Best Screwdriver for PC Building – Top 5 Picks in 2023

Do you want to build your PC on your own and save some extra money from hiring others while also getting the satisfaction of buying your PC? Might you be looking for an ideal set of screwdrivers for the task?

We know that buying a screwdriver may seem easy at first hand, but it is not that easy after all. There are different variables that one needs to look for before buying a set of screwdrivers.

Worry no more as our expert research team has researched and listed down the best screwdriver for PC building available in the market. These screwdrivers have been selected based on many customer pain points.

We indeed believe this article will relate to many of your pain points and give you the right direction in buying one set of screwdrivers. So, let’s move on.

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ORIA Screwdriver for PC Building | Ergonomic
ORIA Screwdriver for PC Building | Ergonomic

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XOOL Screwdriver for PC Building | Portable
XOOL Screwdriver for PC Building | Portable

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CREMAX Screwdriver for PC Building | Handy
CREMAX Screwdriver for PC Building | Handy

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Kaisi Screwdriver for PC Building | Multifunctional
Kaisi Screwdriver for PC Building | Multifunctional

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Goocher Screwdriver for PC Building | Perfect Option
Goocher Screwdriver for PC Building | Perfect Option

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Best Screwdriver For PC Building Reviews

In this section, we have listed down the top five screwdriver for PC building. We have shortlisted these products based on the price, quality, durability, and other essential factors.

1. ORIA Screwdriver for PC Building | Ergonomic

Suppose you are looking for a professional screwdriver set that will be used for PC building and repairing most other electronics. In that case, ORIA precision is the right choice for you. ORIA provides better functionality than any other PC building screwdriver.

One of the most valuable features of this screwdriver for PC building is that its multifunctionality.

ORIA computer building screwdriver houses about 60 professional screwdriver hand tools, which can be used to repair almost every piece of electronic equipment.

ORIA provides you with a multi-magnetic screwdriver set. Each of the professional parts you will get with ORIA is made of premium chrome-vanadium steel, making every aspect durable and long-lasting.

To reach the furthest places, ORIA has included a flexible shaft. The shaft will allow you to bend in different areas that are harder to reach. It also provides better convenience while working for stereo or other large electronics.

Finally, of course, you get an ergonomic handle to smoothen your work. You get all of these in a portable form factor like no other screwdriver for PC building. ORIA is an excellent choice to pick.

Key Features

  • 60 in 1 unique toolset.
  • Durable parts.
  • Extension rod.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Better portability.

2. XOOL Screwdriver for PC Building | Portable

Everyone wants a screwdriver set that will be handy in almost every repair or maintenance job. If you are looking for that type of screwdriver or just the right screwdriver for PC building, then XOOL is the ideal pc building screwdriver for you.

If you want better functionality in every place, XOOL assures you that with its set of 56 professional parts for its screwdriver.

The parts and the overall screwdriver are designed to be used for several works and used by anyone from noob to professional.

Multifunctionality is the main focus area of this screwdriver for PC building. Anyone can use it for any task, from even the lightest of tasks to the most challenging tasks. The toolset will help you do all your works with much ease and in a short time.

All of the 56 parts of the best electric screwdriver for pc building set are made of high-grade CR-V steel that makes every part tough, hard, durable, and long-lasting. The parts are of the ideal size that will fit in your work easily.

XOOL also houses a flexible extension that can be used to reach even the most unimagined places. The magnetic tip is strong enough to handle almost anything and has higher retention than any PC building screwdriver. All in all, this can be a great addition to your tools collection too.

Key Features

  • Durable parts
  • Good grade pincettes.
  • Ultra-portable.
  • Strong magnetism.

3. CREMAX Screwdriver for PC Building | Handy

A handy screwdriver set for a variety of functions is what every repairing enthusiast needs. Not so professional or expert repairer will need a good set of screwdriver for PC building to ease his work. CREMAX 10 pieces screwdriver can be an excellent choice for this.

Even though it comes with only ten pieces, CREMAX will give you full multifunctionality like the other professional screwdrivers in the market.

CREMAX can be used for repair works, maintenance, workshop assembly, automotive and last but not least, computers.

The tips of the screwdriver for PC building are highly magnetic and are strong enough to catch and attract the screws. This makes the job easier for separating the screws effectively. The tip is also anti-rust which is a significant relief for every customer.

What is more interesting is that you can magnetize and demagnetize at your wish. A function like this adds more flexibility in working. CREMAX also uses premium steel for its screwdriver and parts, which makes it long-lasting.

You will also love the packaging. CREMAX screwdriver set comes in a beautiful box with handles that increase its portability. Finally, the handle is a nonslip handle which is an essential feature. CREMAX is a very suitable choice for everyday small workers.

Key Features

  • Boxed packaging.
  • Ten pieces set.
  • Premium steel.
  • Demagnetizing tip.

4. Kaisi Screwdriver for PC Building | Multifunctional

Many of us look for screwdrivers that are more professional, contain many parts, and useable in almost all sorts of equipment. If you are such a person, then find no more. Kaisi is the best screwdriver for PC building that you will find suitable for your need.

Kaisi houses around 111 parts that can be used in places where you could not imagine it. However, it does not make it hard to operate.

Instead, all these options have made it easy for anyone to use this screwdriver according to their convenience.

