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Best Thumb Pick – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

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A guitar is the most suitable musical instrument for every mood and every situation. On any occasion, only the guitar can win everyone’s heart. And that beautiful outcome is only possible with the appropriate thumb picks.

A thumb pick is a must for strumming a guitar. Thumb picks can be rounded or sharp. But it depends on the way you want to play your guitar. Every time while playing guitar, you will need to choose the perfect pick for strumming. So, it is very much important to choose the right pick for the right strumming.

If you are looking for an appropriate thumb pick for your guitar, our expert team has enlisted the best thumb pick for your guitar. Let’s find what features are coming next!

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SUNLP Musical Instrument Thumb Pick | Gift Set
SUNLP Musical Instrument Thumb Pick | Gift Set

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Black Mountain Thumb Pick | Comes In Three | Universal
Black Mountain Thumb Pick | Comes In Three | Universal

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D'Addario Accessories Store Thumb Pick | 5 Large Picks
D'Addario Accessories Store Thumb Pick | 5 Large Picks

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Friendla Thumb Pick | Medium | 12 Pieces
Friendla Thumb Pick | Medium | 12 Pieces

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Golden Gate Thumb Pick | Grained Ivoroid
Golden Gate Thumb Pick | Grained Ivoroid

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Best Thumb Pick Reviews

For your convenience, we are here with the thumb pick for your guitar. Let’s find out which one is perfect for your guitar.

1. SUNLP Musical Instrument Thumb Pick | Gift Set

The best silicon thumb and finger picks is here! It is a great protector and super comfortable for the fingers.

The SUNLP thumb picks have been popular for regular comfortable use. The combo pack contains all the necessary things for the premium feelings of enjoying a hassle-free guitar strumming. To avoid unwanted finger pain, the pack contains a fingertip protector and pick holder too. So, the combo is super satisfying!

As you may experience pain and trouble while playing the guitar with fingernails, these finger picks will give you the utmost comfort with its silicon body.

Additionally, these picks also serve greatly as protectors too. The silicon soft body of the picks does not let the skin of the fingers to feel the pain and collision. Besides, the pick is absolutely allergy-proof and does not contain any odor which may cause trouble while strumming.

Do you want to play your guitar for long? No worries. Because the thumb picks can be adjusted as per the size of your fingers and you can easily play your guitar for hours without feeling exhausted and irritated. So, grab your SUNLP thumb picks today!

Key Features

  • Comes in a combo pack
  • Made with Silicon
  • Protects fingers
  • Very much comfortable to use

2. Black Mountain Thumb Pick | Comes In Three | Universal

Do you want to experience the most unique thumb picks for your guitar? Then this is undoubtedly your one.

The Black Mountain picks are famous for those who prefer playing the guitar in Flatpicking style. They have gained the trust of thousands of guitarists for providing amazing guitar thumb picks. And as a part of their uniqueness, the brand has introduced guitar picks containing spring.

From all the Black Mountain thumb pick reviews, one thing is clear that the spring thumb pick is loved by all the guitarists. The spring is basically creating a balance between the thumb and the guitar.

It has enhanced the swiftness and smoothness of the guitar strumming with its elasticity.

Not only the guitar provides swiftness in strumming, but it also ensures continuous playing without any decay and dullness of the pick. The spring provides elasticity that helps the guitarist to play restlessly even for hours.

As the pick s universal so basically you can use it with all types of guitar in all types of strumming. Besides, the picks are best suitable for the right hand, so it is great news for the right-handed guitarists.

Moreover, the outstanding thumb picks come in three together. So, without any doubt, these three will give you a lifelong great service without causing you trouble!

Key Features

  • Contains spring for comfortable use
  • Provides swiftness in strumming
  • Compatible with all guitars
  • Best suitable for right-handed guitarists

3. D’Addario Accessories Store Thumb Pick | 5 Large Picks

The ultimate large size thumb picks are here! They are big, classy and comfortable just as you need.

The D’Addario Company has introduced large-size finger picks for the comfortable use of guitar. They are basically bigger size picks for easy handling and comfortable grip. Moreover, the picks come in different gauges so if you have a large hand you can choose the heavy gauge. On the other hand, if you have a small or medium-sized hand you can simply choose a lighter gauge.

Besides, if you are looking for a smooth and perfect outer shell, this pick will give you good news.

The outer shell of this pick is made of top-notch quality celluloid that gives your fingers comfort and also protects your fingers from pain and exhaust.

If we talk about the color of the pick, you will surely get attracted to this pick. Because this pick is shell-colored and looks like fire textured transparent shell. The beautiful and bold color of the pick gives it an extra gorgeous look. So, if you want to go for a large size pick that is made of super quality celluloid and looks extra stunning then this marvelous thumb pick is just right for you.

Key Features

  • Comes in large size
  • Different gauges available
  • Made with celluloid
  • Easy to handle

4. Friendla Thumb Pick | Medium | 12 Pieces

Are you looking for a box of happiness? Friendla got it for you! The box can be considered as the best gift for any guitarist.

