Best Shotgun Side Saddle – Top 5 Selection for 2023

If you are a beginner or a regular gunman, a shotgun side saddle is a valuable component for you since it enables you to convey more ammo. If you keep your gun shells in a saddle, you do not need to put down the weapon in search of ammo every time you run out of them.

If you keep an ammo holder with you, you can load the shotshell from the 870 side saddle appended to your shotgun. It saves your time in the reloading cycle as you do not need to go far searching for ammo. In that case, you need the best shotgun side saddle.

The suitable shotgun sidesaddle is a priceless need that you should claim. But how will you know the appropriate option for you? To answer all your questions, our research team did a lot of hard work and picked the top five products for you.

Let’s get to know more about them.

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Monstrum Shotgun Side Saddle for shell | Picatinny Rail Mount
Monstrum Shotgun Side Saddle for shell | Picatinny Rail Mount

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Tacstar Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Aluminum Backing
Tacstar Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Aluminum Backing

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FUNANASUN Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Nylon Webbing
FUNANASUN Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Nylon Webbing

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Fire Force Shotgun Side Saddle | Magpal SGA Stock
Fire Force Shotgun Side Saddle | Magpal SGA Stock

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Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotgun Side Saddle | Aircraft Aluminum
Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotgun Side Saddle | Aircraft Aluminum

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Best Shotgun Side Saddle Reviews

It is critical to find suitable equipment to hold the shells of your shotgun. Hence, the good news is that our research team has determined the top five ammo holder brands for your needs. In this segment, we will enlighten you about them.

1. Monstrum Shotgun Side Saddle for shell | Picatinny Rail Mount

The Monstrum shotgun side saddle for shell is the most popular brand for its compatibility. You can use it with Shockweb series shotgun models. The shell holder comes black and available in two different sizes.  It is the most standard side saddle for most shotguns around the market.

The first thing that took our attention is its unique mounting process and design. The ambidextrous design allows you to install it on either side of the stock. Furthermore, its rail mount will enable you to install Picatinny or Weaver standard scopes, red dots, or other zooming lenses.

This side saddle is corrosion-resistant and unbreakable. The raw material protects it from breaking or harsh weather conditions. Also, the saddle feels so lightweight that it will not add any additional weight to your shotgun. Therefore, you will not face any complications in maintenance.

When you attach the side saddle to your shotgun, it will not bother the accuracy and stability level of your shots. Now, you may think that mounting this 870 side saddle is complicated. The incredible thing is, the installation process of Monstrum is way too straightforward.

Thus, keep your spare shells of your shotgun in this tactical shotgun shell holder. Anytime you need to reload the weapon, you can conveniently pick a shell from the best velcro shotgun side saddle and quickly reload your shotgun.

Key Features 

  • Picatinny rail mount
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy installation
  • Value the price

2. Tacstar Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Aluminum Backing

If you are looking for a convenient option at the least price, you can pick the Tacstar shotgun side saddle for shell. Among other brands, this 870 side saddle is relatively performing well. In the next segment, we will let you know if it worths giving it a try.

The manufacturer has made the Tacstar side saddle unbreakable by using polymer as a raw material. Furthermore, this rugged shell holder is attached to aluminum backing that mounts directly on the shotgun receiver. You will receive all the mounting screws with it, so you do not require gunsmithing.

The thing we liked the most is the easy mounting procedure of the Tacstar side saddle. The shotgun needs no alteration while mounting the side saddle. Plus, you will find it helpful for frequent use because the shell holder mounts six extra rounds.

The shells will not move because the nylon plastic of the Tacstar side saddle holds them in place. However, after inspection, we found out that it allows easy access to the user. You can also check our review on the lipo bag.

Another unique feature of this side saddle is it includes the serial number of the shotgun. So, you will be able to verify quickly. We highly recommend the Tacstar side saddle for beginners and heavy-duty users. As its using procedure is easy, anyone can operate it.

Key Features

  • Polymer made
  • Offers a simple using procedure
  • Reliable brand
  • Visible serial number

3. FUNANASUN Shotgun Side Saddle For Shell | Nylon Webbing

The next product is the FUNSNASUN shotgun side saddle which has expertise in holding shells tightly. The manufacturer has uniquely designed this 870 side saddle ergonomically with tactical experience in mind.

First of all, this tactical shotgun shell holder includes two holders. You can keep one hand on your shotgun and another hand to pick a shell out of the side saddle. In this way, the shell holder drastically cuts off the usual reloading time.

The manufacturer ensured its durability by using 1000D elastic nylon webbing in the making.

As you all know, this material is high-quality, extremely sturdy, and lightweight. You can quickly secure the holder by following simple steps. It will not add any extra weight to your gun.

The good part is, this nylon-made tactical shotgun shell holder comes with a sticky back loop that holds onto the gun or buttstock tightly. It fits perfectly into your shogun. It takes the lowest time to replace an empty side saddle during tactical reloading as you can attach it quickly.