You can use this screwdriver for almost all equipment. Be it PC building, your MacBook’s patented screws, or any other household equipment, Kaisi has got just the part for your every need. Needless to say that all of these parts and the screwdriver are made of high-quality CR-V steel for more extended durability.

Kaisi screwdriver for PC building has an excellent ergonomic design that makes it easier for the user to hold it for long times. It also has a unique press and push design handle. Interestingly, you will get additional pieces of parts that are used more frequently.

All of these comes in a convenient storage bag that makes them easier to carry. Undoubtedly, Kaisi is an excellent option to choose from for your need.

Key Features

  • One hundred eleven pieces set.
  • Humanized design.
  • Unique functionality.
  • Broad use.

5. Goocher Screwdriver for PC Building | Perfect Option

Goocher is a well-known name in the domain of screwdriver for PC building. If you want a good set of screwdriver set that will give you the maximum benefit and comfort in your everyday works or even professional jobs, this is the ideal screwdriver.

Goocher gives you a wide range of applications. Even if you are an amateur who needs to use a screwdriver for everyday repair works, Goocher is the ideal choice for you.

You can quickly assemble every part of your computer with this screwdriver for PC building.

The toolkit is handy and comes in a box. The tools are designed, placed, and arranged in such a way so that it is easy for you to organize your tasks. All in all, the screwdriver set is very much handy and portable.

The screwdriver for PC building comes with an extension rod built with a pull and push design. It also houses a booster design so that you can reach the furthest of places. It comes with silicone nonslip handles and anti-static tweezers, which are suitable for your job.

The screwdriver and its parts are made of chrome vanadium that is ultra-durable and hard enough. The storage box is also built with good-grade materials. Overall, a Goocher screwdriver will be a perfect option to go with.

Key Features

  • Wide applications.
  • Durable and hard parts.
  • Suitable for tough jobs.
  • A good number of accessories

Things To Consider Before Buying Screwdriver for PC Building

Best Screwdriver for PC Building

Buying your first best electric screwdriver for pc building set may seem very easy to you. Many variables will restrain you from getting the best screwdriver if you don’t know well. A screwdriver is something that we don’t buy quite often. Also, we don’t want to spend extra money on this tool time and again. So, considering everything, we need to make sure that we check every detail while buying and pick the right one for us. Our research team has found a few of the essential points you need to watch out for before purchasing. So, without any delay, let’s move on to those points.


This is a critical point in terms of buying a screwdriver set. In case you are buying only a screwdriver for PC building, you might also want better useability on different equipment from the screwdriver set you have purchased. For this reason, check whether the screwdriver can be used in places you want to work. For example, if you are an average home worker, you will be satisfied if the screwdriver can perform better on different home equipment. If you are a professional worker, you may want your screwdriver to handle almost anything besides building a PC. So, check the useability and choose wisely.

Parts and Accessories

Most of the screwdriver for PC building comes with additional parts and bits. Not everyone requires all those additional parts, but those parts come in handy when you have a heavy or difficult task. Depending on your work need, light or heavy, you may want to choose a screwdriver set. Remember, extra parts bring in additional costs. So, choose wisely according to your need.


If you are to carry a big screwdriver set, you may want the whole set to be more portable, handy, and comfortable to hold. If the entire set is not handy and you need to carry this set of a screwdriver to different places, you will have a tough and uncomfortable experience. So, check for reliable packaging with useful portability features like handles. Also, see if the outer packaging is built of suitable materials to protect the set for a long time.


Most of the screwdrivers are built with premium-grade materials to make them more durable and long-lasting. Worth mentioning material is CR-V steel. This material protects the tips of the screwdriver for longer times from rust or any damage. Durability should be a vital issue in your selection as you don’t want your screwdriver to break out in a shorter period.


An ideal screwdriver will have an anti-slipping handle, flexible shaft, extension rod, etc. All of these additional materials make your work too easy. You may want to look out for these features as you don’t want to make your too cumbersome with a not so comfortable screwdriver.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Would these be a good investment for building a PC?

Yes, of course. These screwdrivers mentioned here are perfect for PC building and any light and heavy work.

You can be relieved of your investment made in this screwdriver for PC building.

2. How is the magnetic power of the tips of these screwdrivers?

They are perfect for your every need.

The magnetism in the tips of these screwdrivers will be able to handle out heavy screws. This will make your works easier in getting out screws quickly and arranging them without getting any of the screws lost somewhere within the equipment.

3. Will the magnetism damage my PC or its hardware in any way?

No, you don’t need to worry about that.

There was a risk of hard drives getting damaged from small magnetic action nearby in the earlier days. But nowadays, these are much better protected, and the screwdriver’s magnetism will not damage these.

4. Are these enough to take apart the computer?

Yes, they are more than enough.

You will find different sizes of parts in there for different types of screws. No need to worry.

5. Do the best electric screwdriver for pc building come with a protection bag?

Yes, they do.

This screwdriver for PC building comes with a useful pouch or box that is handy enough for taking with you anywhere.

Final Words

So, if you have made it to the end of this best screwdriver for PC building article, we are sure that you know what to do and obviously what to buy. We hope that our research will help in your effort to find the best screwdriver according to your need. Just make sure that you are checking the necessary materials beforehand while buying one. Also, do consider the points mentioned here. Otherwise, you may end up paying more. Best of luck.

Happy Shopping!

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