How to Wear a Wrist Release – Easy Tips for Beginners in 2023

Is it possible to fire a 60- or 70-pound bow with your fingers? No, this is quite unrealistic. Today’s high-speed bows need the use of a reliable mechanical wrist release. Wrist Releases are quite popular with new archers as well as hunters. Despite this, they’ve had a lot of success in tournaments, with Dietmar Trillus winning both the world target and Vegas with a wrist release. And this event makes this equipment so popular.

Wrist releases are popular with hunters since they are linked to the wrist and allow you to pursue wildlife without losing the release.

A wrist-strap release is a typical type in which the archer presses the release’s trigger with his or her index finger. Sadly, archers frequently “pull the trigger” on these releases. Because of the abrupt movement, the trigger is activated inconsistently, reducing accuracy. So it is important to know the right way to release for fully utilizing it.

When working with a wrist strap bow release with an index finger triggered trigger, you must wear it correctly if you want to get the most out of it and achieve the finest shot possible. Let’s go through a brief instruction on how to correctly wear a bow release of this type. Our selected Archery Release for Hunting lists for you.

How to Wear a Wrist Release Properly

How to Wear a Wrist Release Properly

Wear the wrist strap properly

The first thing to remember while wearing a bow release is to make sure the wrist strap fits properly. This is maybe the most crucial feature of all. The wrist strap should be pretty snug, therefore look for a bow release wrist strap that either completely suits your size or can be modified.

Wrap the release strap around your wrist so that it is snug but not tight when using a Velcro strap. It should be positioned towards the base of your upturned palm. Once you’ve established a good fit, mark the strap with a size mark to ensure that the gadget sits in the same position throughout each photography session.

Most of them are adjustable, so this should not be an issue. These wrist bands are intended to link your wrist and hand muscles, providing you with increased strength and stability. The wrist strap will not give the necessary support if it is far too loose. With the right fit, you should only be able to move your wrist a tiny amount.

Finger Position

This is important to place the wrist release in the right finger position. Place the trigger in the crease of your second knuckle. This prevents you from reaching for the trigger and from “punching” it.

Do not Wear it Over Cloth

When putting on a bow release wrist strap, many new archers make the mistake of placing it over their shirt. They aren’t meant to be worn over clothes. It’s not that you can’t wear a coat or a sweater while wearing a bow release, but it must be worn directly on your skin, not over a sleeve. If you want to use gloves, they must be pretty thin in order for you to wear the bow release over them.

Use Your Arm not Your Finger

The aim is not to pull the trigger with the finger, but rather to utilize the finger as a solid wall that trips the trigger when the elbow swings straight back and the trigger passes through the finger. Once you’ve anchored the draw and positioned your finger over the trigger, there will be no finger movement.

The Length

Some bow releases enable you to alter the length of the trigger head, while others do not. This is significant because how far up the shaft the trigger head is, or how long the shaft is, will determine how far back the bow string can be drawn. The further back you can draw the bowstring, the more power, speed, and distance you’ll obtain from each shot.

However, there is a limit to how far you should draw the rope back. When shooting with your release hand, the wrist strap bow release should allow you to bring the string back to your chest, or just past your chest, towards the armpit.

Trigger Level

We usually advocate beginning close to a blank bail and making the trigger extremely heavy, so the archer gets a feel for attaching their elbow to the trigger, the direction of the energy, and the rate of increased energy required to make the release fire. Then continue to lighten the release such that it shoots in a comfortable and consistent window while the archer delivers a strong and consistent shot.

Foldback Wrist Straps

Look for a strap with a fold-away head so that the machine can be tucked away while you set up your hunting posture. Because a wrist release is tied to your wrist all day, you’re always moving around, rearranging equipment, and getting comfortable. A wrist release that lacks the foldback function can rapidly become inconvenient as it gets in the way of your hands.

Final Words

Final Words

By following the stated tips and tricks anyone can master wearing a wrist release. If you keep those useful tips in mind while wearing it, your performance will definitely increase and you can feel the change. So from next time try to keep those in mind. Have a good day!

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