Best Salt Water Taffy – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

Are you a sweet lover? You may follow a strict diet chart, but everyone craves something sweet on their cheat days. You can keep a few pieces of salt water taffy in your pocket while watching a movie, walking on broadway, or spending family time on a beach.

With that in mind, we have been through the entire collection to bring out the best salt water taffy brands around the market. We have encountered the top five available salt water taffy online or physical store in today’s article.

Various brands offer machine-made taffies, and some provide handmade ones. You will see mesmerizing packaging of the plane or twisted taffies. Considering the price and quality, we have rounded the tastiest salt water taffy candies below.

If you do not want to go wrong with the purchase, keep reading below.

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Sweet's Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavor | Non-Sticky
Sweet's Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavor | Non-Sticky

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First Choice Candy Salt Water Taffy | All Flavor Gourmet
First Choice Candy Salt Water Taffy | All Flavor Gourmet

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Taffy Town Gourmet Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavors
Taffy Town Gourmet Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavors

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Smarty Shop Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Individually Wrapped
Smarty Shop Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Individually Wrapped

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Forbes Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Gluten Free Candies
Forbes Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Gluten Free Candies

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Best Salt Water Taffy Reviews

We have brainstormed the market and picked the most valuable salt taffies that you can try. You will get to know the top five available salt water taffy online or physical stores in this segment. Let’s face them.

1. Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavor | Non-Sticky

You can never get tired of having various flavored candies if it is the Sweet’s salt water taffy. This traditional candy is an excellent combination of cornstarch, syrup, and refreshing flavors. After putting a piece in your mouth, it will explode with flavor.

The Sweet’s taffy comes in a pack of ten different flavors, including chocolate, orange, banana, cinnamon, and so on. The packet contains 210 pieces with 20/21 of each flavor. The candies are individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper and assorted in a large plastic bag.

You can keep a good amount of these candies in your fridge to meet your sweet-tooth craving at night.

Its subtle sweetness and flavourful bite will make you want more. However, the candy will not meltdown if you keep it outside the refrigerator.

Each flavor of Sweet’s salt water taffy is spot on and fresh. When you take a candy, it will feel firm. But once you put it in your mouth, it will feel soft and chewy. The collection of flavors in one bag will literary take you on an adventure.

The Sweet’s salt water taffy’s candy is an assortment of refreshing flavors. The manufacturer combined all the fresh flavors in one packet that you can get at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Key Features 

  • Assortment of refreshing flavors
  • Ten different flavors
  • Soft and chewy
  • Does not melt at room temperature

2. First Choice Candy Salt Water Taffy | All Flavor Gourmet

If you are looking for a candy bag full of the best salt water taffy flavors, look no further than First choice gourmet candy. When you sit to eat the candy, you will end up eating the entire packet without knowing it because the candies are so damn yummy!

Do you remember enjoying a big bag of salt water taffy at a family excursion to the shore in childhood? The First Choice candy will bring back all those memories to life whenever you take a bite of this flavorful candy.

One packet of salt water candy is an assortment of ten different flavors. You will get raspberry, peach, strawberry, banana, pear, etc.

All your favorite fruity flavors in one plastic bag. Also, it includes cinnamon, peppermint, licorice, etc., wild and unique flavors.

The candies have a minimal amount of sugar and fat with a perfect blend of corn syrup, sugar, evaporated milk, flavors, etc. If you are sensitive to extreme sweetness, you can have these assorted candies. All in all, this bag full of flavorful candies is genuinely delightful for everyone.

The sum of the flavors worth the money you spend on it. It is indeed a great deal to get all the desired flavors in one taffy’s candy packet that is too affordable. You can check our article on PS Vita grip.

Key Features

  • Subtle sweetness
  • Ten different flavors
  • Refreshing taste
  • A minimal amount of sugar

3. Taffy Town Gourmet Salt Water Taffy | Assorted Flavors

If you are a salt taffy lover, it is pretty obvious that you have heard about Taffy Town candies. It has been offering delicious gourmet candies for around a century! For these long years, the manufacturer is known for its dedication towards taffy excellence.

The company did not compromise with the flavors, and that’s what makes the candies more delicious. Once you taste the salt water taffies, you will experience a good balance of flavors and sweetness. For the authentic gourmet taste, the company is famous in the worldwide market.

The price tag absolutely does justice with the value of Taffy Town. You will have five pounds of a plastic bag with different luscious candies at once! Each pack contains all the fruity flavors, including banana, orange, peppermint, watermelon, apple, and what not!

You will also get to taste cinnamon, vanilla, root beer, chocolate, Neapolitan, etc., soothing flavors. All in all, you will receive a bag full of 400/500 pieces of mouthwatering candies! The candies are soft, chewy, and once you take a bite, it magically melts and bursts the flavors all around your mouth.

It will be tough for you to choose one taste to go because all the flavors are yummy. Therefore, one morsel of taffy’s candy is enough to drive you crazy! Also, have a look at our OM guitar review.