The shotgun side saddle is reliable enough to sustain the adverse impact of harsh environmental conditions or heavy-duty uses. If you take your gun out in the snow, dirt, or rain, you can use it in the battle because it withstands harsh blows without incurring any damage.

Key Features

  • Sticky backing
  • Withstands harsh impacts
  • Quick replacement
  • Easy to mount

4. Fire Force Shotgun Side Saddle | Magpal SGA Stock

Are you looking for a reasonably priced buttstock side saddle? You can briefly look into the Fire Force shotgun side saddle, uniquely designed to accumulate six shotgun shells of 12 or 20 gauge. You can quickly attach this shell holder to any gun butt.

Most people like this tactical shotgun shell holder as it attaches with any buttstock tightly and quickly. The entire construction of this shell holder is Military Nylon webbing that holds the six spare shotgun shells in place. You can adjust this on either side of your shotgun according to your need.

The reason behind its satisfactory performance is its ambidextrous design that makes the shells tight enough. Therefore, the shells will not come flying out while you are walking or running in the battle. It is actually a well-made shotgun side saddle that you need for rough use.

Though the holder keeps the gun shells tightly, you can quickly remove them while in need. It works evenly for loading the shots, so if you are reloading the holder in a weak or quick hand, the shells will sit firmly. Therefore, you can quickly reload it from empty without even looking at the firearm.

Its overall performance makes it the best shotgun side saddle. You can also check our review on Taylor strings 214CE.

Key Features

  • Attaches with hook and loop fastener
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Easy to reload or remove
  • Firmly adjusts the shells

5. Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotgun Side Saddle | Aircraft Aluminum

Now, we are presenting Mesa tactical side saddle for shotguns. It fits three versions of ammo carrier for the Remington. It holds the gun shells firmly in place. Also, you can adjust the tightness in need. Apparently, this aluminum side saddle is pretty lightweight.

The manufacturer has designed the tactical shotgun shell holder with an easy installation process. It also offers a polymer finish on the back to protect the finishing of your shotgun. Though the Mesa tactical side saddle comes at a reasonable price, its plastic shell serves as the high-end one.

It is indeed a must-have side saddle for tactical shotguns. However, you do not need to worry about its adjustment because its adhesive backing holds it with the side saddle tightly and prevents the Mesa tactical side saddle from making surface contact with the receiver.

Another essential aspect of the Mesa tactical side saddle is its durable structure that stands against adverse situations. You can roughly use it in the rain, snow, or mud during a battle. Thus, the surface will preserve the shotgun finish and uphold its value.

Isn’t it helpful to read the installation process of the shotgun side saddle? The great thing is, you will receive a direction for mounting the Mesa tactical side saddle. Therefore, you will face no odds with this side saddle for shotgun.

Key Features

  • Six shell mount
  • No gunsmithing
  • Quick accessibility
  • Reliable and durable

Things To Consider Before Buying Shotgun Side Saddle

Best Shotgun Side Saddle

A side saddle is an essential add-on for your firearm. It has a couple of benefits apart from increasing the ammo capacity. You can get the benefits and fulfill your requirements only if the ammo holder worths the value. But how will you pick the right one?

In this segment, we have mentioned all the necessary points to consider before purchasing the suitable side saddle for shotgun. Let’s get them!


The most significant factor that a shotgun side saddle carries is its durability. In terms of uses, the shotguns are for heavy-duty purposes. That’s why the saddle must be durable enough to withstand heavy pressures because you do not want that thing to crumble into pieces in the middle of shooting.


A side saddle must be easy to install without any permanent alteration or any gunsmithing to the weapon. Alongside, the mount should be gentle enough so that it does not damage the finishing of the gun.


The design of the shotgun side saddle indicates the functionality and quality. The saddle must have adequate fiction to hold the bullets in place so that they do not fall out. It should also enable the serial numbers of the shotgun visible for inventory maintenance.


The side saddle of shotguns should offer maximum shell capacity. However, the maximum capacity refers to the user’s requirements. You can find the various optimum capacity of different side saddles, and among them, you can choose your needed one.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is a shotgun side saddle?

A shotgun side saddle is an ammo holder that carries extra gun shells and allows you to pluck from there instead of your pockets or bags.

2. Does the side saddle need gunsmithing?

The brands we have mentioned above do not require gunsmithing.

3. Will this fit my shotgun?

Of course, it will.

Its adhesive backing will firmly fit any buttstock or sides of a shotgun.

4. Is the best velcro shotgun side saddle expensive?

Absolutely not.

The price does not determine the quality. The good things also come at a reasonable price. The products we have mentioned above all come at a very affordable price that anyone can afford.

5. Will that fit with a pistol?

This side saddle is only for shotguns. It will not fit a pistol butt.

Final Words

You need to be extra concerned while choosing a shotgun side saddle as you use it to carry additional rounds conveniently and facilitate quick reloading in an emergency. You will get the best shotgun side saddle with extra durability, capacity, and firm adjustment if you do so.

However, the capacity and durability depend on how you use it. It can treat you differently according to your purpose. That’s why go for the ideal one that will equally help you in all conditions.