Best Third Party GameCube Controller – Recommendations for 2023

Due to the unavailability and high price of the original GameCube controller, people tend to buy third party GameCube controllers. Hence, only a few controllers go up to the mark with all their unique features and technology.

Today’s discussion is about those few controllers that we consider as the best third party GameCube controller. You should consider yourself fortunate that we get you the most convenient alternatives in the market that are available right now!

In this guide, we have rounded up the top five controllers for GameCube, precisely keeping your preferences in mind. So, take a breath of relaxation because you are in the right place!

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PowerA Third Party GameCube Controller | Bluetooth Connection
PowerA Third Party GameCube Controller | Bluetooth Connection

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PDP Third Party GameCube Controller | Long USB Cable
PDP Third Party GameCube Controller | Long USB Cable

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Cipon Wired Third Party GameCube Controller | Will Console
Cipon Wired Third Party GameCube Controller | Will Console

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SogYupk Third Party GameCube Controller | Ergonomic Design
SogYupk Third Party GameCube Controller | Ergonomic Design

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Evoretro Third Party Gamecube Controller | Bundle Pack
Evoretro Third Party Gamecube Controller | Bundle Pack

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Best Third Party GameCube Controller Reviews

In this segment, you will find the five most demanding official GameCube controllers. We have considered quality, price, availability, and overall performance to pick up the following options for you.

1. PowerA Third Party GameCube Controller | Bluetooth Connection

While playing the Super Smash Bros game with your friends, it is obvious that you forget about time. Suppose your controller runs out of battery at the peak of the moment you are about to throw a combo! How annoying that would be!

Well, you will not face such a horrifying issue with the PowerA third party GameCube controller for smash. It includes two powerful Alkaline batteries that provide service around 30-hour long at a stretch. It will also notify you about the low-battery power with an LED indicator.

The game controller uses a wireless connection. You can connect the device with Bluetooth 5.0. However, it mimics the original controller by making D-pad and a large shoulder button. Plus, its LED lights let you know the player numbers.

It is indeed a killer controller for GameCube with its overall design and functions. The A button of this controller is large enough to ease your control. Its C-stick and left stick are octagonal and work just right after one click. Plus, the motion control adds more compatibility.

The entire controller is perfectly designed so that your palm holds it right and your fingers reach all the switches. It is indeed an excellent choice for all who use the official GameCube controller.

Key Features 

  • Wireless connection
  • LED indicator
  • Continuous gaming session up to 30 hours
  • Two AA batteries

2. PDP Third Party GameCube Controller | Long USB Cable

It is a challenging matter for the gamers to keep charging the game controller constantly. PDP has brought you a third party GameCube controller as a permanent solution to this problem. It is a USB cable game controller which is designed for Nintendo switch.

As you already know, it is a USB cable GameCube controller. The manufacturer has taken inspiration from the original GameCube controller by Nintendo to design it. You can customize your gaming style with its C-stick or swap it out for a full-sized stick with an innovative detachable design.

The game controller has the triggers with an excellent click on them. Furthermore, it employs a pressure sensitivity that takes fast action in games. You can choose your favorite character and beat your enemies quickly! So gearing up Super Smash Bros is not tricky.

You can play aggressively without worrying about time because it runs with a USB cable. The 10 feet cable allows you to play with ease from a distance and ensure you stay connected during crucial hitting or battling moments. It is equally the best GameCube controller for PC.

All in all, it wipes your bother away from constantly charging and syncing the controller. Also, you will not face any lagging and latency issues. You can also check our reviews on PTAC units.

Key Features

  • 10 feet long cable
  • Fast sensitivity
  • Compatible with the ultimate game
  • Functions with Nintendo switch

3. Cipon Wired Third Party GameCube Controller | Will Console

Now, we are presenting you with a masterpiece from Cipon. It is a homage to the original GameCube controller that is compatible with both GameCube and Nintendo. Within a short span, it has made an enormous fanbase. Let’s get to know what is all about this controller.

Cipon third party GameCube controller is a high-performance product. The manufacturer has designed it with an analog thumbstick that allows you a 3D game environment. Its large D-pad buttons and analog buttons react quickly with a slight touch.

You can use this high-quality wired controller with a USB cable. You can play for endless hours with this USB connection that facilitates comfort even after long hours of gameplay. Hence you might need an official GameCube controller adapter if you want to play PC games with it.

However, the manufacturer has made this unique from others with two analog joysticks. That’s why you will experience gameplay with proper satisfaction. It is also a perfect gift for a game freak, be it your friend, lover, or spouse!

The perfect gameplay set can help you get rid of work fatigue, boredom, or daily trivia. In that case, you can start playing Melee Or any Smash game because the Cipon third party GameCube controller is a significant component to start these games.

Key Features

  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Analog buttons
  • Provides unlimited gaming session
  • High-performance game controller

4. SogYupk Third Party GameCube Controller | Ergonomic Design

If you are a die-hard fan of the Nintendo, then the SogYupk third-party GameCube controller is a perfect dreamy product. Among all the variations available in the market, the game lovers expressed their gushing love for this one. Let’s get to know the reason behind such appreciation.

