Top 5 Best Trapper Keeper – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Handout, bills, bank documents and even a child’s school sheet are likely to go missing if we don’t keep them in a binder. In fact, keeping a binder will not only organize your files but also enhance the work station spaces.

Bryant Crutchfield has invented the trapper keeper, while he notices that a simple binder can keep organizing the child’s paper sheet, handouts, and other necessary accessories such as pen, pencils, tablets, calculators and so on.

Indeed, the best trapper keeper can hold mostly 800+ sheets. Plus, it will give the user more room for storing their essential accessories. These days, a trapper keeper is not only a good solution for the student but also for the most professionals.

So, if you are in search of such a quality trapper keeper binder, then check out our short list of 5 top-rated trapper keepers. Let’s get started.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Amazon Basics 3 O-Ring Trapper Keeper | 3 Inch, Blue
Amazon Basics 3 O-Ring Trapper Keeper | 3 Inch, Blue

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Five Star Zipper 2
Five Star Zipper 2" Trapper Keeper | O-Ring | 6-Tab Folders

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Case-it King Sized Trapper Keeper | 4-Inch D-Ring | 5-Tab File Folder
Case-it King Sized Trapper Keeper | 4-Inch D-Ring | 5-Tab File Folder

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Mead Zipper 1.5
Mead Zipper 1.5" Trapper Keeper | 3 O-Ring | Expanding File Folders

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Case-it Dual 1.5
Case-it Dual 1.5" Trapper Keeper | 3 D-Ring | Pencil Pouch

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Best Trapper Keeper Reviews

In this section, we will let you know more about these selected trapper keepers with detailed specification and we will also share our experience of using these binders, which will help you to choose a right trapper keeper.  Let’s jump into the reviews.

1. Amazon Basics 3 O-Ring Trapper Keeper | 3 Inch, Blue

While choosing a trapper keeper, if you want to rely blindly on a particular trapper keeper then Amazon Basics would be the best choice. Let’s explore this binder.

One thing noticeable of this trapper keeper is its multiple pocket system. You can keep your small objects, devices and other documents on it.

The zipper is quite smooth to open or close. However, after a long use the zipper may slack, in this case, you can use zipper lubricant or wax. Besides, it comes with a removable carrying strap.

As compared to the other binder in the list, Amazon Basics binder’s price is most reasonable in terms of its quality and providing facilities and far less than any rainbow trapper keeper.

Most Liking Features

The construction of the binder is more attractive. Amazon binder has a durable interior board to prevent wear and tear. Plus, they also use water resistance fabric that can protect your documents.

Probable Drawbacks

A4 size paper wouldn’t fit when using a clear wallet.

Key Features

  • 3-ring zipper with 3-inch O rings
  • Included multiple pockets for devices and objects
  • Ensure smooth zip open and close
  • Comes with a removable shoulder strap

2. Five Star Zipper 2″ Trapper Keeper | O-Ring | 6-Tab Folders

If longevity is your first priority while choosing a trapper keeper, then Five Star Zipper Binder would be a good option. The manufacturer guaranteed this binder to last one year.

The main advantage of using this binder is its capacity. This 2-inch trapper keeper holds up to 380 paper sheets by its 3 round rings.

While comparing with other binder in the list, it is quite bigger than others. The overall dimension of the binder is 13-3/4″ x 12-1/8″ x 3-1/2″.


Most Liking Features

Five Star ensures additional capacity by providing 6 expanding file pockets. That means you can store another 500 sheets at the same time. And you can use each pocket separately.

Probable Drawbacks

While carrying the full loaded binder, the holder can be broken.

Key Features

  • 6-tab expanding file holds up to 500 sheets
  • 3 round rings hold up to 380 sheets
  • This binder allows quick access from both outside and inside
  • The dimension of the binder is 13-3/4″ x 12-1/8″ x 3-1/2″

3. Case-it King Sized Trapper Keeper | 4-Inch D-Ring | 5-Tab File Folder

When you notice that you need a bigger trapper keeper to accommodate your all stuff, then you can consider this binder. It will offer more space with additional features.

