How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire – Easy Discussion in 2023

An FM radio antenna is a device used to receive high-quality broadcasts on the radio. Radio equipment can broadcast clean sound waves without pauses when using a reliable FM radio antenna. And you would be glad to know that the antenna can be made from the speaker wire. Here we would give a clear guideline on how to make an FM antenna from speaker wire, hopefully, you would become very confident after reading it.

Now you may wonder what speaker wire is. Speaker wire is used to connect loudspeakers and audio amplifiers electrically. This is available in every eclectic store, so you can easily find it.

How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire

First, Take three feet of the ten-foot length of speaker wire and cut it in half. The overall length of the antenna should be around 150 cms, with each leg being 75 cms long. Because of this length, the resonance frequency should decrease somewhat in the lower part of the FM broadcast band, yet the more popular stations are generally found in this region. At the three-foot mark, cut the twin speaker cable. Make a huge “T” with each three-foot length perpendicular to the remaining seven-foot speaker cord. At the end of the seven-foot length of speaker cable, remove roughly two inches of insulation.

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Connect the speaker wire to the Receiver

On the back of the receiver, look for the external antenna connector. It may be referred to as “ext. ant” or “ant.” Wrap each of the two speaker cable cables around the external antennae connecting posts. Clamp and hold if the connection is a clamp-and-hold mechanism. Twist the two wires together until they form a single wire. If the external antenna connection is a single post or clamp, this is not required. There is no electrical current flowing through the antennae wires, and connecting the two wires will not result in a shock.

Extend the antenna

Placing the receiver and, if feasible, the full audio system near a window is a good idea.

Under the window, across the sill, and around any window screens, run the antennae wire. Attach the wire to the exterior of the window as high as feasible. To support the wire, a little finishing nail may be required. Extend the two divided wires beyond the window in different directions. As needed, tack a finishing nail to the end of each wire for stability.

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Check the reception

Turn on the receiver and verify the signal strength for any stations you want to listen to. If reception is still poor, move the stereo to another window on the opposite side of the room or building. If step two does not produce the desired results, consider adding extra wire to the two extended leads.

Add length to the antenna leads

Cut a piece of speaker wire. Cut the two wires into single lengths. Remove roughly an inch of insulation from one end of each length of a single cable. Remove around one inch of insulation from the antennae leads. Twist one extension’s exposed wire to one antenna lead. Rep with the other lead. Extend the whole length of the two longer leads and, if required, secure with a finishing nail.

Final Words

Final Words

When you can make FM antenna on your own only using speaker wire, then why need to buy it from outside. And by now you know how to make an FM antenna from speaker wire. Try to follow the steps exactly how it is mentioned for having a better result. If you find this article helpful, share this with your friends to help them out too.

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