the most. Furthermore, the high-fidelity OLED display provides clean-cut information and enables the user to save presets to fit any game situation.

One of the finest features of this PS4 controller trigger Mod is it gives the controller similar functionality to the expensive and high-end Elite series Modded controller. Likewise, the controller Mod enables the player to remap inputs to prepare for the game in any situation.

Most Liking Features

The thing we liked the most about this PS4 controller Mod is the back button attachments that feel very comfortable. Also, the adapter provides an ergonomic way to activate the buttons keeping the full functionality of the controller intact.

Probable Drawbacks

The PS4 controller Mod is not without flaws. It may seem exclusive for the expensive ones, but sadly, it decreases the value of auto weapons and reduces the fire rate.

Key Features

  • Two tactile back buttons
  • Digital screen
  • Exclusive addition
  • Enables to choose from different presets

4. Extreme Rate Dawn Remap PS4 Controller Mods | Carbon Fiber

Do you want to know the secret of turning your typical controller into an Elite Modded controller for PS4? Well, it is nothing other than the Extreme Rate Dawn Remap PS4 controller Mod. It is an evolutionary kit that adds advanced functionality to gaming.

The controller Mod for PS4 fits perfectly with the joystick. It does not seem to be cramped for space.

However, it has a huge advantage because the player does not require to move off the paddles and triggers to access the other buttons during the shooting games.

The PS4 controller Mod includes a remapping board with four extra ergonomic buttons. It enables us to remap the fifteen buttons to the four additional buttons that we can touch with our middle fingers. Thus, we get a professional-like e-sport gamepad at an affordable price.

Overall, the best PS4 controller Mods gives a competitive edge in online gaming or tournaments. However, if you are playing professional tournaments, you can purchase the extreme rate textured PS4 controller Mod, which is a little more advanced and faster than this one.

Most Liking Features

Speaking of its preferred fact, it enables us to remap the buttons or assign them according to our comfort zone. The charging and wireless functions remained unaffected after remapping the shoulder buttons. Therefore, the Mod PS4 controller feels pretty good.

Probable Drawbacks

After using it for around one month, we saw its carbon fiber pattern started to wear off. It is really awful. Also, the buttons seem less responsive after remapping.

Key Features

  • Four ergonomic buttons
  • Easy to install
  • Fits nicely
  • Does not require soldering

5. Dragon Grips PS4 Controller Mods | Self Adhesive Grip

The Dragon grips PS4 controller Mod perfectly rejuvenates the game controllers and makes them better than new. It provides a balanced grip and fits tightly with the controller. You can elevate your gaming experience better because this grip is a perfect solution for sweaty hands or slippery controllers.

The controller grips are super sticky and stable. It does not require any glue or wax to attach. However, the foam is not just a sissy or stinky stuff. Its rubber texture provides a robust grip so that gamers can stick with the controller no matter how sweaty the hands are.

Though the grip is sturdy does not mean that application is tricky. Surprisingly, we have found out that its application process seems way too easy after following the user manual. While attaching, we heated the controller Mod with a hairdryer to make the grip moldable over the surfaces of the joystick.

All in all, it has done more improvement in our gameplay than our most used Lizard skin PS4 controller. Indeed the Dragon grips PS4 controller Mods add a standard and brand new look to the gaming controllers.

Most Liking Features

The dragon grip PS4 controller Mods provide an ultimate grip that frees the players from the fear of moisture slippage. It is a perfect balance of soft and textured surfaces. Moreover, the rubberized and self-adhesive grip sticks with controllers tightly.

Probable Drawbacks

The soft-handed young players or children may face issues with this Mod. As the surface is rough, it may cause hand soreness after playing for hours.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all category gaming controller
  • 5mm thickness
  • Covers the whole PS4 paddle
  • Comfortable in hand

Things To Consider Before Buying PS4 Controller Mods

Best PS4 Controller Mods

If you have been using a gaming console for so long, you know the necessity of using the high-quality PS4 controller Mods very well. But quality assurance is too important.

In this segment, we have narrated the essential points you need to pay attention to while buying PS4 controller Mods for yourself.


The most significant thing you should consider is adhesion. The PS4 controller trigger Mod needs to fit tightly with the controller. If the adhesion is not robust, it will move a lot and cause disturbance to the player while shooting or aiming. You can check our review on polyurethane caulk for concrete.


The quality assurance of a PS4 controller trigger Mod comes before anything! You need to make sure if its quality is up to the mark. The high-quality grips for PS4 controllers do not wear out and remain intact for a long time. Also, visit our recommendation list of third-party Gamecube controllers.


Nothing is better than a comfortable Mod for a PS4 controller for a gamer. Therefore, make sure to purchase the comfortable and soft controller Mods for your favorite PS4. If you use comfortable Mods, it will add no disturbance during a long time of gameplay.


Generally, the PS4 controller Mod has its own weight that a player can easily carry or move. If you add PS4 controller Mods to your joystick, make sure to use lightweight or almost weightless ones. Because it will be very uncomfortable to play if the Mods add weight to your controller.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is there any chance of getting banned after using PS4 controller Mods?

Absolutely not.

If you use this for button remapping in a tournament, there will be no chance of getting banned.

2. Can I use it with normal controllers?


You can use the PS4 controller Mods with your regular or normal controllers.

3. How long can I adjust PS4 controller Mods?

The installation procedure is straightforward.

You can easily adjust it with your controller by following the simple procedure of the user manual.

4. Can I remap the paddles?

Of course, you can.

You can remap the paddles to be any buttons, as well as trigger or arrow from D-pad according to your comfort zone.

5. How does the best PS4 modded controller help the users?

It will help the users in various ways depending on the games. All in all, the controller Mods help with aiming, shooting, editing presets, and so on!

Final Words

Game lovers might not find the perfect accessories the first time. Therefore, you need to run a comparison test among several types of Mods to find one of the best PS4 controller Mods that suit you.

We hope that the stated information will greatly improve your knowledge when it comes to buying a new PS4 controller Mod.

Happy Gaming!