One thing we enjoy most is its zip design. It comes with an angled zip that will make sure easy opening and closing. So, it would be a great help for the kids alongside adult users. Besides, the both handle and shoulder strap enable you easy carrying.

While we juxtapose this binder to the Case-it Mighty binder, the overall dimension and weight of this Case-it King is greater and the price is little higher.

So, if you need a bigger one then you can go with this one.

Most Liking Features

The overall size of the binder is the most attractive feature. It comes with 4-Inch D-Ring and provides 5-tab file folders with individual colors.

Probable Drawbacks

Big size of this binder can be issues while carrying.

Key Features

  • 5-tab file folder with individual colors
  • 3-ring binder with 4-inch D-rings
  • Angled zipper ensures easy opening and closing
  • Comes with built-in shoulder strap and handle

4. Mead Zipper 1.5″ Trapper Keeper | 3 O-Ring | Expanding File Folders

Are you looking for the best trapper keeper within an affordable budget? Then you must check out this Mead Zipper Binder. Let’s explore what it comes with.

For storing around 500 sheets on the left tabs, this would be a quite good choice. Thanks to its 6-tab file folder that made it possible. Besides holding sheets, you can store your tablets, phone, calculators and so on.

When we compare this binder with four listed trapper keepers, we see it comes with a 1.5 in. round ring. That means the holding capacity is a little less than the other three.

However, it can hold 300 sheets in this 1-1/2″ round ring, which is greater than most vintage trapper keeper. Don’t forget to check the game bags reviews.

Most Liking Features

Mead- the manufacturer has designed the binder’s interior in a well manner.  It gives you a multi-facet option to quick access and store the documents. Plus, the additional exterior pockets allow you to hold other stuff.

Probable Drawbacks

The size of the trapper keeper is a little smaller than usual. And the ring metal seems normal quality.

Key Features

  • 5 in. round ring holds up to 300 sheets
  • Use durable fabrics and materials
  • Offers internal 6-tab file folder
  • Comes with an exterior pocket

5. Case-it Dual 1.5″ Trapper Keeper | 3 D-Ring | Pencil Pouch

If you love the previous Case-it binder and want a little smaller one, then you can check out this Case-it Dual binder.

Though it comes with a 1.5-inch D-ring, it can hold maximum paper sheets up to 300. So, the size of the trapper keeper wouldn’t be an issue. So, it would be the best trapper keeper for middle school.

Compared to the previous one, the handle of the binder is much more comfortable. Plus, it offers an extra shoulder strap for easy carrying. So, most professionals can use the binder. Check out the most essential Review for lipo bag.

Most Liking Features

Case-it Dual includes an extra pencils pouch. It is a removable pouch with zipped closure. Plus, it included an exterior pocket which you can put your ID, Keys and other things.

Probable Drawbacks 

Sometimes the D-ring can open up by itself when opening the keeper.

Key Features

  • Construct with 2 Sets of 1.5-Inch Rings
  • Made of Tri-lobal nylon fabrics
  • Comes with a removable zippered pencil pouch
  • Velcro dividers keeping the content separate

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Trapper Keeper

1. Can I put my laptop in the trapper keeper?

No, you can’t. The maximum holding size of these trapper keepers is A4. However, you can put your tablets on them.

2. What is the maximum holding capacity of the binder?

It depends on their sizes. A 3 to 4 inches rings-based binder can hold around 850 sheets. Right portion of the binder can hold approximately 500 sheets and the left holds the rest.

3. Can I carry these binders on my shoulder?

Yes, you can. Every trapper keeper comes with a shoulder strap. So, you can either carry them on your shoulder or use the handle for hand carrying.

4. How many tab file folders a binder has?

The range of tab file folders of a binder is 3 to 6. It can be varied from brand to brand.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the trapper keeper for your children or professional purpose, one thing must be ensured is its quality in terms of price.

In this article, we have tried to compare the binder with their near competitors and give your reviews based on their features, facilities and user experience including drawbacks.

Now it’s your turn to pick the best trapper keeper.