How to Make HDMI to AV Cable in 2023

There are very common questions that are often asked,  like how am I going to connect my gaming console to a television that does not have an HDMI input or how do I connect my DVD player that only outputs HDMI to a TV that only inputs an RCA cable.

To get out of this problem is a small device that is an HDMI to AV Cable converter. This is very simple to set up and small in size.

HDMI is a digital interface, single-cable solution for HD video and audio that replaces analog alternatives that require separate audio/video cables (such as VGA and audio jack).

Connect the output of your HD source (such as a Blu-ray player or Skybox) to the input of our HD displays whether that’s your TV, commercial screen, or projector, all the way up to a multi-screen video wall! If an AV or home entertainment system incorporates extra control or signal distribution devices such as a signal splitter, HDMI switcher, or AV matrix, HDMI cables will be utilized.

Difference Between HDMI and AV Cable

Difference Between HDMI and AV Cable

The age of cables began in the early twenty-first century. As time progressed, televisions and cell phones were invented. Things have changed for the better, from trunk calls that took days to cell phones that can connect in less than a second. When it comes to cables and wires, HDMI and AV cables are two of the most significant wirelines that give television meaning. There is, nevertheless, a distinction between them. The difference between an HDMI cable and an AV cable is that an HDMI cable is designed to accommodate digital signals, whilst an AV cable is designed to support analog signals. They are both critical in preserving the television’s signal quality, strength, and robustness. Additionally, you can check our review on cable for CCTV camera.

The Purpose of HDMI to AV Converter

The Purpose of HDMI to AV Converter

Not everyone requires an HDMI to AV converter. So before making a cable you need to know its uses. If you have an older television or projector in your house, workplace, or classroom that is still functional but only has an RCA input connector. You also have certain media hardware that was introduced in the last few years, such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, Apple TV, and Sky WDTV consoles, but it only has HDMI output.

It converts HDMI impulses to standard RCA signals, making the visuals on your old television screen look better than ever. It improves the brightness and contrast of photos that it processes. With the flip of a switch, it is simple to go from PAL to NTSC.

How to Make HDMI to AV Cable

How to Make HDMI to AV Cable2

After buying the HDMI to AV Cable converter you will find 3 input options on one side of the converter. Your HDMI cable has to be plugged into the device first. It does not matter which end of the HDMI cable you plugin.

Then connect the composite video cable with the device, first connect the yellow cable then white, and after that red cable. And try not to substitute with any other cable. The quality may drop while converting via the converter.

The device comes with a power supply, then hook that up and plug the other end with the receptacle and turn on the power.

Then you have to make sure the television is set to the correct input. Most TV has a coaxial cable input, you simply need to switch to the composite video input. So that when you want to see the device to display on the TV. The quickest way to do it is through the TV remote which is the remote control that actually comes with the TV. So take the remote and press the source button and press until you find the AV or composite video input.

Final Words

Final Words

HDMI to AV is a great solution to convert the input. There are a lot of times when we cannot use our Xbox because the TV is outdated. But with the converter, anyone can do this in a few minutes. The cost of the device is also very reasonable. And using the converter or the cable is also very easy, it only takes a few steps. If you find this article helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends.