Best Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding – Recommendations for 2023

Most lawn owners choose to overseed when the lawn becomes gloomy, unhealthy, and prone to get infected with insects. In this case, overseeding can restore your lawn’s health and helps to grow the new grass as well as can withstand insects.

Sometimes overseeding goes wrong due to not use the right fertilizer. So, if you want a better growing lawn and maintain the exact growth, then you must go with the best starter fertilizer for overseeding.

To make your find easier, we have come up with some top-selling starter fertilizer for overseeding after thorough testing.

So, keep reading to have your suitable fertilizer pack.

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Scotts Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding | 5,000 ft2

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Simple Lawn Solutions Starter Fertilizer | NPK-16-4-8
Simple Lawn Solutions Starter Fertilizer | NPK-16-4-8

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GreenView Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding | 15,000ft2

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2 | Yellow">
Jonathan Green Starter Fertilizer | NPK-12-18-8 | 1k ft2 | Yellow

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Lesco Professional Starter Fertilizer | 18-24-12 | 50lb |12k ft2

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Best Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding Reviews

Here we have reviewed these selected fertilizer packs with their detailed specifications and use. As a result, it will help you to get the right pack for your lawn. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Scotts Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding | 5,000 ft2

Are you thinking of reseeding or overseeding on your lawn?  Then you need a reliable starter fertilizer for the lawn. In this case, we are recommending you to go with the Scotts starter fertilizer that will give you everything you needed for a lawn.

Scotts is the dominating brand name in the fertilizer industry. If you are a regular buyer of such Argo products, you may be familiar with this name.

Due to the product’s reliability and performance, it becomes a well-known brand in the USA.

Proper use of the fertilizer gives you the maximum outcome. If you use the Scotts starter fertilizer 2 weeks after seeding, then you will see the new grass grow 35 % quicker than normal growth. Besides, the fertilizer can grow the new grass up to 70% thicker.

One of the attractive characteristics that capture our attention is its nutrients level. After a couple of weeks of applying, the Scotts starter fertilizer makes sure the strong roots. So, you will barely face any grow issues after using these grass foods on fescue since it is the best starter fertilizer for fescue.

The total weight of the pack is 16.37lbs. If you need more quantity, you will find all available packs on their online store. Besides, this single pack can cover 5,000 sq. ft. at all. The overall coverage will depend on the size of the pack.

Key Features

  • A pack covers up to 5, 000 sq. ft
  • Useful for reseeding or overseeding
  • It can be applied before or after new planting
  • Make new grass 70% thicker and grow 35% quicker

2. Simple Lawn Solutions Starter Fertilizer | NPK-16-4-8

While buying some Argo products, if your concern is to use a user-friendly product, then stick with this fertilizer pack. Simple Lawn Solutions brought this liquid fertilizer to make sure a healthy lawn around the year.

Over 25 years of experience, Simple Lawn Solutions is producing fertilizer commercially throughout the USA. And they have committed to retain all fertilizer value. So, you can rely on them.

Simple Lawn Solutions has manufactured these fertilizers out of harmful chemicals. That’s why they ensured quick growth of the grass.

Besides, the fertilizer contains high-quality feed-graded ingredients. That means you have a pure liquid fertilizer for your lawn.

The manufacturer ensured a proper NPK ratio. The NPK number is 16-4-8, which is exactly blended with the macronutrients. Plus, this liquid fertilizer is contained with seaweed and fish ingredients.

Advanced NPK fertilizer is not a liquid fertilizer for specific grass. You can use the liquid spray for most of the grass types such as Bermuda, Florida Palmetto, St. Augustine, Buffalo, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia, Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass & Ryegrass.

The weight of the container is 32oz. The good news is that you can cover up to 3200 sq ft areas.  Plus, you can use the fertilizer not only for new grass but also for an older ones.

Key Features

  • Provided NPK value is 16-4-8
  • It contains other high-quality ingredients
  • Ensures proper growing and lust lawn
  • Compatible with most of the grass types

3. GreenView Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding | 15,000ft2 | 48lb

Are you looking for the best starter fertilizer for grass seed for a larger field? Then you would love this one. GreenView has brought this fertilized pack to ensure the better growth of the lawn. Let’s see what it includes.

GreenView has specially engineered these fertilizers so that they can provide nutrients to the new grass. Plus, it will help to strengthen the root of the grass. So, for better growing, you need to use this pack.

This is a starter fertilizer for overseeding, so you can use the pack just after and before seeding. Besides, you can use the fertilizer for overseeding. You will have a good result of growth if you continue to use it for 8 weeks.

You will have the exact NPK value in this fertilizer. The NPK value of the pack is 10-18-10. That means the pack contains the proper ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

This is a good to go pack and the overall weight of the pack is 48lbs. As a result, you can cover maximum areas by using this pack. It will make sure to cover 15,000 sq. ft areas. However, if you need less volume, you will find it here.

Key Features

  • It covers up to 15000 sq. ft
  • NPK value ratio is 10-18-10
  • Recommended to use in spring and fall
  • Continue use of 8 weeks make sure better growth

4. Jonathan Green Starter Fertilizer | NPK-12-18-8 | 1k ft2 | Yellow

Seeding and overseeding would be a great concern if you don’t find the right starter fertilizer for grass, right? However, to take you out of this situation, we have come up with the best starter fertilizer for overseeding.