Key Features

  • Soft and chewy
  • Reasonable price
  • Finest gourmet candy
  • All flavors together

4. Smarty Shop Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Individually Wrapped

We are now talking about the salt water taffy from Smarty Shop. It will instantly give a fresh and energetic vibe even in summer. Everything in this candy is so smoothly blended that it will melt in your mouth like soft cotton candy!

If you are planning for a surprise gift to your sweet lover friend, make a bouquet of Smarty Shop assorted salt water taffy. To be honest, he or she will consider it as the most favorite gift! You can also serve it to the birthday party or wedding guests. They will love the taste a lot.

If this is the first time you are testing salt water from the Smarty Shop, you will only end up sticking with this one. The candies taste too delicious and different from other ones. Its luscious taste will melt you no matter how bad your mood is.

Unlike other brands, it does not feel hard though it looks like hard candy. The ingredients of this salt water taffy’s candy are smooth and perfectly blended. You will not find any texture or cannot even find any smell of the flavors. But once you swallow, the flavor will explode inside your mouth.

Key Features

  • Great for gifting
  • Nine different taste
  • Smooth and blended
  • Melts like cotton candy

5. Forbes Assorted Salt Water Taffy | Gluten Free Candies

Are you having salt water taffy but not enjoying it due to its bland taste? Try out the Forbes assorted salt water taffy. You will experience the authentic and grandma-style taste from this brand because Forbes makes the candies in traditional methods.

The manufacturer used the most refined flavors to make the candies more delicious. They have made the salt water taffies in the traditional “pull and stretch” way.

You will encounter a rich and flavorful confection after tasting this taffy.

The candies neither include harmful food colors, chemicals, nor gluten. You or your children will not suffer from health disorders after having a bulk amount of these salt water taffies. Because of this reason, the company is leading the industry for around a century.

The packet includes 80 pieces of candies, each with a different flavor. You can serve it to the guests at a party or family gatherings and picnics. Everyone can choose flavors according to their choices, and they will love the taste.

It is pretty impossible to find traditional taste in today’s candies. But Forbes makes it possible for you. As they follow an authentic salt water taffy recipe, you will experience its original flavor. You can also find the Forbes salt water taffy online.

Key Features

  • Traditional taste
  • 80 pieces pack
  • Good balance of flavors
  • Gluten-free

Things To Consider Before Buying Salt Water Taffy

Best Salt Water Taffy

You should keep a few pointers in mind before purchasing saltwater taffy online or physical store. If you do so, you will find the salt water taffy in the world to sate your sweet tooth without stressing the ingredients, quality, and most importantly, the taste.

Expiry date

Whenever you buy edible things, the first thing you have to check is their expiry date. The same goes for candies. However, the salt water taffies hold their flavor till the expiry date lasts. You can keep it in a vacuum bag, inside or outside a refrigerator. Hence, no matter what method you maintain to store, you should follow the expiry date.

If you buy and eat the candies after the expiration, it may cause food poisoning.


While purchasing a salt water taffy’s candy pack, follow the ingredients written on the attached label. It is better to check if the ingredients are healthy, includes chemical or not, the type of flavors are used in it, etc. Also, you should check the health value of the ingredients, such as calories, fat, sugar level, etc.


No matter what flavor you like, all the assorted salt water taffies include the same main ingredients. Generally, the salt water taffy is made with sugar, water, corn syrup, vegetable oil, natural extracts, etc. Then the manufacturer differs the tastes by adding flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and so on!

Therefore you will get different flavors assorted together.

Suger level

While purchasing candies, make sure to look at the sugar level. You will notice this while going through the ingredient list. It is essential to be sure of the sugar quantity because some people cannot intake sugar.

Therefore, you should choose the products after checking the phrases like- zero sugar, low carbs, or low glycemic content.


It is always wise to go for the branded products, especially when the matter comes to food.  You should never compromise the quality of edible goods. Therefore, look for salt water taffy online that are well established for their quality, certified, and safe for consumption.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are toffee and taffy the same?

They sound pretty similar, but they are not the same.

Toffee is a morsel of caramelized sugar, where taffy is made of corn syrup, fruit flavors, natural extracts, and oils. Therefore, taffy is entirely distinct from toffee.

2. Does salt water taffy feel sticky?

Absolutely not.

Though the salt water taffy is soft and chewy candy, it is not sticky at all.

3. Does the salt water taffy include eggs?

Many think that the salt water taffy has eggs in it because it feels soft. But the truth is, it does not include egg.

4. Are the best salt water taffy flavors vegan?

The salt water taffy follows butter and other controversial ingredients, which means it is not vegan.

5. Can a diabetic patient eat salt water taffy?

Some taffies are sugar-free or include sugar-free sweeteners, which cause no harm to diabetic patients.

Final Words

Some things are tastier when they are sweet. Salt water taffy is one of them. Regardless of flavors, the salt water taffies always bring back childhood memories of the summer excursion you spent with family on the seashore.

With the history of sweetness, the salt water taffies have always been a top pick of the grandma’s to today’s kids. Because the best salt water taffy genuinely does wonder to the sweet-tooth.