Best Strings for Taylor 214CE – Recommendations for 2023

While playing an acoustic guitar, the strings play a vital role because their length, thickness, and quality determine your toning style, sound level, etc. As long as there are so many variations in the market, choosing the best strings for Taylor 214CE feels like a minefield.

Different strings for acoustic guitar offers unique features. Even though they are all good, you only need the one that meets your requirements. In that case, you may have been going through hard times choosing the right option for you.

If you are looking for the most convenient Taylor 214CE strings, you are in the right place. Thankfully, our expert team has determined the top four acoustic guitar strings. In this article, we will enlighten you on all the information you need to pick the right one.

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D'addario Strings For Taylor 214CE | Phosphor Bronze
D'addario Strings For Taylor 214CE | Phosphor Bronze

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Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings For Taylor 214CE | Natural Feel
Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings For Taylor 214CE | Natural Feel

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Elixir Strings For Taylor 214CE | Nanoweb Coating
Elixir Strings For Taylor 214CE | Nanoweb Coating

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Stringjoy Bright Brass Strings For Taylor 214CE | Handcrafted
Stringjoy Bright Brass Strings For Taylor 214CE | Handcrafted

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Best Strings For Taylor 214CE Reviews

In this segment, we have provided our researched recommendation in detail. We hope that your guitar will be going to live up to its full potential with the strings for Taylor 214CE we have suggested below.

1. D’addario Strings For Taylor 214CE | Phosphor Bronze

If you want to pursue your passion for playing the guitar, get D’addario strings for Taylor 214CE. These strings for acoustic guitar are suitable for those looking for something for a slick feel of coated strings but do not actually want the coated ones.

For almost 47-years, the D’addario strings for acoustic guitar have been the most popular brand worldwide. The strings are super durable and deliver a beautiful tune. If you are a learner or a professional, you can purchase this brand.

The strings are precisely wound into a hexagonal carbon steel core.

Such construction ensures a consistent tone. So, whenever you play the guitar, the strings for Taylor 214CE produce balanced acoustic tones with excellent intonation.

The phosphor bronze wire construction allows you to grip the core for extraordinary stability. However, the manufacturer built the best strings for Taylor 314ce with advanced technology and corrosion-resistant coating to increase durability.

If you play loud and heavy, the strings for the acoustic guitar will not break. So you will praise for its tolerance level. It happens because the manufacturer built the Taylor 214CE strings with the correct tension, not too loose or tight. Therefore, these are the must-have acoustic guitar strings.

Key Features 

  • Corrosion-resistant wires
  • Produce well-balanced tone
  • Durable strings
  • Phosphor bronze material

2. Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings For Taylor 214CE | Natural Feel

Ernie ball is the company that makes acoustic guitar strings, and they have honed their craft in this field. The strings for Taylor 214CE from Ernie Ball provide a natural feel with excellent projection. You will never find such a warm and rich tone elsewhere as this one.

People worldwide admire these Taylor 214CE strings because of the high-quality phosphor bronze that creates a warm and rich tone. Perhaps, you can be one of the most talented guitarists in your circle by creating crisp sound with excellent clarity by using these strings for Taylor 214CE.

As the strings for Taylor 214CE are of premium quality, they remain fresh as the day they were made. The copper and phosphorus coating is responsible for their longer lifespan. These strings for acoustic guitar are a bit slippery and eliminate the squeaks from moving around.

We have seen that most people love these strings for superior intonation and the consistency of a balanced tone. As far as they provide an excellent mix of loudness and go easy with your fingers, we highly recommend you the Ernie Ball. You can also check our review on OM guitar.

Key Features

  • Rich and warm tone
  • Superior and loud sound level
  • Phosphor bronze wire
  • Durable material

3. Elixir Strings For Taylor 214CE | Nanoweb Coating

If you want to produce long-lasting, unique warm tones, count on Elixir strings for Taylor 214CE. The Taylor 214CE strings are so anti-rusting and durable that they withstand sweaty hands and humidity. Alongside, they ensure no chance of slipping off the guitar strings while playing.

The most admirable feature of these strings is the Nanoweb coating that protects against tone-dampening debris and sweaty hands without sacrificing the tones. Moreover, you will not feel the coating at all because the Nanoweb coating ensures a traditional uncoated feeling.

You do not need to worry about their corrosion because the manufacturer has brilliantly engineered the strings with anti-corrosion technology. Therefore, the strings withstand heavy-duty uses. At the same time, they will produce balanced, rich tones with sparkling high-end clarity.

You can keep your trust in this brand for durable performance because the protective coating protects not only the outer surface but also the gaps between the windings. You can confidently perform on a public stage as the strings for Taylor 214CE make you feel gentler and slicker.

Key Features

  • Featherweight Nanoweb coating
  • Long-lasting strings
  • Textured and traditional
  • Anti-rusting plating

4. Stringjoy Bright Brass Strings For Taylor 214CE | Handcrafted

We highly recommend you the Stringjoy strings for 214CE if you prefer a smooth and rich tone. You will be obsessed with its quality control. The functionality of the best strings for Taylor 214CE is to intonate, resonate and stay in tune. Let’s get to know how it works.

The Stringjoy deserves to be in your collection as its sound production is different from others. These strings are the smoothest ones that you have ever experienced. You may question its high-end performance, and the honest answer will be the proper application of science and technology!

The manufacturer has scientifically optimized the strings for Taylor 214CE for a balanced tension to create a crisp and loud sound. You will stand out in any performance with these strings because they help you producing sounds of any genre.

Another reason for these strings making place in our list is their durability. They last five times longer than the other competitive brands. All in all, once you get these strings, you will find no if’s or but’s about the performance. You can also check our review on the Toyota Tundra seat cover.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted with care
  • Resilient structure
  • Produce balanced tone
  • Less breakage

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Strings for Taylor 214CE

1. How often should I change strings?

The ideal time is three months though you can use the durable ones for a longer time.

2. How long do the acoustic guitar strings last?

It depends on your usage.

But we can ensure you that the brands we have mentioned above withstand heavy-duty use and lasts for a long time.

3. Will the strings hurt my finger?

Not at all.

We found that the strings are really smooth. They will not hurt your finger.

4. Will that be the best strings for Taylor 314ce?


The strings we mentioned above will suit all Taylor guitars.

5. Is sound production dependent on guitar strings?

When you strike the strings, they vibrate and produce sound. Different lengths, thicknesses, and materials create various types of sound. Though the sound level depends on the guitar construction, the quality of the strings matters the most.

Final Words

Above all, what matters the most is how comfortable you are with the acoustic guitar strings. Our biggest suggestion is to pick up the best strings for Taylor 214CE from our considerations for better playing.

You can keep several options in your collection. Because the more you experiment, the more you will be able to find the right set that gives you the more pleasant tone that you want. Once you settle the right option for you, your guitar will be more comfortable and playable.