Top 5 Best Scope Bubble Level – A List from The Expert

Whether you are a professional or amateur shooter, it doesn’t matter; you only need the right bubble level to get better accuracy at your every shooting.

If you go with a random scope bubble level and expect the exact accuracy, sorry to say it doesn’t work this way. To get better accuracy, visibility, and durability, you must choose the best scope bubble level.

Finding the bubble level somewhat a taxing job since there are tons of similar levels out there. However, to make your job easy, we have narrowed the list of the top 5 scope bubble levels.

Let’s scroll down to your desired bubble level.

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Vortex Optics Scope Bubble Level | 30-mm | Available Size
Vortex Optics Scope Bubble Level | 30-mm | Available Size

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GHHJX Solid G Scope Bubble Level | Magnetic | Set of 2
GHHJX Solid G Scope Bubble Level | Magnetic | Set of 2

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Lone Star Precision Scope Bubble Level | 34mm | Anti-Cant
Lone Star Precision Scope Bubble Level | 34mm | Anti-Cant

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Higoo Scope Bubble Level | Picatinny Waver Rail | 20mm
Higoo Scope Bubble Level | Picatinny Waver Rail | 20mm

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Mercu Metal 20mm Scope Bubble Level | Anti Cant | Mount Kit
Mercu Metal 20mm Scope Bubble Level | Anti Cant | Mount Kit

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Best Scope Bubble Level Reviews

In this segment, we have reviewed these selected scope bubble levels with detailed features and specifications. Indeed, it will help you to make your buying decision easy. Let’s get started.

1. Vortex Optics Scope Bubble Level | 30-mm | Available Size

What is the good way to kick off the list, bubble level from a reliable brand, right? If you think so, let’s move forward with us. Vortex brought this optics rifle scope bubble levels for professional and beginner shooters.

Being an American, Vortex keeps their product quality up to the mark as they committed. That’s why Vortex is a brand that can be trusted completely. And it is a dominating brand in the optical accessories world.

Vortex has engineered this scope bubble level for 30-mm riflescope tubes. So, you should determine the measurement of the rifles before buying.

However, if you need a different size besides 30-mm, then you will find two different sizes on their websites.

The main motto of the vortex level is giving you 100% precision on your every shooting. So, if you are going for long-distance shooting or hunting, you will get the maximum performance out of it.

Sometimes bubbles cause potential errors due to the canted rifles. However, you will not find such issues here. This bubble level can eliminate the potential errors and provide perfect balance at the same time.

To make the mounting easy, it comes in a round mounting shape. And the necessary accessories are included in the pack. So, you can easily mount the level.

Key Features

  • Perfect for 30-mm riflescope tube
  • It has other two available size
  • Eliminate all potential errors
  • Make sure whether the rifle position is vertical

2. GHHJX Solid G Scope Bubble Level | Magnetic | Set of 2

Though you are budget-friendly and still uncompromising about the quality of the scope bubble level, then this would be the most suitable level for you. Let’s see what it comes with.

GHHJX has manufactured the bubble to make sure it is 100% accurate. And this pack is included with two levels. So you can level up your rifles and scope at the same time. Isn’t it interesting?

Like Leupold scope bubble level, the GHHJX has used acrylic materials to make the bubble shell. Besides, they fill the level with viscous fluid so that the shooter can easily read it.

The most attractive part of this is its magnetic level. A strong magnet is included at the bottom of the level. As a result, you can level the rifles by keeping your hands free. It means, place the level on the rifles and get ready for your shoot.

Interestingly, this scope bubble level comes in a compact size. That means you can easily store and transport the level. Both small and big level dimensions are 1.5×0.6×0.6inch and 2.2×0.9×0.8inch, respectively.

Therefore, if you look for the best scope level at an affordable price, you can undoubtedly go with this one.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective pack
  • Shell is made of acrylic materials
  • Viscous fluid ensures easy reading
  • Level your rifles and scope simultaneously

3. Lone Star Precision Scope Bubble Level | 34mm | Anti-Cant

While buying scope level, if your first priority is about the quality of the level, then you need not to search around. Lone Star understands what you need for your precise shooting skill and ensures all premium features on it.

To know about the manufacture is equally important while choosing the bubble level, right? In this case, you can rely on this level as it is designed and manufactured by a renowned USA company.

Lone Star Precision has engineered the level for a 34mm riflescope tube.

However, if you want to use it on different rifles, then you will find every possible size on their web page. So, getting a perfect size wouldn’t be an issue.

Lone Star Precision has used Aircraft-grade 6061-T Aluminum to manufacture the level. As a result, it got a long lifespan and gave you the exact precision while shooting. Plus, it will make sure the tolerance is less than 0.0005 inches like accuracy 1st scope level.

To ensure maximum visibility, the manufacturer designed the level with a bubble level indicator of 3 inches. So, it will clearly show you the exact level and help to get your position better. Plus, it can easily fit with all modular rail systems.

If you choose the level, then you will enjoy 100% customer satisfaction since they offered a lifetime warranty for this scope level.