It is a box of joy! The combo box comes with 12 thumb picks in 6 different colors. Each color got two same picks. The colors are Fire Red, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Grey, and transparent White.

The colors are exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous. The length of each pick is about 1.34 inch and the height is about 0.59 inches. So, undoubtedly the thumb picks are ideal in size.

Not only the picks are beautiful in color, but they are also the best thumb picks for great tone too! All of the finger picks are made of premium quality celluloid that has made the picks eligible with a long-lasting formula.

So, if you want to gift your guitarist friend some cool stuff then this box of happiness will make him super happy undoubtedly. The good news is, all the picks are compatible with all kinds of the guitar so you do not need to think about the guitar, just grab your box now!

Key Features

  • Box containing 12 thumb picks
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • Made with amazing quality celluloid
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of guitar

5. Golden Gate Thumb Pick | Grained Ivoroid

The comfiest thumb pick is here for you. It is heavyweight, it is strong and it is absolutely perfect for everyday use.

The Golden Gate thumb pick presents you with the most comfortable thumb picks. As they care about the guitarist’s comfort and relieved continuous performance, these thumb picks are specially made for those comforts. All the finger picks to ensure the guitarist’s comfort, safety, and hassle-free performance.

If we talk about the material used in the pick, it will make the vintage lovers happy because the finger picks are made of grained ivoroid.

The guitarists know it the best as the old-school guitars used to be played with picks made with grained ivoroid. It gives the guitar an extra beautiful tune and it attracts a lot of guitarists for this special feature.

No worries for those who are looking for large-size finger picks! The Golden Gate thumb picks are absolutely perfect for large fingers and it let the guitarists play the guitar effortlessly and swiftly in the best possible trouble-free way. So, do not rethink, bring it home today! It will not make you feel pressured or troubled, rather it is the super comfortable fingerpick for all the guitarists for a long performance.

Key Features

  • Super comfortable
  • Made with grained ivoroid
  • Comes in large size
  • Perfect outcome

Things to Consider Before Buying Thumb Pick

Best Thumb Pick

Since you are intended to buy a thumb pick for your guitar, we will make sure that you are getting the best thumb pick for guitar.


We all know that while playing the guitar, the fingers go through huge pressure. And for that reason, a perfectly comfortable thumb pick is very much important for continuous performance. An ideal fingerpick is generally made of Silicon or Celluloid, both materials are positively great for easy and comfortable use.

Besides, a comfortable thumb pick allows a guitarist to play the guitar for long without feeling any kind of trouble or exhaust. So, for getting along and smooth performance, there is no alternative to choosing comfortable thumb picks for convenient use. Additionally, you can check our review on strings for resonator guitar.


Protection of finger is everything, right? In fact, it is one of the most vital features while choosing the correct thumb picks for you. For example, most of the Fred Kelly thumb pick users have admitted that they are very much satisfied with the thumb picks. Because the thumb picks are absolutely smooth and they got a great grip. So, the guitarist can easily continue strumming without any pressure on fingers.

Moreover, the good thumb picks also ensure that the fingers will not feel any pain or pressure as the picks are very much flexible, some of them even contain springs for lessening the pain and pressure on hands. So, make sure your pick gives you protection. Besides, you can choose some strings for taylor 214CE.


There are so many kinds of guitars all over the world. Each and every guitar got different types of strings and not all of them produce the same tune. Because the picks they use vary from one another. Some of them prefer using a round-shaped thumb pick and some of them prefer the sharp one. But, there are also some finger picks that are universal, they go with almost all kinds of guitars of the world. You may choose only pick and you can simply play your guitar with that pick. Moreover, the thumb pick that is made for the right-handed guitarist may cause trouble for the left-handed guitarists. So, make sure you are choosing the appropriate one for yourself.

Size and Weight

Size and weight of a thumb pick a matter for the guitarists. According to the Dunlop thumb pick size guide, there are six types of thumb picks and they are light-medium, large, extra-large, heavy, and extra heavy. Each of the picks creates different types of tune and serve differently while strumming. Not all the person have the same taste in playing the guitar. So, it is very important to choose the most suitable thumb pick as per your choice.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Which thumb pick is considered to be the best among all?

The Dunlop Ultex thumb pick is considered to be the best among all other thumb picks.

2. Can I go for a medium thumb pick for my large thumb?


You cannot go for a medium thumb pick for your large thumb because it will not give you comfort and you will not be able to play the guitar.

3. I am a left-handed player, can I use D’Addario bethumb pick for strumming?


You cannot go for D’Addario thumb pick for strumming because it is made fpr right-handed players.

4. What is the most popular thumb pick right now?

The Dunlop Medium (Tortoise Shell) is currently the thumb pick for guitar strumming.

5. Which size should I go for as a beginner?

As a beginner, we suggest you to go for a lightweight thumb pick according to your thumb size.

Final Word

A suitable thumb pick is very significant in terms of playing the guitar in the most comfortable way. A good thumb pick will not only give you comfort, it will also give you ultimate protection and will not make you exhausted from playing for hours. So, choose the best thumb pick for the ultimate exquisite performance of your guitar.