Though Nintendo does not manufacture the product, it is compatible with Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Indeed, the SogYupk does wonder in this product that makes it the best third party GameCube controller at a reasonable price.

The 5.9 feet wire with this controller provides enough mobility with your gameplay. You can pay all your attention to smash the enemies. You do not need to be concerned about the time because it offers smooth sensitivity and long-term performance.

It mirrors all the features and design of the original GameCube controller. Therefore, it is a perfect present for a game lover. The great thing is, it does not require any synchronizing, making it easy to be operated by any age people. Just plug it, and play!

The controller allows you to play with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wi, the Windows system, and GameCube. In that sense, it is a multi-purpose device. You can also check our review on the shotgun side saddle.

Key Features

  • Runs with a USB connection
  • 9 feet long wire
  • Fast input
  • Two in one pack

5. Evoretro Third Party Gamecube Controller | Bundle Pack

Have you ever experienced a superior quality third party GameCube controller? Well, Evoretro is the one that you need. The packaging includes four port-adapter, four multi-colored GameCube controllers, and extension cords.

Evoretro is an ultimate bundle of GameCube controllers. Its four joysticks come in different colors-black, purple, silver, green.

Here, the green has a transparent finish, allowing you to see circuits inside it. All in all, the controllers give a pretty retro feeling

The manufacturer adds different features that the users praise a lot. It has similar buttons and shape as the original GameCube controller. However, the joysticks work so fine with GameCube and Nintendo Switch. Plus, you can use it both in classic and pro mode.

The controllers allow you simple accessibility and extended comfort while playing a game. Also, the navigation of the switches is a lot easier. Therefore, if you are beating your opponent, this controller will assist in just the way you want.

Another commendable thing is the sensitivity of these controllers. You can quickly enter into the game quickly as the controllers rock a turbo button. In this way, the manufacturer has made it suitable for fast-paced action games.

Key Features

  • Four controllers with extension cords
  • Suitable for group play
  • Allows mode switching
  • Supports multi-platform

Things To Consider Before Buying Third Party GameCube Controller

 Best Third Party GameCube Controller

There is a lot of essential points to determine the best GameCube controller for Switch. You cannot just go to the market and pick randomly. If you do so, you will face double loss- your money will go in vain, and you will lose your battle in the game!

We have narrowed down the key considerations before buying an official GameCube controller to help you out. Let’s get to know them.

Control System

Generally, the GameCube controllers come with two control systems- wired and wireless. Most pro gamers prefer wired controllers as they tend to play competitive games a lot. The wireless controllers do not carry the risk of running out f battery and stop working midway. The wired controller allows one to play as long as they want.

On the other hand, if you do not prefer wired devices that much, you can go for wireless controllers. You will get large mobility with a wireless GameCube controller. There are a lot of wireless controllers around the market that offer extended battery life. You can consider those for interrupt-free connection.


There are various famous and underrated brands in the market. Hence, you will stumble upon so many fake versions as well. Therefore, you should go for the brands that are renowned for producing high-performance controllers. You have to make sure if the company is authentic or not.

Switch And Sensitivity

There is another way to determine if the controller you are buying s genuine or not. You need to make sure if the analog stick is working. For example, you can connect the controller with a game and check the stick if it is in a neutral position.

Also, you should check if its triggers get stuck while tapping. You can feel the comfort and sensitivity of the buttons and determine if they are resistant or not.

Platform Support

Different GameCube controllers provide unique unlock doors with various possibilities. But that does not mean the features decide their cost. However, you should consider if you can use the controller with Windows, along with Nintendo Switch.

You can hardly use the old controllers with multiple devices. Therefore, make sure to purchase the controllers with advanced features.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will the third party GameCube controller work with Nintendo?

Yes, you can.

The high-performance and authentic third party GameCube controllers are compatible with Nintendo. So, carefully read the product description and go for the branded products only because the cheap ones will not serve you better.

2. How to clean my joystick?

Well, that is a tricky thing to do.

You can easily clean the outer part with a piece of cotton but cleaning dust from the internal part is difficult. You can go for an expert’s help for that. Hence, you can do it yourself by blowing air with a hairdryer. While doing it, blow the air from an ideal distance and lower the air pressure to the minimum.

3. How is the grip of the controller?

Its grip is comfortable.

Its comfortable structure will make it easy for you to play for a long time.

4. Does the best GameCube controller for Smash ultimate work with PC?

It should be.

The controller supports windows, and that’s why it works with PC.

5. Which controller works better? Wireless or wired?

The connection type does not determine the quality of an official GameCube controller. You can go for either one according to your preference.

Final Words

Hopefully, at the end of the article, we have covered everything you need to know before purchasing the best third party GameCube controller. We have tried to provide the necessary information to help you determine the right option.

Therefore, you do not need to light a candle in the dark to search for a suitable controller. Our article will assist you in bringing the most convenient one simply.