Key Features

  • Bubble indicator for 34mm
  • Used 6061-T Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • 3 Inch bubble indicator gives move visibility
  • Designed to fit all modular rail system
  • Lifetime product warranty

4. Higoo Scope Bubble Level | Picatinny Waver Rail | 20mm

Are you looking for the best scope bubble level for your Picatinny Waver Rail Rifle Scope? Then don’t miss this collection. In fact, the Higoo bubble level is well known for Picatinny. Let’s reveal it.

Due to their product performance, Higoo is dominating the shooting industry. Their bubble is popular in giving perfect precision for professional or beginner shooters. That means shooting precision is guaranteed.

Besides using the Picatinny Waver Rail Rifle Scope, you can use the bubble level for other rifles. For instance, this bubble is perfectly compatible with real fire caliber and air rifles as well.

The main advantage of having this bubble is its wide adjustment setting. You can comfortably adjust on after, before, or under the scope. In wherever you place the bubble, it will not impact the indication.

If you want to get the bore and reticle alignment at a glance, you can attach the scope bubble to the Picatinny or Waver dovetail.

Now let’s come to the price. In terms of price and quality, this bubble level will never let you down. You can buy this scope level at an affordable price. And the quality and precision are guaranteed for this level.

Key Features

  • Design for 20mm Picatinny or Waver rail
  • Provides maximum shock resistance
  • Anti-cant ensured maximum leveling
  • A cost-effective scope bubble level

5. Mercu Metal 20mm Scope Bubble Level | Anti Cant | Mount Kit

Last but not least scope bubble level is from the Mercu brand. The manufacturer ensured everything on this bubble level that a professional shooter needed. Let’s see what it offers for you.

Mercu has designed this bubble level for 20mm Picatinny Weave Rifle Scope. Besides, they have used high graded aluminum materials to manufacture the level. And ensued a quality shell and visible fluid on it.

The fascinating feature of this bubble level is its shock resistance. It can provide you maximum shock resistance regardless of the shooting ground. Now there is no impediment to get a better shot.

Though you are choosing this level for your weave or Picatinny rifles scope, that does not mean you can’t use it for other rifles. This is not true for this one. You can use the scope level on air rifles or real fire caliber along with Picatinny.

Moreover, Mercu bubble level is compatible with a 30mm lead rail. Plus, if you want to get the reticle alignment and bore, then attach it directly to the weaver/Picatinny dovetail.

Therefore, The price of this scope bubble level is not as high as other levels. With an affordable budget, you can enjoy absolute shooting precision.

Key Features

  • Anti-cant ensures better leveling
  • Make sure maximum shock resistance
  • It can be used on air rifles and real fire caliber
  • It can be placed under, before, and after the scope

Things to Consider Before Buying Scope Bubble Level

Best Scope Bubble Level

While buying some shooting gear, you need to consider some crucial factors beforehand. Otherwise, you will not have a better shooting experience or come up with a frustrated producer.

To reduce your buying hassle, you have to get together such factors so that you can easily find the best scope level. You may also like some of the glock 17 holster from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Visibility & Color

One of the important aspects of these scope bubble levels is their visibility. If the indicator is not visible enough in day time or night, it would be a real mess while shooting. And if you come with such a low visible indicator, then what is the point to have such a level?

That’s why evaluating the color and visibility of the level is important. Always try to choose a bright color bubble level that can be visible in every situation. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the lead sled.


Though you are choosing a bubble level for specific rifles, that does not indicate you can’t use the level for other rifles. That’s why you should choose a versatile scope bubble level so that you can make maximum use of it.

If you own a variety of rifles, then you should check the compatibility of the level. If the level covers a wide range of rifles, then you can save your extra penny too.

Size and Design

There are different sizes of bubble levels available in the market. The size and shape of the bubble level can be different according to the scope size. So, find the perfect size which will suit you most.

Besides, you will find some different designs of scope level such as flatline ops level, holland scope level and so on. It could be in a circular shape or straight to fit in the rail.


Using materials of the level indicates the quality and longevity. Most of the manufacturers used aircraft-grade aluminum for the bubble level. Plus, they used some quality shell on it. And they used some quality fluid to make it more visible. So, you should check whether these things are okay.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I choose these levels for a 30mm riflescope?

Yes, you can.

There are a variety of sizes available here. So, you can find your desired size level in each manufacturer’s store.

2. What materials are used for making a scope bubble level?

The main manufacturing materials of these bubble levels are aluminum. They have used aircraft-grade aluminum for the level’s frame. That’s how it provides longevity.

3. Can I see the level in the gloomy environment?

Yes, of course.

But you need to choose the most visible one. Otherwise, you might not get the proper visibility during night shooting.

4. Are these products reliable to buy?

Yes, you can go on. These listed bubble levels are made of aluminum materials. And the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. So, there are no such issues to buy them.

5. What is the price range of the best scope level?

The price of these levels is in the buying range. We have always preferred the quality product which also offers the best price. So, you will find your intended one for sure.

Final Words

Whether you are choosing a scope bubble level for professional or beginning purposes, you have to always stand with the quality one. You can’t perform to your ultimate if you choose the ordinary level. That’s why choosing the best scope bubble level is mandatory.

I hope that you have already found your desired scope bubble level as you have scrolled through the article.

Have a Precise Shot!