Best Wall Mounted Shelves – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

The wall mounted floating shelves for the wall are the modern style home decore that offers more than just an aesthetic look. The shelves are an excellent way to arrange your stuff while taking up minimum space. You can get a better ambiance for small rooms by setting up the best wall mounted shelves.

You can create an elegant and stylish ambiance by mounting floating shelves in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, office, etc. Moreover, you can pick any design from various types to create an exquisite display. You can add a neat look by storing things nicely on the shelves.

We have done brainstorm research and picked up top-five wall mounted shelves for your storage needs. Let’s get them!

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Love-KANKEI Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Rustic-Style
Love-KANKEI Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Rustic-Style

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SRIWATANA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Multifunctional
SRIWATANA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Multifunctional

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Wali Strengthened Wall Mounted Shelves | Tempered Glass
Wali Strengthened Wall Mounted Shelves | Tempered Glass

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BAYKA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Sturdy Build
BAYKA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Sturdy Build

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Soduku Floating Wall Mounted Shelves For Storage | Metal Wood
Soduku Floating Wall Mounted Shelves For Storage | Metal Wood

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Best Wall Mounted Shelves Reviews

Floating shelves are useful in many ways. It can lift your home décor style and help you to organize your stuff beautifully. In this segment, we have mentioned the top five wall mounted shelves. We paid attention to the price, quality, and size while listing them.

1. Love-KANKEI Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Rustic-Style

Do you have an unused corner in your house? Love-KANKEI floating wall mounted shelves can be your fix! Its simple design with rustic style will increase the elegance of your interior a bit more. It is indeed a perfect option to display small plants, stuffed animals, or mason jar showpieces.

The shelf is a construction of solid Paulownia wood boards and powder-coated metal brackets. This structure ensures its durability and makes it weather-resistant. Furthermore, the textured and unique handcrafted look adds a retro feel to your room.

You can use this floating shelve as multifunctional storage. It is beneficial for adding storage space to organize small items or clutter in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. It is undoubtedly a valuable option for clearing up the counter. Also, it is one of the best wall shelves for books as well.

No matter where you place the wooden wall-mounted shelves, it will not wear out because the wood and metal bracket is durable. This floating shelf is not only a great décor but also an excellent gift for a newly married couple who is shifting to their new apartment!

Key Features 

  • Rustic looking solid wood
  • High-quality metal bracket
  • Easy to fix
  • Multifunctional

2. SRIWATANA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Multifunctional

Do you want to display your book collection in any corner of your room? One of the best wall shelves for books is SRIWATAN floating shelf which will help you in that case. The rack is sturdy and reliable enough to hold your heavy books or other stuff.

The shelf provides adequate storage space to hold books, small plants, or unique showpieces. This U-shaped rack with an elegant white finish complements the area where you place it.

You can fix it in your office, kitchen, living room, etc., according to your need.

It is a multifunctional wall mounted shelves. The sturdy wood allows you to clutter your room by storing your books, flower vases, pictures, or other trinkets. Moreover, it can be an ideal gift to display collectibles, achievement certificates, artworks, etc.

Therefore, install this floating shelf o bring charm to your home. You can keep your room clutter-free by displaying decorative items and your precious possessions on the wall-mounted wooden shelves. You can also check our review on camera for ghost hunting.

Key Features

  • Paulownia wood
  • White wood-finish
  • Versatile floating shelf
  • Adequate storage space

3. Wali Strengthened Wall Mounted Shelves | Tempered Glass

If you want to display your gaming console or DVD player in your living room, Wali wall-mounted shelves will be the most convenient option. The ultra-slim and heavy-duty shelves will enhance the look of your entertainment system and, at the same time, free-up the floor space.

It comes with a clever mechanism and heavy-weight capacity. Each shelf is constructed with strengthened tempered glass with 8KG support. You can place DVD, cable box, gaming consoles, speakers, etc., on it. No worries, the 5mm thick glass will not break!

Another commendable feature of this glass rack is, you can hide the cable mess in its cable management system. Therefore, it will hold the devices and increase the beauty of your living room by organizing all clutter.

These wall mounted shelves may seem complicated to fix. But the truth is, its fixing procedure is too easy. You can quickly mount it with the fittings provided by following the instruction manual. Therefore, organize your electronic devices on them and get them soon in need.

Key Features

  • Aluminum and steel frame
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • 8kg weight capacity
  • Each rack measures 15-11 inches

4. BAYKA Floating Wall Mounted Shelves | Sturdy Build

Are you looking for a unique option to organize your beauty products in your vanity room? Do the spice jars in your kitchen create a mess in your kitchen countertop? You can solve all the messy problems by fixing the best wall mounted shelves from BAYKA.

Endless shelving is possible with BAYKA wall mounted racks. You can magically transform your messy room into an organized one by installing the shelves.

Thus, you will be no more tired of placing stuff around horizontally.

You can make wise use of the empty wall space to create versatile storage space to organize your fancy items. It will add an entirely new look to your unorganized bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. You can also check our review on ham radios for beginners.

These sturdy wall shelves are too easy to install. Surprisingly, you can use these wood shelves to allow your pet to be in a happy place because the floating shelves for wall are wider and sturdier than others. All you need is to follow the quick instructions to assemble the shelves.

Key Features

  • Sturdy and wide structure
  • Assemble quickly
  • Heavy holding capacity
  • Enhance the aesthetic flare

5. Soduku Floating Wall Mounted Shelves For Storage | Metal Wood

While displaying something beautiful, it is necessary to place it in a good place. Here is another suitable option for placing showpieces on the wall: Soduku floating wall mounted shelves for storage. Let’s get to know what it offers.

First of all, the floating shelves are constructed with heavy-duty radiate pine wood. Also, we have seen that the material is damp-proof and heat-resistant. Therefore, you can place it in the kitchen to keep seasoning bottles or in the bathroom to place brush-holder and towels.

Its metal structure works as a protective guard when you place things on it. That’s why it is durable and has a solid capacity to bear heavy-weight. Another thing we liked the most is, the shelves come with a separate towel holder that you can remove or adjust in need.

Thus, Soduku is the most convenient option for you. You can efficiently use it on the empty wall spaces to create storage. Its rustic look is so flexible that it will suit almost all interior types.

Key Features

  • Comes with a towel holder
  • Saves floor space
  • Versatile to use
  • Quick to install

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Wall Mounted Shelves

1. Can the shelves hold drinks bottles?

Yes, they can.

You can fix it to your small bar and keep your favorite drinks on it. The shelves will not break because they are sturdy.

2. Can I use floating shelves for books?

Yes, you can.

You can install the floating shelves, which work brilliantly to hold books if you do not have much space to place a bookshelf in your room.

3. Do the shelves look ugly?

Not at all!

In fact, the shelves look beautiful. The floating shelves for wall use cleat to slide over the wall. So, the racks look floating because the support system is invisible. Thus, it adds an elegant look to your room.

4. Do I need an expert to mount the best wall shelves for books?

The installation is relatively easy and quick. Therefore, you do not need any helping hand. Hence you can do it by yourself.

5. Can I mount it to my living room to place the gaming console?

Obviously, you can.

The material of the wall mounted floating shelves are durable and sturdy. Therefore, you can place a gaming console, DVDs, or cable box on it.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have decided on the one from the best wall mounted shelves we have mentioned above. Now, you should have a clear thought for decorating your room with it. No matter where you place the shelves, they should be sturdy, ergonomic, aesthetic, and reliable.

So, have fun at your beautiful interior by organizing your items on ideal floating shelves.