Top 5 Best PTAC Units – The Must Have Selection for 2023

A packaged terminal air conditioner is essential if you live in an area where the climate is humid and sticky in all parts of the year. Generally, it is a type of self-contained heating pump that balances the air condition.

When the temperature rises, your home becomes uncomfortable unless you install the best PTAC units. It is the most reliable way to beat the heat. However, it may be your concern now to get the right home depot PTAC units to cool your home during the unpleasant weather.

You will discover various brands of in-wall air conditioning systems to set up in your home, hotels, hospitals, etc. Each unit varies in terms of power, energy efficiency, cost, quality, etc. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to determine the suitable one for you.

Hence, our research team went through many tests and research to pick out the most convenient PTAC air conditioners for you. Let’s dig into our article to see what wE have for you.

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Amana PTAC Units Air Conditioner | Digismart Control Board
Amana PTAC Units Air Conditioner | Digismart Control Board

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Cooper & Hunter PTAC Units | Heat Pump With Dehumidifier
Cooper & Hunter PTAC Units | Heat Pump With Dehumidifier

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Frigidaire PTAC Units | Heat Pump | Electronic Display
Frigidaire PTAC Units | Heat Pump | Electronic Display

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Cooper & Hunter Home Depot PTAC Units | Electric Cords
Cooper & Hunter Home Depot PTAC Units | Electric Cords

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GE Zoneline PTAC Unit For Hotels | Easy Mounting | LED Display
GE Zoneline PTAC Unit For Hotels | Easy Mounting | LED Display

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Best PTAC Units Reviews

In this segment, we have rounded up the top five home depot PTAC units out of so many different options. We have stated below and elaborated the reasons why we like them the most. So, have a look at our comprehensive buying guide about PTAC air conditioners below.

1. Amana PTAC Units Air Conditioner | Digismart Control Board

If you want an ideal packaged terminal air conditioner for your office, hotel, or hospital, the Amana PTAC units will be suitable for you. Its impressive cooling ability, innovative connectivity, and long life span are what you are looking for. It also saves energy, so no need to worry about electricity bills!

You will be stunned to know that this brand is ruling the industry for over 35 years! The only reason for its being famous for a long time is its quality maintenance. The good news is, you do not need to pay much for this excellent product as it comes at a very reasonable price.

You can never go wrong choosing this sleek-looking PTAC unit for hotel rooms or offices. It instantly can cold up the entire room at 15000 BTU. Additionally, you can set this up in bedrooms, studios, or hall rooms. No matter where you settle this through-the-wall AC, it will equally perform better.

Another mindblowing feature of the Amana PTAC air conditioners is the 3.5kw heat strip. It is inside the air handler and helps the heating output when the outdoor temperature goes low. Additionally, you will not even realize that the air conditioner is turned on because it does not create noise.

Key Features 

  • Energy-saving PTC
  • 15000 BTU
  • AHRI certified
  • 5kw heat strip

2. Cooper & Hunter PTAC Units | Heat Pump With Dehumidifier

If you are looking for PTAC  units with updated technology and features, you should go for the Cooper & Hunter packaged terminal unit. It is one of the best PTAC units for hotels, motels, offices, or residential purposes.

The Cooper & Hunter is one satisfactory solution for renters who want to take their air conditioner when they move. It contains so many unique functions that you can efficiently operate. Furthermore, its standard size allows you to mount it on the existing wall sleeve or grille.

The 15000 BTU PTAC units will quickly cool down a room. At such a reasonable, this range is good enough. Additionally, the machine is clever enough to spread the cooling effect in every corner of your room. This feature is the most significant plus point for you.

Another plus of the PTAC air conditioners is it does not require ducting. It comes with a ductless solution that enables you to slide it into the wall simply. However, it includes a heating pump with a dehumidifier inside, which allows it to work as a heating and cooling solution.

All in all, air conditioner PTAC is a perfect solution for commercial or residential purposes. You can use it both in summer and winter for its self-contained heating and air conditioning system.  You can check our review on thumb pick.

Key Features

  • Auto defrost and restart function
  • LED display
  • Digital temperature control
  • Heating and cooling solution

3. Frigidaire PTAC Units | Heat Pump | Electronic Display

Our another favorite pick is Frigidaire PTAC units. It performs more pleasantly than its price. When you consider the PTAC air conditioners for lower power consumption, the other brands will fail miserably. Its heating and cooling effect can treat a large hotel room or apartment.

The first thing about this air conditioner PTAC that will impress you the most is quick temperature adjustment. You do not need to wait long to enjoy its cooling effect because it conditions the air as quickly as possible. You can control the temperature level with a simple touch of a button.

Also, its two speedy fans spread the air in two directions. Though it has two speedy fans inside, it does not create any noise at all. However, the air conditioner includes two air filters at the front, and those are washable anytime.

The manufacturer has included all the advanced technology to make this more unique and better than the others. It has an easy-to-read LED display that shows the temperature reading. Furthermore, the air conditioner PTAC allows you simple regulation of the interior temperature.

