How Does a Bluetooth Dongle Work in 2023

Wireless communication with cell phones and desktop computers, wireless printing, file transfers, and network sharing are some of the most common applications for a Bluetooth dongle. Wireless keyboard and mouse gadgets are a common example that many of us ignore.

Adding a Bluetooth dongle to a PC or Mac computer appears to be a simple operation. However, many things can go wrong that are not your fault.

There are many advantages of using a bluetooth dodge with a computer. Using it is also very easy but the process may vary computer to computer. Here we would try to provide all the necessary information on how a bluetooth dongle works.

Who Need Bluetooth Dongle

Who Need Bluetooth Dongle

Not every computer requires a dongle. A Dongle is intended for people who do not have built-in Bluetooth on their PCs. To see if you have integrated Bluetooth, go to the Control Panel and then Device Manager. If your computer has built-in Bluetooth, you will see an “OEM Bluetooth Radio,” such as Intel, Broadcom, and others, as well as the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.

To check if the windows have an inbuilt booth:

  • Open “Start” and then search for “Device Manager.”
  • Look for the “Bluetooth” designation. If you locate it, your Windows PC has Bluetooth built in. If not, it lacks such skills.

If the user’s PC does not have built-in Bluetooth, they will need to purchase a Dongle. As a “one-to-many” device, a standard Bluetooth Dongle can support up to seven devices.

Caution: If your system already has Bluetooth built in, there is no need to use a Bluetooth dongle. This will bring a negative result.

What is Internal Bluetooth Card

What is Internal Bluetooth Card

Internal Bluetooth cards are more powerful than USB dongles, but they are more expensive to install. They must be put in a PCI slot on your motherboard. This can be a problem for users who require the slot for other devices. It should be noted, however, that an internal solution would also free up a USB port for other devices.

Bluetooth cards are not recommended for laptops. They are intended for desktop computers that demand a robust signal for high-volume transfers.

How does a Bluetooth Dongle Work

How does a Bluetooth Dongle Work

Using a dongle is very easy, there are only a few steps to follow to get the pc connected to the bluetooth.

Step 1: Buy the Right Dongle

If you haven’t previously purchased a USB Bluetooth adapter, look for one that works with your operating system and buy it. And by the operating system we meant windows 11, windows 10, os x, etc.

Bluetooth adapters are typically available in places such as on websites like Amazon. As your final decision will be determined by your needs and preferences But, to assist you, we’ll highlight the most important elements to consider when selecting a Bluetooth dongle: Make sure you buy a Bluetooth dongle with good drivers and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher capability. Bluetooth 5.0 adapters are more expensive, but they have a longer range and faster speeds. Bluetooth 4.0 adapters are slightly less expensive and will suffice for the majority of applications. So if you have a high budget then it is better to go for Bluetooth 5.0 adapters.

Step 2: Setting up the Bluetooth Dongle

Setting up your Bluetooth dongle on Windows is simple. To ensure that this procedure goes smoothly, we’ve produced a detailed step-by-step tutorial on youtube. You’ll need an empty USB port to plug your Bluetooth adapter into. If your computer has oval USB-C ports rather than rectangular USB 3.0 connections, you’ll also need to purchase a USB to USB-C converter.

At first insert the bluetooth dongle to the USB port, then you will see in device manager a bluetooth sign. Then go to the setting and press the “bluetooth and other device, after that select the add bluetooth option. And finally select the device you want to connect with.

The job is done and yes that much simple using the dongle is. And just with the mentioned two steps the bluetooth dongle works.

Final Words

Final Words

Bluetooth dongle is a very small divide and the work process is also simpler but the job it does is exceptional. Without costing much money this small device can connect a PC ( windows or Mac) to multiple devices. And all the user has to do is to buy the right dongle and connect it with the USB, after going to setting connect the PC with another device. And the job is done. Hopefully now you know all things that you needed to know about a bluetooth dongle.

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