By maintaining all nutrients’ values, Jonathan Green has manufactured the fertilized pack. And the NPK value ratio of the pack is 12-18-8. That means it will ensure proper growth of the grass through continued use.

If you are looking for fertilizer for a backyard or small lawn, then this is the perfect pack. Within this pack, you can cover a maximum of 1,000 sq. ft.

However, if you need more in some cases, there are another pack of 5,000 sq. ft.

A fascinating feature of this pack is its high phosphorus formula. That’s who ensures a vigorous root system after using a week. So, you will get faster growth and a much greener lawn after using this one.

Besides phosphorus formula, the packs contain iron ingredients. This iron formula helps to deep green the grass. It means you have a green lawn with a proper thickness.

Key Features

  • Perfect for 1,000 sq. ft. areas
  • NPK ratio is 12-18-8
  • Make sure high phosphorus formula
  • The iron formula ensures deep greening

5. Lesco Professional Starter Fertilizer | 18-24-12 | 50lb |12k ft2

Looking for a professional-grade fertilizer is always appreciating though you are a DIYer. In this case, you can rely on the Lesco starter fertilizer for overseeding or reseeding.

Those who have already used the Lesco starter fertilizer for grass can see how effective this pack is for quick growth. Besides quick growth, it will ensure a thicker grass at all. Now the question arises how they do it?

In fact, Lesco has manufactured the fertilizer by maintaining all nutrients’ value properly. Plus, they keep the NPK value properly.

They have put the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium values 18-24-12, respectively.

Lesco professional fertilizer is ideal for larger farms. You will have 50 pounds of Lesco starter fertilizer within this pack, and it can cover up to 12000 sq. ft. So, this large pack will make sure maximum utilization and minimize the cost.

If you use the pack for seeding or sodding, you will have a better result. Besides, the regular use of the fertilizer enhances the growth of the grass and makes sure proper thickness.

The most attractive part of this Lesco starter fertilizer is its slow-release formula. After a single use, it will slowly feed the lawn for up to 12 weeks. That’s why the grass gets proper nutrients by a single-use.

Key Features

  • NPK ratio is 18-24-12
  • Excellent pack for seeding or sodding
  • Slow-release formula feed the lawn up to 12 weeks
  • Perfect for a large lawn as it covers 12000 sq. ft.

Things to Consider Before Buying Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding

Best Starter Fertilizer for Overseeding

Buying fertilizer would be easy if you consider some factors of the fertilizer beforehand. That’s why we have put together some significant factors of these starter fertilizers so that you can easily choose the best starter fertilizer for fescue. Let’s take a look.


There are a lot of ingredients used while manufacturing the starter fertilizer for grass. Most of the fertilizers have formulated through NPK, which means nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The value and ratio of using NPK depend on the manufacturer. And sometimes, these values can vary according to the type of fertilizer.

Therefore, you should choose the exact NPK value-based fertilizer according to your projects.


The overall quality of the fertilizer will determine the growth and germination of the grass. Now the question is how can you determine which one is good. In this case, you need to see its formulation and the ingredients. If these things are okay or the manufacturer maintains the proper ratio while producing, then you can go with this one.

Coverage Areas

Buyers should always consider the coverage areas before buying the fertilizer. If you do so, you can utilize the maximum fertilizer. In some cases, it can save you extra money.

However, if you choose a large pack for small land, for example, if you choose a 50lbs pack for a 2000 sq ft lawn, then you will need only 20% of fertilizer for this lawn. And the rest of the fertilizer you can save for further use. In that case, you should check whether the pack can be stored for further use.


The main purpose of using the starter fertilizer is to ensure the proper growth of the grass. If the fertilizer can’t fulfill this requirement, then what is the point of buying this one?

The manufacturer clearly mentions the growth and strength of the plant. Besides, they also ensure the proper thickness. However, most of the time, we can say the performance of the fertilizer by seeing its ingredients and the ratio of the NPK and other ingredients.

That’s why you should evaluate the performance of the fertilizer by seeing its formulated mechanism.

Ease of Use

To ensure ease of use, you will find different types of fertilizer available in the market. Most DIYers prefer spray fertilizer canisters over starter fertilizer for overseeding. It depends totally on you which type of fertilizer you would prefer for use.

You should also know about the proper use of the starter fertilizer for grass before buying.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these fertilizers for reseeding?

Yes, of course.

Not only reseeding, but you can also use the fertilizer for sodding along with overseeding. In fact, these fertilizers are special for reseeding and overseeding.

2. When to use the starter fertilizer for grass?

While reseeding, most of the time, you can use these fertilizers before or after the seeding. In some cases, you should use the fertilizer two weeks after seeding.

3. How much should be used at the first application?

You should take a moderate amount of fertilizer and spread it evenly throughout the lawn—no need to overuse the starter fertilizer for grass.

4. What is the purpose of using phosphorus on this fertilezer?

A high-quality phosphorous ingredient helps to make the root strong. And it ensures the quick growth of the plants.

5. What NPK volume is preferred for the lawn?

It depends on the land. However, you can go with a moderate volume pack. Check which element you need more, and then choose accordingly. And the easiest way is to go with the best starter fertilizer for fescue or other grass.

Final Words

If you need better growth and proper thickness of the plant, you should choose the best starter fertilizer for overseeding. In that case, you should not compromise with the quality when choosing the starter fertilizer for grass.

I hope that you have found your desired pack as you have considered starting fertilizer reviews and the buying guide section.

Have a Lustrous Lawn!

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