The liquid agents inside the coils make the air cold as possible. You do not need to worry about the adverse effects because the liquid agents are environment friendly. Thus, when you are ready to install it, just slide it into the place, and it is good to go.

Key Features

  • Two direction fans
  • Works and air cooler and heater
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Easy mounting

4. Cooper & Hunter Home Depot PTAC Units | Electric Cords

If you want to deal with a quick installation process that goes perfectly for hotels or residential rooms, this one will be the right option for you. The Cooper & Hunter home depot PTAC units are well-known for the effortless installation process.

It is entirely unexpected to find a wall-mounted air conditioner that runs without creating any noise. But Cooper & Hunter packaged terminal surprised us. We were so satisfied to experience its noise-free performance. Once you buy an air conditioner PTAC, you will be happy with your decision.

Temperature control is no big deal with the PTAC Units because it offers an easy manual. Hence if you are new in operating the PTAC unit, you will not get puzzled because it includes a quick setup and controlling guide. You can also check our review on the outdoor faucet.

You can settle the machine in hotels, bedrooms, or hospitals regardless of area coverage because it can cover up to 450 square feet. Besides, moving with this machine will not bother you if you are a rental as its lightweight makes it easy to carry.

Air conditioner PTAC is built to serve you longer than you imagine. From quality to the internal system, other PTAC brands will hardly beat Cooper & Hunter.

Key Features

  • Long lifespan
  • Quick installation
  • Heat pump with dehumidifier
  • Power cord included

5. GE Zoneline PTAC Unit For Hotels | Easy Mounting | LED Display

If you are well-known for high-quality PTAC brands, you may have stumbled upon the GE Zoneline brand many times. It will quickly cool down or heat up the room and turn the ambiance comfortable for you. Now, let us show you its excellent features.

With 14,200 BTU, it is a perfect choice for both offices and bedrooms.  Its cooling power is adequate to cover an area of up to 400 square feet.

The air circulates all over the room and helps you feel the right temperature for your needs and spaces.

The air conditioner has air filters inside that you can wash anytime. The principal purpose of the filters is to trap airborne particles and bacterias. In this way, it keeps the air clean and odor-free. You do not need to worry about energy bills because it saves energy.

This through-the-wall air conditioner comes at an ideal size, not too big or not too large. Furthermore, it is movable and lightweight. Therefore you can replace it anytime in any corner of your room without facing much hassle.

Overall, we have seen that it works great to keep the environment clean apart from conditioning the air. Therefore you can undoubtedly go for this one if the budget is not an issue for you.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Moveable and lightweight
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Air filters included

Things To Consider Before Buying PTAC Units

Best PTAC Units

PTAC units play a vital role in balancing the air condition inside the room. If you look through all the brands available in the market, you will see that not all of them contain features that may not fit your needs.

We have mentioned some essential points below so that you can get an instant glimpse of choosing the right one. Let’s get to know them.


The first thing you need to determine is the size of the packaged terminal air conditioner. If you are placing it on a window or wall unit, you have to measure the height and weight of the machine and make sure you pick the compatible one.

Size measurement is also beneficial to consider the weight of the home depot PTAC units as it will decide if you can move it in need.

Energy Saving

Electricity consumption is a challenging thing nowadays. If you want to economize your electricity bill by saving energy, go for the one that offers an energy-saving mode. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of power and your money as well.

Noise Production

If you are a lighter sleeper or keep talking over the phone, it is irritating to purchase the units that create a loud noise when turned on. Therefore, it is wise to get a sense of noise level before purchasing one.

Area Coverage

While purchasing a PTAC unit, make sure to check its cooling power. An appropriate cooling power is necessary as it determines how much area will the air conditioner cover.

The through-the-wall ACs use BTU(British Thermal Unit) as the cooling capacity measurement. The higher the BTU, the more are the AC can cover.


Another essential consideration while buying a unit is how much you are willing to spend. However, how much you pay determines how much benefit you will get or how powerful the PTAC unit will be. Also, you need to think about the accessories you need to buy to set it up.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the PTAC unit?

The abbreviation of the PTAC unit is Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. It is a type of AC that contains a heating and cooling system. It is widely used in hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, spa rooms, etc.

2. Where can I situate the PTAC unit?

You can situate a PTAC unit on window walls or masonry walls.

3. Where can I use PTAC units?

You can use the PTAC unit in motels,  apartment buildings, senior housing facilities, hospitals, condominiums, add-on rooms, hotels, and sunrooms.

4. Are the best PTAC units for home save energy?

It depends. Some brands are energy-efficient, and some are not. If you want the energy-saving unit, take a concerned look at the description label.

5. How do the PTAC units work?

Generally, the PTAC units use energy to push a refrigerant through it and take the heat out through a vent. Its air filters trap the airborne particles and bacterias to keep the air clean and dust-free.

Final Words

The PTAC units are the most innovative way o create an ideal environment in any weather. You can enjoy the warmth in winter and cold in summer. Therefore, when you invest in a unit, it is essential to ensure your purchase if the unit passes through your tests.

After all, if you want to get the best PTAC units, take your time to consider all the factors above and choose the suitable one. We hope that our guidelines will help you get the one that fits your need, no matter where you live.